Goodbye 2009

As much as I would love to make this post a recap of the last 12 months, I’m working with dodgy internet, and up till half an hour ago didn’t expect to be able to get online at all.

Instead, I’d like to say THANK YOU, all of you, for the continued support and encouragement, both on my first blog (r.i.p.) and then, when I had to move over to this one.
It’s hard to sum up what blogging has done for me, without sounding like a complete loser, so I won’t,
I just want to make my gratitude known; for helping make 2009 a better year than I’ve had in a long while.

I will be back with an outfit post and my usual rubbish as soon as my internet allows me to make a more photo orientated post
(hopefully I can still comment on everyone’s as I have a quiet night ahead of me)

Whatever you do for this New Years Eve,
Be Happy, Be safe and HAVE FUN

(image from

See you on the other side


30.12 over knee

Hello, how are we all doing? Going mad in the sales? I’m still yet to venture in to them, though have been browsing online, sadly Christmas has depleted my funds even further than usual so I’ve not bought anything, but half the fun is the looking and dreaming.

Debuting my over-knee boots today, from Asos, they were a present from my parents.
It’s quite strange to be wearing something so high on the leg, and I’m sure they are meant to be higher, but being tall kind of ruins the effect somewhat.




Still working on those new year resolutions, without much luck! As of today the house is a little bit quieter as brother has gone back to uni to celebrate the arrival of 2010 (scary!) with his friends.


28.12 the inbetween days

I might be in the minority here, but I LOVE the days between Christmas and New Year almost as much as the main event itself.
It’s one of the few times a year I find myself full able to relax and take life at a slower pace, indulging in things I can never usually settle to do, like read during the day and not constantly have that feeling that there is something I MUST be doing.

I’m becoming less sore from falling, so walks are on the agenda before the snow returns. Looking out my window now I can see bright blue skies, and the air is crisp and clean.

When it comes to outfits I find myself opting for jeans and simples tees over my usual dresses and tights,
My makeup also becomes more neutral as for a rare few days I become more comfortable with how I look.




I’ve decided I’m going to stay in this New Year. My parents have friends over, who I know and like, so I will catch up with them and also watch the DVDs I was given for Christmas (The September Issue and Coco before Chanel). I’m not a big party person and find night time socialising exhausting,
Again, that might make me a bit…odd, but it’s just how I am.

What will you be doing for NYE? Have you made your resolutions yet? I’ve not yet decided on mine, but have got a couple in mind.


26.12 aftermath

I hope everyone survived Christmas and was spoiled rotten! I was, but details of that for another post!

We had a lovely quiet day, just Myself, Mum, Dad (slightly worse for wear!), Brother and Grandparents…and of course, Flash. Here are some photos of us all.

Outfit for the day.

What Flash wore.

My wonderful Grandparents.

Mum and Bro

Mum and I

Bro and I

Us, seconds before ;)

Myself and Dad

I think we have a very lazy day ahead of us here, I was the only one who didn’t drink, so the only one likely to feel like doing anything other than laze on the sofa!
I would go for a nice long walk, but I’m bruised and sore after a fall on the ice Christmas Eve, so I think I will be sloth like too!


24.12 Wishing You a Merry Christmas

(photo from vi.sualize)

To my readers,
Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas
Thank you for the on-going kind words and comments, I truly value each one.
Have a fantastically festive time;
I hope Santa is kind to you