It is ALWAYS time for cake.

Sunny morning, feeling poorly (kidney infection, boo), loads to do…

what else is a girl to day other than bake?

Really, there are a zillion other things I should have been doing on my day off, but the lure of flour, eggs and sugar were calling me.

I confess, I cheated a little. Chocolate and coconut are one of my favourite flavour combinations and I had this jar of coconut spread (a lidl special a couple of months ago) lurking with no real purpose….until it became instant icing that is! Mmm.

It doesn’t look all that appetising but oh man it was good. I wish it was a permanent product!

It had to be cupcakes. I’m reading “Meet me at the cupcake cafe” and it’s got me inspired.

These are now in my cake tin and ready to come to work with me tomorrow.

Well, all but this one.


Social Style; Garden Party

The currently smokin‘ hot with gorgeous dresses Missguided dropped me an e-mail the other day, with a challenge. The challenge was to create an outfit suitable for a Summer event.

Sad fact. I have no typical Summer events planned; no weddings, days at the races or garden parties (not even a BBQ) but never one to turn away a challenge, I decided to proceed anyway.

And because it’s most likely that you’d find me at a garden party (preferably an old school TEA party), here’s what I picked as my dream outfit for it.

I decided to keep it minimal and simple. I don’t want to be keeping track of stray hats, sunglasses and other various accessories. I want to have fun and eat cake.

I picked a bright dress to make an impact…

The Aldara Tailored Lace Pleat Dress (currently sold out) in burnt orange has the fit and shape I love, whilst not being too “out there” in terms of colour and pattern. The lace keeps it girly and the colour reminds me of hot summer days.

On my feet you’ll find Tropez Floral Print Super High Wedges because an all out floral outfit would be a garden party cliche, but an outfit for me, wouldn’t be complete without some flowery action. The wedges add height (lots of it) without that awful “heels sinking in to grass” issue that plagues thousands of women all summer long.

And to accessorize? Nothing but bright polka dotted nails, using the Love Nail Polish set. The colours clash delightfully with the dress and there is plenty of scope for nail art goodness.

What do you think? Garden party worthy? What do you think of the Social Style range?


(please note, this entry will later be used as a competition entry so once again I will be pleading for votes!)

My Face

Pouring rain and chilly temperatures (well, it is a bank holiday) has meant a return to jumper dresses. So no outfit post today. Instead I thought I’d share my current makeup loves as I love nosing through what other people are using and loving right now.


Blushers! No, I don’t wear them all at once, but I do tend to wear a different one each day depending on what mood I’m in/how deathly pale I look! I can’t remember the shades of them all, but if you want to know I will go seek!


General face/eyes! I’m quite simple. Witch primer keeps my skin tamed. Barbara Daly for Tesco foundation, of which I have a love/hate relationship with. Love that it’s pale enough for my skin and affordable, hate the smell and coverage. Rimmel powder. MAC Phloof and custom palette that is begging to be filled. L’Oreal Lash Architech 4D Mascara. I only bought the Mascara Saturday, after ignoring all twitter advice and getting distracted by a shiney silver tube and special offer price.

Sometimes impulse buys are good. I’m pleased.



One coat. Score.


Oh..and this is what lives in my palette; stars n rockets, aquadisiac, fade. I love how having a fringe has led to a return in bolder eye makeup!

What are you loving right now? Any other super pale girls got any foundation help?


Are you a Winner?

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway with the gorgeous StillWithYou

The three lucky winners of the gorgeous leather, feather earrings are…

1. Nic at Nic’s Notebook

2. The gorgeous Lady Bug Says

3. Amazing Alex!

Congrats ladies, I’ll be in touch asap x

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sunday loving

Just some things I’m loving right now.

Zara dress…probably my best sales purchase ever. It always makes me feel good.




Leather necklace by StillWithYou (earrings giveaway closes at noon)



(on that note, I also love makeup…I’m feeling ill and without it I look like this)


Poorly face is not amused.


This perfume smells like sweets. LOVE.


My Aussie Army. Not that I’ll ever be able to get my hair to behave like it did Tuesday. Ever.


This book is pure girly goodness, with some yummy recipes to boot.


And what would a love post be without this? Don’t let the angel face fool you. He’s been snoring and farting up a storm!

What are you loving?