Did everyone have a good weekend? We had a long one here with the Bank Holiday yesterday and true to form the weather was dire so nothing much happened! Thank you for the sweet comments on the cake, and for Dad’s birthday wishes; both were very much appreciated by him!

Today I felt a little more motivated towards getting dressed and put on one of Saturday’s purchases. This is the only floral thing I bought, and it was a Primark bargain costing £5.
The shoes were also bought at the same time, costing £8. They make my feet so happy.






Posting and commenting may be a bit sporadic again this week, as Dad is off again (he has so much holiday to use up!) and I have various appointments to be at so not much outfit photo oppurtunity or as much computer time as normal. By next week things should properly settle down again, but I will try and post and visit blogs as much as possible!

Have a fun week, whatever you do! And thanks for sticking with me, I can’t believe I’m at almost 400 followers!


119 comments for “04.05

  1. i love that floral dress, the sleeves are so cute.

  2. This dress is very pretty, suits you a lot!! Have a good week!


  3. Love the outfit! Those shoes would definately make me smile!

  4. you always look so pretty in florals!
    and wow, bargain!


  5. yaayy!! congratulations at the followers deary!! it was a long weekend here as well!! bank holidays and all!! then, MAYDAY!! kicked ass!!

  6. you’re looking fabulous in that outfit!

  7. Looking fabulous! Dress is lovely on you and shoes are cute as butter.
    Kandi x

  8. Lovely shoes, dearest Laura!

    Happy Tuesday, darling!

  9. Cute dress and what a bargain! But I’m especially loving the patent brogues… very cool!

  10. We had a long weekend too – labour day 🙂 Love it!!

  11. I love this outfit; the shoes are sooo sweet and the dress suits you very well! lovely floral print 🙂
    xxx Iris

  12. Love the outfit and I have to agree, those shoes make me smile, too!
    Hasn’t the weather been atrocious? Typical Bank Holiday weather, grrr!

  13. This dress is gorgeous on you!!! I want one too 🙂

  14. I am so jealous of your shoes! why is the only primarks in portugal aren’t anywhere near me?
    🙁 my visits there are really sporadic!
    and I really like your dress too!

  15. love the bargains!! you look fabulous as always, i hope you have a lovely week 🙂 xx

  16. I love this floral dress and the sleeves are amazing. I also like your shoes they are so cool.

  17. such a lovely floral dress! you look so cute!

  18. You remind me of molly ringwald! I want to put a little fedora type hat on you like she wore in Sixteen Candles 🙂

  19. The brogues are amazing!! Are you consoled for the loss of the Kate Kanzier ones now you’ve got them?

  20. cute floral dress!

  21. those shoes are killer!!

  22. I love the dress, is it the same as the one we both have already? I’ve not seen it in that colourway. The shoes rock, they so don’t suit me though! x

  23. I need a Primark now.

  24. congrats on the followers, lovely shoes

  25. i had a fab weekend and your dress is gorge xxxxx

  26. Looking stunning, as usual. And those shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!

    Happy late birthday to your papa, by the way ( I missed your last post 😛 )

  27. very nice shoes and outfit ^^

  28. them shoes I heart!!!! I saw them in Primark too, but they never had my size!Sob 🙁

    prettyneons xXx

  29. The colours in that dress really suit you. A brilliant bargain for a fiver. The shoes are cute too. x

  30. Loving the opaque tights with this dress, great combo!

  31. I love your osford shoes!

    ¡Besitos fashionistas!

  32. Those shoes are amazing! I may have to pop in and see I can get myself a pair.
    Thanks for the lovely comment =)

  33. Daisy, I love your dress but your shoes are really a very pretty highlight;-)

  34. Laura, you look AMAZING (as usual!) Absolutely love that dress. 🙂

  35. Oh, this outfit makes me really eager to hit Primark when I’m in the UK this coming summer!! I hope to stock up lots of pretty dresses and lovely shoes like yours:)


  36. The shoes are so sweet, I would like a pair of these 🙂

  37. I have the same shoes in blck color!!
    i like you!

  38. Love this outfit – that dress is amazing, can’t believe it was only a fiver!


  39. only 5&8?I envy you!!

  40. Love that dress–what a find!

    Also, I just bought those same shoes in blue a couple of weeks ago and I have them on now. Totally making the library a little brighter. :]

  41. You look amazing in that dress, very cute.

    you look soooo beautiful!

  43. i so want to steal ur shoes already!! haha
    i duno how much 8 bucks cost me in singapore .. but it must be cheap!!!

    me too have a long holiday from labor day n saturday till monday. i wasnt call in for work apparently. labor day! so i have much free time that few days ago 🙂 hear from u soon 😉


  44. the dress looks so lovely and such a bargain at £5! ♥

  45. Pretty dress, and those shoes!!

  46. I love the print on the dress: it’s so pretty. And I love your shoes!

  47. You always do floral so well. What a bargain and I love the sleeve detail xoxo

  48. i love bargains like that! and your cat/dog’s bowl slyly sneaking in there…lovely pics 🙂 x

  49. Well done hunny, that is alot of followers:)!!
    I LOVE that dress with those little brogues, so cute!!


  50. darling those shoes are amazing. love the colour and they seem so comfy, are they?

    Dena x

  51. Gorgeous dress. I love the shoes!

  52. You look lovely as always! Those shoes are very sweet. xxx

  53. ah wow what a bargain of a dress! i love it.

  54. what cute shoes! I love the shape and the colour.

  55. MJ

    Oh, I love those shoes – haven’t seen them in our Primark!

  56. The little yellow shoes are so cute!!

    Live Love LA

  57. I love Primark! I got those shoes in black but I wore them to death, and they have been ceremoniously dumped in my dustbin as of last weekend :p


  58. Jen

    Hey pretty girl!! Those oxfords are amazing! I feel like I’m the only one on the planet who doesn’t have a pair yet 😉

  59. I have that dress, it’s so lovely! And those shoes look great, they really go with it! x

  60. oh my….that’s one cute little shoes!!! 🙂

  61. Love, love LOVE how that dress looks on you!! Beautiful, dear!

  62. love those shoes with the dark tights!!

    p.s. I have a new silver earring giveaway I think you might like! http://www.wild-and-precious.com

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  64. Love the design and colours of your Primark floral dress. That is a bargain. i had a headache but managed to enjoy my weekend anyway. Sorry to read that your long-weekend weather was dire. Hope you enjoyed yours and ate well at your dad’s birthday dinner (you look lovely but so skinny).

  65. cute shoes 🙂
    yay almost 400! you go girl.

  66. You have such good taste! I want that dress. I want those shoes. I just want that look in total. Have fun with your Dad!


    p.s. I tagged you in my last post! Give it a look-see when you get the chance!

  67. That dress is gorgeous!

  68. Oh, the shoes are so delicious! Like melted butter.


  69. such cute shoes!!! they add a great pop to your outfit!


  70. Your dress’ sleeves )are gorgeous! I adore puffed sleeves.

  71. omg!!!

    stunning outfit…love ur dress..:))

    thanx for comm!!!!!



  72. Such amazing cute dress! Love it, I also bought one with a lot of flowers and colours, and I love it!!!

    And thank you for the comment! <3


    ART, http://johannaurban.blogspot.com/

  73. You’re adorable !

  74. love the shoes… so sweet 🙂


  75. hope you have a good day

  76. love your shoes! Iv been entertaining thoughts of how some like that would suit me 🙂

  77. Oh flowery dress…my favorite on you! Love the shoes as well 🙂

    Hope your week is lovely so far…

    Cheers: Evi

  78. gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous!!

    Merci beaucoup for all your wonderful comments and continued support darling, it means the absolute world =]

    So good to be back!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  79. lovely top
    great design i like it nice tights you looks amazing


  80. those shoes are to die for! and they go perfectly with that dress!super cute!

  81. Your new shoes are adorable!

  82. Fabulous dress! I love florals, and I think the sleeves make it more sophisticated! Also those shoes, I need some little lace-ups like that! Anyway, just came over from It’s Simple Love, I like what I see, and will help you get closer to 400! Cheers!

  83. Everytime I see you in a dress from Primark, I always wish that we have a store nearby. Your dress is so lovely and your shoes are so cute. xoxo

  84. Gorgeous dress, darling!
    You look lovely!


  85. That is sure a very pretty dress dear. 🙂 🙂
    have a great day!

  86. wuaaah so many comments 😀 and I guess from now on you have one follower more: me!
    even though I see your blog the first time I totally love it.
    great shoes, wish I’d live in England xxx

  87. Beautiful dress! Lovely outfit, glad to have found your blog!

  88. I like the cute design!

  89. Your shoes are too cute! Love them!


  90. You look stunning ! This is a lovely outfit and I really like those shoes !

    Hope your dad had a lovely birthday!

  91. that floral dress is so cute 🙂

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  93. Hey 🙂

    My weekend was actually cool and interesting, nothing big. The dress is really CUTE on you! And Laura? It fits you perfectly. Believe it or not, BUT I was also due on a Tuesday too, but came on a Saturday….maybe I should’ve included that as well hehe.

    Have a fab day 🙂

  94. I nearly got the same dress in blue. You look gorgeous!


  95. As ever I love your outfit! You look drop dead gorgeous darling (does anyone say DDG anymore?!) I love your shoes too 🙂

    Maria xxx

  96. beautiful shoes!!

  97. The dress looks great so do the photos.

  98. I love those oxfords! So cute! And the sleeve detail on the dress is awesome

  99. thank you so much for all of your comments. they all make me smile and you make me keep wanting to blog :] i love you, blogging friend!!! andddd i love your dress!! and the shoes! there is a floral dress i want here that my mom doesnt want me to get but im totally like “omg whatever im buying it” youre making me want to go get it nooooowwwww

    have a great day :]



  100. and happy belated birthday 😉 im so sorry i missed it! but you are radient and are going to make it. i understand about not wanting to celebrate it. i didnt want to celebrate mine today. have alot of stress going on and i just feel pulled in so many different directions but God helps. :] hope you had a great one. and i wish you the most fashionable year of all!!!

  101. what an adorable dress! you look great! 🙂

  102. You have such lovely style, I’m jealous! Hope you had a good long weekend x

  103. Beautiful floral dress!

  104. Those mustard brogues are gorgeous and your floral is amazing as always! I love the ruched sleeves!

    From Dolly

  105. Very pretty dress. And yay for brogues. They look like mine but in another colour which I may just have to go and investigate 😉


  106. Such adorable shoes!!! You look so adorable as usual. Blogging has been hard for me too lately, life tends to get so in the way!!! You always look so beautiful and put together

  107. Your shoes are just awesome! Like your dress 🙂

  108. Great outfit 🙂 x

  109. The shoulders on this dress are so cool.
    I wish it was bank holiday again this weekend!

  110. Gorgeous floral dress! And I love those shoes.

  111. oh I am really upset that there’s only Primark stores in Oporto and Lisbon in Portugal :/

  112. I’m in love with those shoes 🙂

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