Softly Softly

You know when you get one of those days that REALLY doesn’t go to plan? Yeah, that would be yesterday. I got home from work expecting to be able to chill out and unwind but ended up with some unexpected stresses that had to be dealt with and it really dragged me down.

Pfft. The trials of being a grown up, eh? By the evening, thanks largely to the wonders of twitter and my ever understanding parents things were on the up and this morning I was able to dust my hands of the biggest problem!

It did give me some insight though, on how stress makes me view myself. Instantly I had gained 20lbs and was worthless. Instead of the strong, capable (and not every expanding) girl I had seen earlier that day.
A learning curve, for sure…and the residual negativity this morning I am pushing to one side and carrying on as usual.

Which brings me to my outfit,
the second item from Pixie Knitwear which no one guessed correctly! Most people thought I’d gone for the maxi dress, and whilst I did toy with that idea, I wanted to break out of my comfort zone a bit and go for something girly and feminine (and pale…I don’t do pale, I drink too much black coffee and eat too much ketchup to do pale!)




And a close up of the tights, which were on super sale in Accessorize and I was forced in to buying by my shopping partner in crime (who knows who she is!)


I mentioned on twitter last night that I’m expanding my blogging horizons a bit and shall be venturing in to some food reviews soon. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I finally feel more comfortable in making it a regular thing. I hope you’ll enjoy them and share some foodie favourites with me, too.

But before all that, comes a giveaway….that goes up tomorrow, watch this space!


P.S. Charli has featured me on her blog Feminine Bravery

I’m a Pixie Girl!

Helllooo! Happy Mid-Week! Allow me to introduce you to a new found wonder! PIXIE KNITWEAR

Please note the very exciting SALE sign that means you get pretties for less! As you know by now I am hopeless at descriptions so I will let the website speak for itself.

“Pixie is an independent UK based fashion label specialising in knitwear. Founded in 2008 Pixie was born on a foundation
of love for gorgeous, fun, great quality, sexy knitwear.

Always at the forefront of fashion, Pixie was snapped up in its first season by Topshop and stocked in its iconic Oxford Street
store. Pixie is now stocked in some of the best retailers from the UK through Europe, Canada and the USA.

Pixie is fast becoming the knitwear brand of choice for the fashion concious crowd as well as its celebrity followers from
Mischa Barton and Katie Price to Fearne Cotton, bloggers also love Pixie and can often be found styled up on lookbook nu”

I found Pixie through another blog that had recently featured them (speak up if it was you!) and started to stalk/follow them on twitter. The next day an e-mail popped up from the sweetheart brains behind the movement offering me the chance to try a couple of pieces from the store.

Here’s a small sampling of the goods on offer!

These are the bold, graphic pieces from the collection…with my choices I decided to go down the softer, more girly look and I’m wearing one of those pieces today.

The Stripe and Bow Sweater (quite possibly the softest and most beautifully made sweater I have ever owned in my life)




Have you heard of Pixie Knitwear before?
Who wants to guess the second item that I picked?


Green with Envy

(Image from weheartit)

Top of my secret wish list this Spring is an allotment,
or at least a vegetable patch in my garden. I think there is nothing nicer than sitting down to a meal involving home grown fruit, vegetables or salads (my grandad grows the freshest tasting salad leaves and makes FRESH peppermint tea).

Is this likely to happen any time soon?
*shakes head*
I fail to look after a pot plant. I was bought a Gerbera last year. It died a rapid and painful death within a week.

I actually have seeds, in the garage, to grow in pots. Tasty things like pumpkin, rhubarb, strawberries…
dare I try and plant them? NO. I just can’t take the heartbreak.

(note to self, ask Dad to plant them and claim all success for myself).

Every time a blogger mentions their gardening adventures, or an ex-neighbour brings round a stuffed veg box of home grown goodness I start to turn as green as the produce I’ve just laid eyes on. Maybe gardening skills will come with age…although memory deteriorates with age and this is my main downfall…
I’d have to set alarms to water the bloody plants.

Maybe this year though will be my year of joy…when I am proudly showing off home grown goodness later on the blog, just don’t ask if it was grown by me or some un-suspecting friend/relative. Ignorance is bliss, ok?

How about you? Have you had any joy with growing vegetables?

I’ve just given myself the worst craving for (home grown) carrot cake.



Poor as in
“Poor excuse for a post”
“Poor picture quality thanks to the sun not raising it’s head yet”
“Poor…because it’s STILL not payday”
“Poor-ly; this cold aint budging.




But at the same time, I am RICH.

RICH because I have family who love me no matter what,
Friends that have stuck by me despite me not reciprocating even half of what they give.
Rich because this blog has led me to knowing some of the sweetest people out there, who have shown kindness beyond what I ever imagined existed.
Rich because I am alive and kicking to write this poor excuse for a post.
A year ago I made a decision.
It was the right one, not the easy one, it’s been a long hard slog…but in the end I made it and it was worth every second.

There are a lot of sad people out there right now, who have been dragged down or who face uncertainty.
I WISH I could scoop you all up in to a massive group hug, but I can’t.
Keep fighting loves, look deeper and see how rich you are…and don’t ever give up the fight.


((Oh help, I’m turning in to a happy-clappy preacher, I’m sorry))

Variation on a Theme

In other words, this is my third day of wearing a floral dress.



Awful photos, sorry, sorry. Combination of the sun not yet having some out to play…and my camera being well, old. Ah well, Birthday at the end of April, I know what I’m asking for!

I used the Frizz Miracle conditioner that Aussie sent yesterday and woke up with hair like this


Aussie…Miracle is an understatement!

Now I need to brave a hair cut, it’s been a year…eek, and straight, my hair is below my bra level. I hate having my hair cut, HATE it. Someone in my personal space for what feels like years?! No thanks…
and also the indecision over what to have done! Subtle? Drastic? Longer? Shorter? Shave it all off? Whatever I pick, I’m guaranteed to hate it after a few days no matter how good the cut is.

Oh help.
Someone sedate me and get me to a hairdresser

((that might be Mum’s next tactic!))

Happy Monday my lovelies!


P.S. to all you who say I have long legs…I say