Just a very brief post to say HELLO
I’m home on my first overnight leave and fully intend to make the most of un-limited internet and begin the enjoyable task of catching up with blogs.
I’ve not really missed not having un-limited internet access, but I have missed blogging and can’t wait for my proper return in what hopefully won’t be too long now.

What can I say?
Not a lot. I don’t think it’s going to be helpful to anyone to try and explain what the last 13 weeks of my life have been like…
let’s just say I’m in a much better place right now, and looking forward to improving further and embracing the “real world” 100% when I come home to stay.


This smile is real
(and the braces have come off)


an update and discount codes in association with kiosk 78

Well, the fact I’m doing a proper blog post is fairly good indication of the ways things are headed. I’m still in hospital; this is my 13th week now, but the end is in sight and within another month or so I should be home.

Now, the point of this post is to talk about the fabulous discount code website discountcoder.com and their work with Kiosk 78 ; stockists of labels such as Nudie Jeans, A.P.C and my favourite, Happy Socks.

From their website (www.kiosk78.co.uk):

“Kiosk 78 is a menswear store located at 7 Duncan St in Leeds City Centre, West Yorkshire, England.

We stock an exclusive range of clothing, Japanese selvage denim, footwear and accessories and a selection of interesting goods from around the world. Kiosk 78 is a haven for fashion enthusiasts and denim connoisseurs looking for the finest menswear available.

Our brand list is growing all the time and we are continuously on the lookout for brands that share our ethos. Subtle style and detailing combined with the highest quality materials and construction.”

So, if your looking to re-style the man in your life, or fancy embracing the menswear trend, make discount coder your first stop for exclusive kiosk78 money saving codes.

Hope to be back and properly blogging soon,
many thanks for all the support


What can I say my darlings,
other than
“hello, here’s another brief update”
Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards the support I’ve recieved from everyone.
I’ve been here just over 10 weeks now, and had expected to be forgotten…but nope. I was once again proven wrong and it’s killing me not to be able to reply to everyone individually.

It looks like I’ll be here until the end of September/early October, although I’m getting more leave now, so frequent the shops and have trips home. I’m getting there. It’s tough…if anything it’s harder now than at the start, but I remain positive and determined not to let this illness rule my life anymore.

I hope everyone is well, I can’t wait to be home and reading/commenting on blogs again (dare I even look at my google reader?!)