Layer upon Layer

Yet more freezing weather and snow. I know…everyone is talking about it, but what’s what we Brits do!

Outfits are getting more and more dull by the day. Just trying to find something that layers, without looking like the Micehlin man is trial enough.

The top outfit is what I decided on today, although I’ll probably chuck jeans over the tights if I venture out.

The bottom two are yesterday and the faux fur vest was hastily swapped for a couple of cardigans.

Is anyone actually enjoying this weather? The only upside I can see is it provides the perfect excuse to huddle under a duvet with a hot drink and purring cat.
(And it does make it seem a bit more like Christmas is on its way!)


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Care to Dance?

The other big Saturday Night TV series at this time of year is Strictly Come Dancing, I can’t say that I’m a massive fan of it myself…I’m an xfactor girl through and through…but someone in this household is…My MUM!

Wonderful jewellery designer Maggie Angus picked up on this and was kind enough to send over one of her Ballroom Dancer necklaces for my Mum.
I was going to put it away so she had something extra to open Christmas Day…but I couldn’t wait, and once she clocked it, neither could she!

“Glide gracefully on to the dance floor together with this necklace of a ballroom dancing couple. Taking influence from the glamour of the 1930s plus a nod to Strictly Come Dancing this piece is the epitome of cool. Suitable for all fame hungry starlets”

So perfect, so true!

The necklace came beautifully packaged with a lovely little note, good packaging is important to me and I will make a decision on whether to shop with someone on packaging alone!

Needless to say Mum loves her necklace, and it’s got SO MANY compliments!

And Maggie doesn’t just do dancers, she has a whole range of illustrated jewellery in her shop…from rings and earrings to necklaces showcasing everything from shoes and bags to animals.

A personal favourite is this hanging cat!

And for the next 24 hours there is 20% off ALL jewellery in the shop, so I suggest you hurry along and snap it up fast!


I was not made for winter, not at all. The last few days I’ve lived in jeans and jumpers which is most unlike me, and by today I had had enough of it and dug around for layers suitable for under dresses. Most of my dresses aren’t suitable for winter dressing anymore, no longer loose enough to fit tops under, but…well, I’d rather have them snug than be how I was.

To make tights more weather proof, I added some fabulous leg warmers from Tabio

(sorry the photos are pretty rubbish, I was rushing)



I’m off Christmas shopping with the parents today and I’m hoping this outfit will keep me warm enough.
If it get any colder, I don’t know how I’ll manage…wear my Slanket in public I guess!


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Winter Warmer Wish List

This week’s lust list is inspired by the freezing temperatures and smattering of snow we’ve had dumped on us. We weren’t actually predicted any until some time next week but someone clearly forgot to tell the sky that as we had what felt like a mini blizzard (typically, just as I was walking home from somewhere).
Today it’s icy, and freezing, and I am not properly equipped. Hence this wishlist.


Earmuffs are something I have shunned in the past, but this year they are calling out to me. I don’t *do* hats and my ears are suffering. Could these be the answer? Maybe not, but at only £2.50 from Matalan I’m willing to take a risk.



Animal print faux fur snood and mittens from ASOS. Never before a fan of faux fur right now my entire being is calling out for something warm and toasty…I think these might just hit the spot! I’m also crazy for leopard print, which just furthers the appeal.


There is something about this faux fur shearling coat from F&F at Tesco. Perhaps it’s the percieved warmth, or maybe it’s the gorgeous cut. Either way it’s won my heart this week.


Last but not least is this Antler Ring by Vera Meat at MyFlashTrash. No, it won’t keep me warm, but it would be a winter themed addition to my ring collection!

What’s on your list this week?


Friday Feeling

Oh look, it’s that Cat jumper again. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to live in it!



And somehow we’re at the last Friday in November…how is that even possible? I feel like this year has just sped past and a huge chunk of my life has gone missing.

I hope my USA readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I finally got around to painting my nails,
Models Own Grace Green is my new favourite


I’ve also got a total obsession with rings, the two I never take off are these two


Spinning elephants is a very special one to me. It has a wonderful story behind how it came to be mine.

The Love Bites ring is by Me and Zena and came to me via Spoiled Brat. I love it!

What are your weekend plans? Anything exciting?
I’m not sure what mine are yet, I might be meeting some friends for lunch tomorrow but I need to work out getting there first…
bring on the New Year and re-starting driving lessons!


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Here + Here

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