Three Ways to Wear Floral (a guest post)

Although most of us are still doing battle with the harsh winter conditions, spring is just around the corner. Although it might still be a few weeks before we see clearer skies and warmer weather, florals are already making a splash on the catwalks, which will have to do until we can stop and smell the flowers for real.
Head-to-toe florals and clashing floral prints have both been fashion no-no’s for so long, but this season they’ve been a must-have, with matching floral tops and bottoms all over the places for SS/12. If you’re feeling a little apprehensive about embracing the bold florals head on, I’ve compiled three ways you can wear the look without going matchy-matchy or clashing prints. 
Dressing up a casual floral dress:
Start with a casual floral dress and add a smart blazer like this one from Alexander McQueen. Pair with embellished heels and a glitzy bag to add a touch of glam and you’re ready for a night out! For me, the beauty of this outfit is that if you change the shoes and bag it could just as easily work for the office. 
Working pastels and florals:

This season, most designers have had a penchant for florals in bold colours and graphic prints, but if you look around carefully you can still find certain pieces that showcase that classic spring combination of florals paired with pastel colours – like this Acne skirt. For me, the best way to wear this would be to tuck in a blouse that picked up on one of the colours and then add a bag that picked up the other. If you want to add something a little bolder in there, the shoes are the place to do it –  I think red provides great contrast. But if you wanted something more pared down for your feet, neutrals will work just as well.
Mixing florals with the colour-block trend:


This look is about mixing two trends together; combining colour blocking and florals. When doing this, the best thing to do is start with the floral piece and pick up two contrasting colours from the print for the rest of the outfit and accessories – I’ve chosen pink and turquoise. Mix together for a playful, summery look.   
Written by Liberty Howard for adaisychaindream (Thanks Liberty!)

What’s your take on florals? How do you wear yours?


I’m no Brat

I remember when I first found out about Brat & Suzie (probably via one blog or another) and instantly becoming smitted with their cute and quirky tees.
Fast forward a few years and I was contacted asking if I wanted a preview of their S/S12 collection…of course I said yes!
I was sent two cropped vests; a dipped hem one featuring this awesome cat in glasses (I think it’s a cat, anyway) and the amazing squirrel one (yep, still squirrel obsessed)

Cropped tops in any form are usually way out of my parameters and an instant no go, but determined to embrace the “feel the fear and do it anyway” approach I had a go at putting together an outfit with the squirrel top…

I teamed it with my faithful Zara denim skirt, that is highwaisted enough to not make me feel all that exposed. You can’t see in the photos but the tights are subtle polka-dots and the loafers are from Kate Kanzier.

I’m still pondering how to wear the second vest; perhaps with my Leopard print jeans? Suggestions are welcome…

Are you a Brat & Suzie fan?
What’s your take on cropped tops?


Sarenza A-Z: Irregular Choice

Somehow we’ve reached I in the A-Z…I’m not sure where the weeks have gone to, but here we are. I’m pretty sure nobody predicted that my brand of choice this week would be Irregular Choice; a bit of a marmite brand between bloggers and one I never used to get, but since Alex and Charlotte introduced me, I’ve become a bit of an addict and own several pairs.

Hmm, where has my spring like colour scheme gone?

1. Miaow; possibly one of the most recognised styles by now, they’ve been around for a few seasons and I still adore them.

2. Otters; cheating somewhat as I own these, but I still love them; they are much more subtle than they appear and really comfortable too!

3. No Photo Please; because a girl can not have too many pairs of glitzy flats.

4. A Night Under the Stars; GLITTER.

They also do some pretty fun bags, too (there, that’s more spring like!)

Are you a lover or a loather? What’s your “irregular” choice?


P.S. My second choice brand was the super affordable I Love Shoes, yet another brand that Sarenza introduced me to.

the perfect weekend

Dress c/o Matalan, Tesco tights (which I shamefully discovered had a hole mid thigh whilst out and about), Georgia Rose boots c/o Sarenza.

Yesterday was one of those days that makes you think “this is what the weekends should be like, always”. With almost spring-like sunshine beaming down on us, Best.Friend. and I hopped in her car (she’s my personal driver, really) and headed down to Clarks Village in Somerset; about an hour away from us. I raved about this place a couple of weeks ago when my parents went, and I will continue to rave. Best.Friend. bought a beautiful dress in the Monsoon outlet at a crazy price to wear to a mutual friend’s wedding in May (I am yet to purchase my dress, but know what it will be!) and we both stocked up on undies in M&S (£5.75 for a matching set) and bras in Calvin Klein (3 for £16). The Cadbury shop is always a delight and we came away with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, and the surprise winner of the day was Claire’s Accessories where I got some much needed silver stud earrings for crazy cheap.

Other shops we looked in and enjoyed were Yumi which had amazing bargains if they had your size; they didn’t for me this time, and several places selling handbags. We had a cheap and tasty lunch in Subway and stopped off at a nearby Sainsburys to raid their bakery for a snack.

The evening was spent watching Saturday night TV before falling asleep shamefully early, and today I am hopefully seeing Ellie for one of our Chickpea buying missions with an added trip to Primark. I need to be restrained as I don’t get paid until Wednesday, but when shopping opportunities present themself, it’d be rude to refuse.

How’s your weekend going? Bought any bargains or done anything especially wonderful?


zippo meets Fred Butler

(images from fredbutlerstyle blog)

I’d say it’s pretty much common knowledge now that I didn’t attend London Fashion Week; a bit of better planning on my part means I probably could have done, but to be honest I find it quite over-hyped and the idea of the general chaos and sheer volume of people kind of puts me off.

Saying that, there are a couple of shows/presentations I wish I could have gone to and top of that list was the Fred Butler A/W presentation. Sculptural pastel pieces that look more like props than apparel. Pastel hair. An almost anime feel…I am besotted.

And every fashionista knows that goodie bags are a perk of Fashion Week…for the Fred Butler presentation they broke the mould of tradition by giving out a limited edition Zippo lighter created especially for the event…

I was very kindly gifted one of these lighters and even as a smoker with a penchant for Zippos I can’t quite bring myself to use it. Something so awesome and unique shouldn’t really be used for such a filthy habit, right? I think I’ll treasure this one as the reminder of the one Fashion Week presentation I am genuinely gutted to have missed.