Work on a Budget

Last week I had an e-mail from sofeminine, inviting me to put together the best bargain outfit that I could come up with under £50 (and they’d foot the bill). The timing of this was fantastic, as I’ve been starting to ponder how to get a decent workwear wardrobe on a budget. I’m lucky because my job is pretty lax when it comes to what we wear, and at first my standard dresses etc seemed to fit in just fine; but now I’m working there more, and I’m more involved in “front of house” I wanted to invest in some more classic “worky” clothes…but didn’t want to spend a fortune.

My outfit came via Topshop. Somewhere I can only ever afford to shop during the sales. The trousers were £20, reduced from £45 and are the perfect fit and length on me. I’m not a trousers girl, except for work, and I am loathe to spend a lot of money on them, especially as they so rarely fit right…but these do…and although not a traditional colour, they are smart, comfortable and (for once) a quality that will last.



The top, I bought in three colours; a paler blue and a white as well. These were an absolute bargain at £5 each down from £15. It gets hot and work, so loose cotton is an instant winner and that that kind of price, I’m not going to say no!

I would have been able to get some flat, sensible shoes within the budget too, but I opted not to purely because I have NOwhere at all left to store new shoes!

My outfit, as well as the other bloggers who took part will be showcased here, so you’ll be able to pick up all our hints and tips for shopping on a budget.

What are your top budget shopping tips?
Mine would be..

-Shop the sales.

-Look for pieces that are good quality, and won’t date.

-If you see basics at a good price, buy in bulk!

-Don’t buy anything you only like because it’s cheap; it’s a false economy!


Aussie Summer Soiree

As a fairly new recruit to the Aussie Angels this was the first event of theirs I’ve been too, and also the first time I’ve had a chance to meet other bloggers. I had NO idea what to expect and nervous is probably not a strong enough word.

Fear not. Bloggers are lovely. Lovely lovely lovely. I would however like to formally apologise for talking rubbish pretty much the entire day (who didn’t envy Hayley having to travel back with me?). Check out the epic venue, gorgeous girls and Amy’s AMAZING candyfloss hair!

I barely took any photos (what kind of blogger am I?), so the ones here come courtesy of Hayley and the lovely Emma at Aussie…

Huge thank you to Aussie, again for such an amazing time! I can’t wait for the next one!


P.S. if anyone has any good luck vibes going spare, my Nan is having a hip replacement today.

work that heat

Case in point of how humid it has been here; my hair was dead straight Sunday night. Yesterday I woke up to…


Yeah. I was un-amused.

And it left me with a dilemma. The site I work at on a Monday isn’t know for it’s warmth, but we have a lot of glass, which basically meant greenhouse!
After much frustration I went for my coolest weight skirt and a sheer blouse. It kind of worked. With the aid of a fan in the office.



The big reveal of my latest Sarenza ambassador purchase! As many of you guessed, I opted for some Jeffery Campbells. At the time the weather was vile and I found myself planning ahead for winter (with a resigned view to wearing them most of the summer, too). As soon as they arrived, the weather got gorgeous, so no modelling of them yet!



The (perhaps aptly named) sweat boots, which have since gone in the sale at just £56…perfect excuse to invest, if I do say so myself!

I also picked this gorgeous Friis&Company bag, which is also now in the sale! This is PERFECT for carrying my life around in!

Who else has been suffering in the humidity?

Anyone else planning ahead for winter?


Lazy Hazy

Oh wasn’t yesterday glorious? I wish the weather could always be like this, it makes me want to do nothing but sit on my ass and eat ice lollies.

For whatever reason, my outfit still involved tights (well, people were still wearing jeans). I learnt my lesson by 4pm when my ankles had swollen beyond recognition and a cold bath followed by a somewhat cooler maxi skirt and vest combo were deemed essential.


Hair swept out of face


And makeup kept minimal (pouting, standard)


Today, despite the forecast I have woken to a bedroom more humid than a greenhouse. Hair that’s going in twenty crazy directions and no idea of what to wear for work.

Thank you to everyone who entered the Witch giveaway. The ten lucky winners were;

Jennie, Lauren, Hannah, Pippa, Sherin, Charly, Char, cowbiscuits, Lois, Zilla.

Congratulations ladies, you should have all had an e-mail from me now, if not, give me a prod


P.S. Aussie post sooon!


I promise, a full post on the Aussie event to come…(when I have err, borrowed some photos as I fail as a blogger and barely took any!)

For now I just want to say a massive thank you to Hayley for pretty much being my parent for the day and giving me geography lessons, making sure I didn’t get lost or maimed and putting up with my inane chatter…

Of course a massive shout-out to Aussie for the awesome Summer Soiree,
and to all the gorgeous bloggers I finally got to meet! Err, apologies again for being so socially awkward. You are all AWESOME.