Snacking Saturday- introduction to iHerb

I believe I have made mention of iHerb in previous food related posts, and there were a few questions from you lovely lot. Most of these questions related to shipping and service so here are my opinions on both.

Shipping; CHEAP! $4 (around £3) for orders under 3lbs in weight and under $80 value. It costs $12 for faster shipping or if you order is over the weight restriction for the cheaper option…none of my orders have been, yet, so I’ve always gone for the cheaper option with no problems. I like that product weight/basket weight is made clear in your basket.

What you do need to bear in mind is that if you spend over £18 you may be liable for a charge by UK customs, and the fees that go with that. Again I’ve had no problem with this as my most expensive order has been about £13 including shipping.

Service; Variable in terms of when you get your order, but utterly reasonable. Confirmation e-mail is prompt and you are kept up to date with the progress of your order. Mine have always been dispatched within 24 hours and typically they arrive within a week to a fortnight. The last order I placed was here in just five days!

And what do I most frequently order? SNACKS of course! Photos from iHerb site


These are meant for kids but argh…SO GOOD! There is also a chocolate brownie flavour that is on my wishlist (another handy feature!). Availability of stock is sometimes an issue but you can set up alerts.


Cinnamon, raisin, flavour AND fibre. Sounds too good to be true but totally isn’t!


These only arrived in my latest order and I haven’t tried them yet, but bunnniiiiesss! Totally sold on bunnies alone!


More bunnies. Oh yeah. I also have a serial cereal problem.


Kashi bars for the win. I’ve tried several flavours now and LOVE them!

Aside from the fabulous prices and reasonable shipping, everything on iHerb is good for you! It’s been invaluable to me for getting more variety in my snacks for work…I’ve mainly ordered bars up until now but have just branched out in to crackers and other “pick and mix” type snacks for my elephant box!

Have you used iHerb before?

Would you, after reading this post?

What should I try next?

(I am in no way affiliated with iHerb, I just wanted to make my UK readers aware of what a godsend this site is!)


birthday run down

Most of yesterday I was asked “do you mind working all day when you could be at home?” The answer was no,
as well as it being a very important day for us at work, for me, being involved and working a long and chaotic shift was the ultimate sign of how far I’ve come. It might sound strange, coming from a (now) 24 year old, but although I have worked since I was 15 I have never been able to do full days and for a couple of years was right now at three hours a WEEK.

We won’t talk about the actual day at work, all my predictions of chaos and hiccups came true…and then some. What amazed me was the team spirit and how we all pulled together to help each other out and make sure our patients got the care they needed and deserved. I love my work place and the people who I work with. They really went out of their way to make sure I had a special day, understanding what it meant to me.

Sorry I get so … emotional about things like this. It’s hard to explain. To put it simply, I feel loved and spoiled by everyone who took the time to wish me a good day. It was the Birthday I wasn’t sure I’d see and in it’s own little way it was the

I woke up to this:





My Mum is far too cute for her own damn good!


Gorgeous flowers from work, as well as a mountain of cards and gift vouchers and girly things.


Utterly spoiled.
My main present was a new digital camera from my parents and a *mystery* of which we are yet to work out.
Other highlights included a Patrick Cox purse, although I’m not sure who sent it as there either wasn’t a card, or I misplaced it…so if it was you, please say!


Trudi….who else knows me that well?


And quite simply, the most awesome hand made card ever, from my school friend Hazel!

I think I’ve thanked everyone personally for the cards and gifts now, but if I haven’t…then THANK YOU, please don’t think I’m being rude, I was somewhat brain dead by last night.

Today will be all about the chilling.

((and probably eating a bit more cake))


Don’t Mind if I do!

Firstly thank you for the amazing words and Birthday wishes. Yesterday was certainly a Birthday to remember, and like nothing I have ever experienced before.

Now, the real point of this post is to share with you this FABULOUS offer (oh yes, I went there!)

20% Off at NEW LOOK with Fabulous Magazine!

Finally, the sun is shining and we can put away those woollies for another year. And that means only one thing: it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul! So luckily for us the fashionistas over at Fabulous Magazine and New Look have teamed up to give Fabulous readers an amazing 20% OFF at participating New Look stores!

Visit for a list of participating stores, then simply cut out the voucher from this week’s issue of Fabulous Magazine, free with the News of the World every Sunday, and take along the coupon when you go shopping to enjoy this brilliant offer!

Terms and Conditions:

1. This offer entitles you to a 20 per cent saving on purchases of full-price, promotional and concession items only (offer excludes permanently reduced items & Idol) when spent in a single transaction.

2. This offer is valid in any participating New Look store within the UK and ROI until Monday May 9, 2011.

3. This offer cannot be used to purchase New Look gift vouchers, gift cards or e-top up vouchers (where applicable) or used towards payment of any outstanding balance on a New Look Store Card.

4. No cash or any other alternative will be given and this discount can only be redeemed once.

5. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other magazine discount (including student discount, 10 per cent armed forces discount or New Look staff discount card), or any other promotion (including other New Look magazine promotions).

6. This offer may be amended or withdrawn at any time at the promoter’s discretion.

7. The return value of the item(s) purchased using this voucher shall be the applicable return value under New Look’s returns policy, less the discount obtained.

8. Photocopied, damaged, defaced or expired vouchers will not be accepted.

Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected.

Promoter: New Look Retailers Limited, Mercury Road, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 5HJ. Registered number 1618428

Enjoy! Let me know what you buy!

(Birthday update later)


Advance Apologies

I’m sorry,
this isn’t an outfit post, or a wish list, or something food related.
This is a wordy post. A thank you. From me, to you.

A year ago I had almost given up hope. I wasn’t sure things could change, it all seemed impossible and all-consuming.
But I am here. Now. About to celebrate my 24th Birthday and a large part of that is down to YOU. Yes you. Reading this right now.

Never under-estimate the power of strangers, or of words. They make a huge difference. I can honestly say I have never felt so loved and supported in my life. For those reading this and thinking “what the hell is she on?” refer back to posts from early last year. I’ve talked about the past enough. This is about now.

To freedom. To happiness. To Hope. To the Future. To achieving dreams, no matter how big or small.

To realising that the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference. And the tiniest of gestures can mean just as much as the huge “look at me” ones.

Thank you again, for being amazing. For being you.

And Happy Birthday to me.

sappy-ness over, lets go eat cake!


-Can’t resist a cheeky beg for votes…it’d be a great Birthday present!-

Dreaming of a Summer Holiday

I can’t remember the last time I went on holiday, even in this country (I’m thinking at least five years) and as for a sunny holiday abroad, that was even longer ago!

With a rare bit of idle browsing time, I found myself looking at villa holidays; sun on my skin, sand in my toes, the sound of waves gently breaking against the shore…YES PLEASE!


Kos perhaps? The swings have swung it for me!


Maybe Madeira? I certainly like the cake.


Possibly even Rhodes…I did a day trip there when I was 13 and in Turkey with my family. It was enchanting and I’d love to go back.

When was the last time you had a holiday?
Are you jetting off this year?
What has been your best holiday so far?

I don’t think I’ll be heading abroad this year, I just can’t afford it; or get the time off work. I am hoping to get a break down in Brighton with my Mum though, and have plans to visit a few friends in various towns/cities as and when I can! That’ll do for me, for now.