reflect and look ahead

The last work outfit of 2011; New Look skirt, Primark jumper and Bertie shoes c/o Sarenza.
It’s crazy to think that this time last year I hadn’t even started working. When I started my job I didn’t expect to fall in love with it as much as I have, and I never imagined that I could have progressed so much. 2012 looks to be a promising year work wise and I couldn’t be more excited, or grateful.

On the whole 2011 has been one of my better years; nothing could quite top the nightmare that was 2010. Things aren’t quite where I want them to be, I have ground to catch up on in my recovery and things to be worked upon in general; but isn’t that the point in life? To look back and progress. If it were perfect straight off the bat, what would we have to do, except merely exist?

I spent so long hoping for the perfect life, it wasn’t until I stopped striving for the perfection and realised that no one else held the same expectations of me that I held for myself that things fell in the place. I was suddenly able to relax, meet new people without second guessing every move and allow myself to just go with the flow.
Lesson learnt.
We are our own worst critics. In 2012 I vow to take deep breaths and just have fun.

My tools for the new year? Well, my filofax to keep me organised and make sure I turn up to where I need to be, and my well being journal from paperchase; with sections for all areas of life, I’m hoping I can use this as a positive tool for taking care of me.

What have you learnt this year?
What are your new year essentials?

If your out partying tonight, HAVE FUN! If like me, you are planning on a night in (with a high chance of being asleep before midnight) then…enjoy that too!


A Year in Outfits













Typical representations of my style month by month. It’s quite odd looking back and seeing how one’s style has changed,
I am totally different now, compared to say, two years ago.

Has your style changed a lot over the year/s? What has been your favourite month for outfits? For me it has probably been December purely for the mix of home, work and party wear!


shop the sales; urban outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of those shops that I browse in year round, but only ever buy from in the sale. From twitter and other blogs I gather a lot of you are the same; they create lust-worthy pieces that are sadly out of our budget.

And then the sale comes around…and suddenly, BAM…things.I want and don’t need.I can afford (mostly)…my top picks of the current sale.

1. UO do home wares so well, in their last sale I picked up some gorgeous bowls for under half price, and this time my sights are set on pretty cups. This fab unicorn one is now £5

2. Birds. On a cushion (see also the sweet bunny design). I am messy, and my room never looks quite how I want it to, but I still get attracted to soft furnishings, especially when animals are involved. £20

3. Never in my life have I been attracted to this style of shoe before I found this pair at full price. Now they are in the sale at £30 I love them even more.

4. CW Carin Wester dress, a thing of beauty from the boutique range…and now a more reasonable £50. The colour makes me think Spring and Easter bunnies.

5. For some reason I will never tire of lace dresses. Kimchi&Blue £35

6. A leather skirt is an investment, and this one by Silence and Noise is just the right side of quirky to be current and yet, somehow it will never date. £70

7. Zatchels floral satchel. You might remember my gushing post about Zatchels a month or so ago. This floral one is now £70 and I WANT IT!

Are you a sales only shopper at Urban Outfitters? What have you snapped up?


I am not affiliated with UO in any way, I am merely overly excited to be able to maybe afford their products, and spend far too much time browsing.

feeling blue?

Started to notice a theme with some of my gifts this year. I have no idea where my current obsession with The Smurfs came from but it looks set to stay! Best Friend, Trudi bought me this epic t-shirt (same girl who bought me a Poddington Peas one for my Birthday) and ultimate sweetheart Eloise sent this calendar and chocolate coins in amongst a parcel of joy.

Worn with Zara skirt, New Look tights and Georgia Rose shoes c/o Sarenza for the last of my festive break; I’m back at work today, for a 2.5 day stint before I have two weeks off for the New Year.

Anyone else have a childhood obsession rearing it’s head?

And who else is back at work today? I’m not sure if I’m gutted or glad to have some routine back!



When got in touch asking if I’d like to have a go at styling up a piece of their knitwear I jumped at the chance. A shop only recently on my radar, I’d been having a cheeky browse just hours before the e-mail came through.
I was sent the Vila Nofia Knit Top in black which is down to a bargain £25 in the sale (and may I just say, the sale on this site is incredible!) which I paired with ASOS velvet shorts and Jeffrey Campbell swear boots.

The first words I said when I un-wrapped the jumper was “this isn’t my kind of thing”…but never under-estimate a stylist…  picked a perfect piece and my second sentence was “I think I’m going to live in this”.

With brands such as Sugarhill Boutique, Vila, Motel, Jarlo and oh so much more, if you haven’t already clocked then I strongly suggest you do! They also happen to have a sale on…and well, it’s pretty epic!