Don’t Look Back in Anger


And so we come to the end of another year. Am I sorry to say goodbye to 2010? No. Not in the slightest.
For me the year has been somewhat surreal, spending four months of it in hospital and changing more than I ever thought possible (both physically and mentally). I’m lucky, and oh so thankful to be here now, to wave goodbye to 2010 and beckon in a fresh start.

What this year has taught me:

- My friends and family really are the best. Massive thanks to them for sticking by me, I couldn’t have done it without them.

- The kindess of strangers can be truly overwhelming. The support I recieved from fellow bloggers blew me away. Every e-mail, comment, text, letter, parcel (and in a couple of cases, visits) was, and always will be treasured.
Thank you. ALL of you.

- I am stronger and more capable than I ever realised.

- Life is not defined by numbers. Weighing X vs Y vs Z doesn’t actually change what you feel in your head.

- My tights obsession knows no bounds.

- Red hair is FUN.

- There are some truly inspiring people in the world. And new friends are as valueable as old (this one’s a shout out to the girls I met on the unit, I love you ALL…)

- Flash just gets cuter by the year.


I know I sound sappy and sentimental, but to everyone who reads and supports adaisychaindream,
who has provided an oppurtunity to try and wear things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to,
who’s left sweet comments, sound advice and general randomness,

Thank YOU.

Lets make 2011 count.



We’re so very nearly at the end of 2010, I can’t be the only one breathing a massive sigh of relief?
Today is the day where I finalise my resolutions, go pottering and generally try not to dwell of the year that wasn’t.

The snow we had on the ground has long gone, replaced with mist and dreary grey skies,
so I counteracted that with a bright outfit!


I love this dress, it was given to me by a friend and it always makes me happy. The different coloured spots means it lends itself well to many a colour tights, but green remains my favourite.



You can also better see the cardigan I bought on boxing day. I have lived in this since. I’m tempted to go back for the cream one too, though me and cream is just a disaster waiting to happen!
My only other sales buy so far is a gorgeous leopard print skirt from River Island which I plan to wear very soon!

Tomorrow = a look back at the year

Saturday = a lie in, and a resolutions post.

Are you ready to embrace 2011? What’s been your high and low point of 2010?

I’m With The Designer

I’M WITH THE DESIGNER is a Street Style Brand founded in 2010, with a focus on quirky, stylish and effortlessly cool jewellery and casual wear.
Already proving popular, it is now being sold online at BIG CARTEL. I’M WITH THE DESIGNER will soon also be available in selected London boutique stores and other online stores.

Hayley Scott is a fellow blogger and the brains behind the brand, she got in touch with me to let me know her shop had launched today, and I thought I’d share the love. There is a lot more to come from this girl, so watch this space! My favourite picks so far…

1. I’m with the designer cotton tee, £12

2. Sugarpie Hunnybunch necklace, £15

3. Boss Lady necklace, £16

4. Fabulous Necklace, £10

Add I’m with the designer on Facebook and get 20% off for a limited time!

In the New Year expect a photo shoot and lookbook, too!

What do you think?



Well, I survived Ikea yesterday, I think it took us longer to get in to the place than it did to get around it, and I got what I wanted, which was some cheap white plates and bowls for ceramic painting.
The Cath Kidston sale was awesome, although I ended up buying full price stuff! There was so much I wanted that it was easier to resist the sale altogether, really.

I ended up with egg cups (which match my plate and bowl)

And this sweet little purse. I was orignially going to get the blue version, which was in the sale, but loved this colour more.

If your a fan of Cath Kidston (and have more money than I do) get yourself down there!

Today’s outfit is a bit of a random combination, but it’s warm, comfortable and I’m past caring what I look like for now!



I look so dumpy without shoes on, haha. Oh dear.

This is my winter coat which was my main Christmas gift from my parents. The photo does it no justice at all, but it’s no longer on the M&S website so I can’t show you how it’s supposed to look! The material is fine cord and it’s just so warm, without being bulky.


I’m also wearing this charming bangle, of which my Mum has matching. It’s her favourite quote ever and means a lot to the both of us.


What are everyone’s New Years plans? I’ll probably stay in (just for a change) with my parents and brother, unless anyone wants to invite me to their wild party! I can’t afford pubs and clubs, especially not on NYE!


the inbetween

I love the days inbetween Christmas and New Year. Everything slows down, emphasised by the manic of Pre-Festivity organisation.
The days lend themselves perfectly to spending time with family and exploring new belongings. Yesterday was a perfect example…a quiet morning of nail painting and reading, a drive with Mum, a peaceful evening and two games of scrabble (I am yet to win a game)

This is an appalling photo, but it shows (kind of) the cardigan I got from New Look




Oh hello beaten up hands.

Today is shopping day…Park Street; Cath Kidston Sale, YES PLEASE
and Ikea…not so thrilled!

How do you spend the inbetween days?