Simply Fabulous, Simply Be

Sometimes I get asked to help friends shop, and sometimes it just isn’t feasible to meet up and physically trawl around the shops and so I spend time online browsing and getting ideas for them. When helping Best Friend look for an outfit for the wedding, I happened to come accross Simply Be, somewhere I’d heard of but not really browsed through as it caters for sizes 14-32 which I’m currently not (but I used to be a size 18 and there was NEVER anywhere this fab to shop then!). Best Friend liked what she saw, and so here comes this post, with my picks of Plus Size Clothing from Simply Be UK

Best Friend, I hope you are taking notes, I want to see you in at least one more dress by the end of the summer!

I’d also like to make it known that they do some stunning bags and shoes, too…currently on my personal wish list are these beauts…


I really hope this post is of interest to at least some of you…I was really pleasantly surprised by what I found and I know a couple of girlies in my life who might love me for this post (but their bank accounts might not!)


Mae time Play time.

Playing around with the new camera, on the most basic of settings only until I get a chance to really explore what it can do! Mae was more than happy to show off and pose for me…the first photo is honestly how she spends most of her waking hours, the second she spies someone…such a ladylike beast.

The difference in being able to get outfit photos is noticable. My other camera was so hit or miss with whether it’d take a photo or not, and this one just…did! Wearing Zara dress, New Look tights and shoes c/o Sarenza.

With the long weekend ahead I am hoping to get to play around a lot more with all the different functions and settings. If anyone has any hints and tips for me, they’d be gratefully recieved!

Two more days to go…roll on the weekend!


Shoes for the not so Dainty

When I was younger buying shoes was an absolute nightmare; I envied all my classmates who had pretty school shoes, whereas I was stuck with clompy (and often boy’s), ugly ones. The problem was I have really wide feet and back in the day, pretty wide fit shoes just didn’t exist.

To some extent this is still true. Sometimes I have to go an entire size up in a shoe I reallly want because otherwise they would be too narrow (length wise I’m a six, width wise a seven) and wide fit ranges are still somewhat limited in most places. Fortunatley places like Viva La Diva exist, with an entire range of wide fit shoes (up to an EEE fit with a handy guide to getting the perfect fit)…check out these beauties!

The first and last pair are my favourites…finally my flipper feet can be pretty in pink! Any other wide foot girls out there? Do you feel my pain….and where do you shop?


Summer Blues

My favourite photo from the weekend; I went to school with these girls and they are amazing.

New Look dress (old), Shoes, Dune c/o Sarenza. I’m loving bright shoes right now…well, shoes in general to be honest…there is something so impossibly cheerful about this pair, and despite appearances they are really comfortable.

It might not be a super fancy model, but it’s a huge step up from what I have now!

Well, off to do my 7:15am start at work…remind me again why I agreed to that shift?! I can’t wait to get home and out of my uniform so I can try and grab some outfit photos with my new camera!

Guest Post over at Swim 365

A few weeks ago I was invited to do a guest post for the Swimwear365 Blog…it’s now gone live and you can check it out here!