30.11 grey

Wow, I can’t believe it is the last day of November, how scary is that? In a months time, Christmas will be over and we’ll be getting ready to celebrate the coming of a New Year, and indeed, a new Decade. Has anyone got plans already? I wish I could say I have…but I don’t. We tend to decide at the last minute what we’re going to do.

Finally we have a break in the rain today, but it is so cold, my outfit is made up of lots of layers and my faithful thermal tights.




Tomorrow, I’ll be marking the start of the festive month by hosting my first giveaway on this blog; so make sure you check back.

28.11 yesterdays outfit and some new jewellery

Hello and Happy Saturday. Hope all is well and you USA readers got some excellent bargains yesterday!
Tis so cold here, I literally cannot get warm. Next year I’m migrating with the birds, I swear.

Anyway, here is what I wore yesterday (today I’m just a mess after working at 7am)




I was also very productive and made some chocolate chip cookies for the Doctors at my Mum’s work (they don’t look pretty, but went down a storm!)


And some new jewellery, which as always, is up for sale, and perfect for Christmas/Holiday gifts.
Prices include shipping (worldwide) and I accept paypal. Please e-mail me
[email protected] with any questions, or if you wish to buy!


Eiffel Tower and heart keyring, £3 UK/£4 overseas


Glass drink me bottle and gold teapot on gold plated 16′ chain, £6.50 UK/£7.50 overseas


Grandfather clock charm (with moving mouse) on 16′ silver plated chain, £5.50 UK/£6.50 overseas

Any purchase comes with a free Christmas card ;)

That’s it for today,
enjoy the weekend and STAY WARM!!!
(or, if it’s Summer for you, stay cool)

27.11 favourite recipes

Yesterday I recieved a request to share some of my favourite baking recipes on the blog,
I’m on a real baking kick at the moment, and I’m more than happy to oblidge! Most of the recipes I use, are ones found online, so I’ve created a list of links so you can browse at your leisure. Enjoy!

Flapjacks are so simple to make, and always a crowd pleasure. The thing I love most about making these is you can swap the dried fruit and nuts for anything your heart desires.

I made these lemon fairy cakes for my end of college picnic, instead of the suggested garnish, I used a daisy cutter to make shapes from fondant, and piped pink icing to make a summery decoration.


These oat biscuits could not be easier. I added in a 45g bag of M&Ms for a colourful treat


Rice Krispy treats are super more-ish and sticky, good fun to make.


What are your favourite recipes?
These are only a teeeeeeny selection of what I love to make, and I have stacks more recipes to try out soon…but a few more won’t hurt ;)

I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post!

Happy Friday xxx

25.11 outfits and award

Mid-week brings more miserable weather and a couple of mediocre outfits from me,
my cold, which seemed to be on its way out has ramped up a notch and I haven’t felt like doing much at all.

Yesterday I wore:



to do nothing much at all, really!

The lovely Dena passed on this award/tag to me, and I’ve finally got around to sharing it (sorry for the delay Dena!)
I love this girl, not only does she have my dream job, she is also a complete sweetheart and totally stunning.

1.Where is your cell phone right now? right next to me on my desk

2.Your hair: a mess, in dire need of a cut

3.Your father: is a strong, yet silent man who I admire greatly

4.Favorite Food: currently butternut squash, I’m mad for it

5.Last night: I watched I’m a Celebrity get me out of here with my Mum, whilst Flash curled up on my lap

6.Favorite drink: Vanilla Earl Grey tea, a recent find and totally amazing

7.What room are you in? My bedroom

8.Hobby: making cards and jewellery, writing, shopping, baking…

9.Fear: letting loved ones down

10.Where were you last night? at home, in front of the TV

11.Something that you aren’t: as shallow as I may sometimes appear

12.Muffins: either pear and ginger, or raspberry and white chocolate

13.Wish List item: right now a lace body suit is topping my list, and some new nail polishes; especially china glaze glitters

14.Where did you grow up? here, this same little town I currently reside in

15.What are you wearing? a long sleeve tee, a floral dress and dark green tights

16.Your pets: Flash, the impossible to be mad at for long super kitty

17.Friends: are something I treasure

18.Sometimes you’re not wearing: trousers

19.Favorite Store: new look, I’m so predictable ;)

20.Favorite color: I don’t really have one

21.Last time you laughed: in the car with Mum earlier; it was either laugh or cry at the truly awful drivers out today

22.Your best friend: is simply amazing

23.Place you go over and over: the toilet? seriously, several hundered times a day!

24.Person who emails you regularly: Ellie the incredible

25.Favorite place to eat: my grandparents house!

And now, for once I am actually passing this tag and award along to the following five bloggers.

The amazing Vintage Vixen for having the most eclectic and incredible style I have EVER seen

Susan, for being a truly wonderful person to know

This little bird for being generally wonderful

The prettiest of neons for being a fab friend and kick ass person

and last but not least

dinoprincesschar for having a truly enviable shoe collection

Enjoy lovlies, you deserve it!

And finally, today’s outfit




23.11 quick outfit post

Happy Monday!
I promise to do my next tag/award soon, still not feeling 100% and am lacking concentration.
I am also soaked through after getting caught in yet another torrential downpour making my way back from the doctors…
I thought I was doing pretty well and was just thinking how lucky I was to have escaped the vile weather (serious winds and rain) when the heavens openened.

So, quick outfit post. Basically a repeat outfit, but with a new pair of leggings with stud detail down the sides.




Not the best of pictures, as the light here is terrible right now. I also now look a thousand times worse,
with dripping hair, and the leggings have been replaced with sweat pants whilst they dry out!

Have a great start to the week!