My Kind of Competition

Do I even need to tell you how much this competition excited me? Coffee and Popcorn are two of my very favourite things so you can bet I already have my entry in!
If you’ve become addicted to Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn or are yet to try it for yourself (in whicih case, DO IT ASAP) then pop along here and try your luck!


P.S. If you win and I don’t…please share!

toned down

I thought I’d try a different approach to casual dressing on Sunday, realising I’d not actually worn these New Look trousers yet (I think I’d earmarked them as workwear). Teamed with the perfect cream jumper snapped up for £17 in the Mango sale and my trusty converse from Sarenza I think I’ve found a whole new level of out of work dressing.

Day off today, as yet I have no idea what I’ll end up wearing, this cold snap we’re having throws any outfit plans out the window and I feel uninspired to the max. Still, apart from a lunchtime work meeting and chasing up my missing wages, it should be quite a nice day actually…with a much needed hair cut booked in for later.

Do you have clothes that you don’t wear because they don’t seem to fit either “work” or “play”. My mission for February is going to be to try and mix things up a bit more.


Book Review: What I Wore Today

I was so excited when I was sent the press release for Gemma Correll’s latest venture “What I Wore Today”. Due to be released in March at a RRP of £9.99 this super sweet journal style book gives you the chance to doodle yourself in to a style icon. I was also offered the chance to review a copy of the book, and whilst I’m not going to reveal my lack of artistic talent by showing my doodles, I WILL give you a preview of what to expect!

I do apologise for the awful photos, for some reason I find it really hard to photograph books decently (maybe one day I’ll invest in a decent camera and learn how to use it!)

This really is a lovely book, and as well as giving you a chance to document outfits, there are hints and tips for dressing for the seasons and lots of places to unleash your inner fashion designer.

And for those who don’t know much about Gemma and her work, here’s a little bio:

“Gemma Correll is a freelance illustrator, coffee drinker and sometime ukulele player, based in deepest, darkest England.

Gemma has exhibited her work in galleries and shop windows around the world and her artwork has been reproduced on everything from placemats to t-shirts to umbrellas.

She has also had her work published in various books, annuals and magazines and has undertaken commissions to paint murals on the walls of pubs and shops in the UK and the USA.

Gemma’s artwork has been described as ‘the perfect combination of ugly and cute’, which she takes as a compliment!”

As well as all this Gemma also maintains a blog:

What I Wore Today…in Drawings
is a Flikr pool and blog with over 2,200 members and growing. It has been covered in Grazia, Uppercase and Neet magazines, as well as numerous fashion blogs.

Is this a book that’ll be winging it’s way on to your Amazon wishlist? Will you be placing a cheeky pre-order?

I really think you should!

Style SOS

The ASOS style advisor team are back and here for one night only to offer you a speedy shopping session, heads-up to new product, trends and most importantly style advice. This Wednesday from  8-11pm GMT, log on and fire your fashion queries to our style team.
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Sarenza A-Z: Emma Go

Nothing like some shoes to get a Monday off to a good start, and letter E in my Sarenza A-Z is hot brand Emma Go, who’ve I seen numerous bloggers swoon over.

1. Stella: These have been on my wishlist since I first became aware of Sarenza; every month I umm and aah over them and decide against them, wondering what on earth I’d wear them with. I might take the plunge yet…opinions?

2. Betty. I don’t spend a lot on flats, and they never last me. At £115 these are a leap to the other extreme of the price range for me, but they are just so pretty I couldn’t help but feature them!

3. Millea. Ditto the above really, although these are a little cheaper. Not traditionally colours I gravitate toward but with spring’s trend for all things pastel these just seem to fit the bill for what I fancy.

4. Peggy. This week’s marmite pick…I should probably hate these, and I am slightly ashamed for loving them as much as I do…what do we think?

How do Emma Go sizes run? That’s a total deal breaker for me if I’m going to invest in flats. What pair would you pick if money were no object?