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Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone’s week is getting off to a great start?!
not so much. I’ve been battling with a cold, and one of my elderly guinea pigs looks to be on his way out :(
He’s still alive right now, and we’ve spoken to various people and decided the best course of action is to let him go in peace, with his brother near him. He’s not in pain and isn’t ill…just old age catching up with him. Currently the brothers are snuggled in the corner of their hutch, and I’ve been hand feeding and offering water.

outfit today is more of a comfort thing than anything else. It’s really sunny out, but not all that warm, and between being sick, and sad I wanted something totally easy to wear.



Also, having seen a lot of lovely bloggers doing these lately, and having not done one since I had to change over to this blog,
this is a chance to
comment with your burning questions, and I shall answer them later in the week.

Much love

Strictly Week Two Clips

Hey loves, just wanted to share these clips from Strictly Come Dancing week two (drool over the dresses if nothing else!)

For more coverage and information visit the official website

Comments closed for this post,
there will be an outfit post (I hope) later on today!

last night

I survived the hen night last night, woo-hoo.
It was a lot of fun, despite not being able to drink. I was a bit lame though at left at 11, just as the others were hitting the bars. I’m not a fan of clubs and bars, well, I am, but not when I’m the only one staying sober. By that point I was being attacked in all directions by negative body image and feeling tres insecure, so in a way I was glad to escape and get home and sleep.

I didn’t get very good photos of my outfit,
the dress actually has more detail at the back than the front, in the form of a zipper and a tie back. I also wore a black tuxedo jacket, but failed to snap a photo. I’m sure photos from other people will start surfacing before long though, I totally forgot my camera was in my bag and didn’t take any.



I love this dress, it’s New Look limited edition and I almost bought it a while back, though I’m glad I didn’t as this was given to me for free by a friend!
It did give me no end of hassle though as I hate where it falls on my thighs and feels it makes me legs look, well, chunky.

C’est la vie. I ignored those thoughts for the most part and concentrated on having a wicked time, which I did
(especially as I was out with relative strangers, the hen do was for a colleague of my Mum’s, but I’ve been adopted in to their social group it would seem…the people are so lovely and so hilarious)


My makeup looked more dramatic in real life. Though I can never get super bold, bright eyeshadow like other people seem to be able to. Any hints and tips?

and I arrived home from work/seeing my grandparents yesterday to find a package from an awesome friend in the USA who saw these tights and “just had to get them” for me.


I was looking through my tights drawer yesterday (yes, I have an entire drawer!) I have over 20 pairs that I regularly wear, though 1/4 of those are black/nude and 8 un-opened packs! Addict, much?

My only other recent aquisition is a penis shaped straw, sneakily stolen from the hen do…
no-one needs a picture of that though, do they?!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

*edited to add this*

Please, take a visit to Valentine’s blog and read, consider, and pray for all those affected.

Outfit+Some Jewellery

I’m not so sure that applies to me, as my weekend promises to be more hectic than my week has been.
Work tomorrow, followed by a hen night and then lots of chores that I’ve been putting off in favour of doing sod all since last weekend!

Outfit today is a bit of a colour clash, the skirt was a gift from a friend and I was dying to wear it, but I’m not sure how versatile it is, and therefore, if I should keep it?!



I welcome any and all suggestions on what to do with it! It doesn’t help that it’s a little bit big, and doesn’t sit as it should.

I’m also, for the first time in ages, posting up some new jewellery for sale. I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon of making things but need funds for Christmas. I was hoping to have my next batch of charms here by now, but they seem to be held up somewhere in the postal system!

Prices include shipping, and I mail to anywhere.
Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions, or if you wish to buy.
Paypal/trades only, please =)


Heavy Silver Egg pendant on silver plated chain, opens up to reveal a baby bird.
£6.50 UK/£7.50 overseas


Clock, with mouse on the side. The mouse slides up and down the clock.
£6.50 UK/£7.50 overseas


Charm bracelet. Each charm opens up to reveal a hidden secret character or scene. Please e-mail me for details on each. A weighty bracelet, made with fairly expensive charms, hence the price
£17 UK/£19 overseas
but would make a fab present for someone!
Also, buy the bracelet and get either necklace for free.

Much love, and Happy Weekend xoxox

Natasha Bailie Vintage

Welcome to a dull and dreary Wednesday folks,
I’ll kick of this post with an outfit then move on to the exciting stuff ;)



Now, I know a lot of you love vintage (as do I) so I wanted to share with you a fantastic vintage shop I came accross whilst procrasinating from doing what I should have been doing! I got in touch with the lovely owner Natasha Bailie to find out a bit more for us all as well. only started selling online last year and is already about to be featured in Novembers issue of Vogue showcasing her gorgeous vintage wedding dresses (which are selling out faster than she can source and stock them!)

“I like to bring my personality to my shop online as I used to love working in retail and chatting to customers. I wanted that same satisfaction selling gorgeous clothes from yesteryear online. I have my online chat button so my customers can ask me questions and have a chin wag if I am online too…which is most of the time. I chat about loads of things on my blog, vintage fashion, dresses, vintage furniture and generally just things i like or I have seen. I think it is really important for people to know who you are. I love meeting and chatting to customers and I love that they feel they can and that I am so contactable”

All the clothes featured on the website are hand sourced and quality assured. The website has a dedicated area for Vintage trends, a “Get the Look” section, A-Z of vintage and more.

My personal favourites up on the website at the moment are


This vintage style skirt (handmade)


Stunning pink dress, perfect with black tights, a belt and some boots


FAUX fur coat


Vintage boots (that just so happen to be my size if anyone is feeling generous!)

With worldwide shipping, great prices and a fantastic returns policy
(not to mention that Natasha is so enthusiastic and happy to help) go treat yourself now! This is honestly once of the nicest vintage online stores I have come accross and I’m saving up to treat myself to a dress or a bag…or shoes?! I don’t know. Something nice anyway!