Get Ready to Shwap

The Fashion Shwap is an innovative retail platform that gives customers the opportunity to exchange unwanted items for credits to spend on new items from brands such as Rare London, Fairground and Reverse.

With an expert fashion team constantly sourcing affordable, on trend fashions to make their customers stand out from the crowd, The Fashion Shwap is THE place to bag the perfect outfit for the Christmas party season and for those big nights out all year round.

Customers don’t have to ‘shwap’ in order to purchase, but if they fancy saving a bit of money and bagging a discount then it’s the perfect way to snag a bargain.

Every girl has clothes in their wardrobe that they no longer want to wear, so The Fashion Shwap provides the opportunity to get rid of these items in exchange for new items from Sugarhill Boutique and Rare London.

What The Fashion Shwap does:

The idea of The Fashion Shwap is to allow girls to get rid of items in their wardrobe that are just gathering dust, never to be worn again and to give them the opportunity to purchase something new and on trend that will provide the perfect fashion fix.

In order to ‘shwap’, the items must be either new with the tags on or in perfect condition. The Fashion Shwap will do all the work and all that customers need to do is submit a picture of the items you’d like to ‘shwap’ using the Shwap form on the website.

For each shwapped item, if accepted by The Fashion Shwap team, the customer will receive store credit to spend online. An offer for each item will be made which the customer can accept or decline. A pre-paid postage bag will be sent to collect items and a unique store credit code will be on its way within 24hours of the team receiving the ‘shwap’ items.

Then; get Shwapping!

The items that have been shwapped are also available for sale on the website, so it’s possible to find some great one offs and sought after out of season pieces.

With plans to move into shoes and accessories once the retail platform is more established, there will be no stopping the young entrepreneurs behind The Fashion Shwap.

I think this sounds utterly amazing and I have a bag of goods I had earmarked for ebay that I think I’ll be shwapping instead!

If you fancy a browse and buy when the site launches tomorrow you can snag yourself a cool 20% off with the code LAUNCH20 too!

Let me know what you think and what you treat yourself to.


staying neutral

Jumper c/o Boden, H&M skirt, Superdrug tights, Shoes- desigual c/o Sarenza.

I think this Boden jumper should be re-named “the perfect knit” as I’ve never worn something so well fitting; you know when something just hangs nicely? I’m impressed! Wearing knits to work can sometimes feel a bit sloppy but I felt smart in this, especially teamed with a pencil skirt; something I haven’t braved for a while.

TGIF?! I am so ready for the end of the week, I can’t believe it’s December tomorrow though- that’s a bit worrying…got your advent calendar ready? I’m ready to count down to Christmas and enjoy the run-up. I think the day itself will be a tough one this year, without my Nan here, but you know, I have an amazing and strong family and we’ll get through. Same goes for my Mum’s Birthday (she turns the big 5-0) I know she’s not looking forward to it but I am determined to make it as special as possible for her. I think I’ll make it my mission to be off crutches by then…oh this foot and it’s ongoing drama. Next stop, MSK referral. Reckon I can sue Zara for trauma caused…free clothes for life might just placate me!

Enjoy your Friday folk, wrap up warm though as it’s mighty cold out there. Better than the rain and floods though, I’ll take frostbite over being submerged any day.


P.S. Big massive thank you for the kind and supportive comments on my posts this week, I can’t express how much they mean to me.


I have a bit of an obsession with all things velvet at the moment so when I saw this skirt on Missguided at a bargain price I couldn’t not order it. To be honest, for the price I wasn’t expecting greatness but this is one of hte nicest skirts I own, the fit and length is wonderful and it’s super comfy. I paired it up with one of my ASOS cat jumpers and called it an outfit for an afternoon at home.

This week is coming along nicely, my brother is home and we’re catching up, eating out and generally chilling. I’m starting to feel like socialising more and I have a couple of evenings out coming up including going to see Ellie’s pupils in their school production tonight…exciting.

I’m off work next week and hope to have some fun, crutches or not. Physio session later and maybe, just maybe I can ditch the wretched sticks. I’m itching to get active again, to walk and be independent. I’m almost tempted to say “sod it” and walk through the pain in my own special way!

Before all that though, a morning in the office beckons. I’ve said this before but I do love my workplace, it never feels like a chore to go in and do a shift or two; even when I moan or we have a really demanding day you leave ready for the next one…I’m so grateful to the surgery for the chance they took on me.

Catch you tomorrow loves, for FRIDAY FEVER!


"you look kind of…Scottish"

The title of the post refers to how I was greeted upon my arrival at work on Monday. I can kind of see my colleague’s point; I was wearing a kilt and I do have Scot blood in me…I can live with that description quite happily.

I bought the kilt on ebay for a bargain price after seeing some gorgeous tartan skirts featured in Grazia magazine a few weeks ago. I’m not usually one to buy in to trends but something about this just drew me in and I’m rather delighted with my purchase.
I paired it with a simple black Primark knit and a vintage silver necklace. My Yull Chelsea boots were once again plated firmly on my feet.

I’m not quite sure why my face looks so orange in these photos, I swear I looked a lot more matching in real life! Oh cameras, you and I are destined to never get along.

Speaking along, I’d best move my ass along to work. Wednesday early starts are getting even harder now it’s dark and cold first thing. Winter has so few redeeming factors.

What was your last ebay bargain? Would you wear a kilt?


shelikes metallics

Primark Jumper, Jeans c/o shelikes and Blink boots via Sarenza.

I’m not even going to go there on how far out of my comfort zone this outfit is. Skinny jeans I can barely move in…I’m determined to learn to love them!

When shelikes got in touch inviting me to pick something from their site I was instantly drawn to these (it was these of disco pants and I’m not quite *there* yet). I love them. They are so not me, but at the same time they really are. I only wore these for the purpose of this post, I think really they are best reserved for an evening out that doesn’t involve a lot of sitting down, but I am determined to wear them again and again…jeans don’t have to be falling down, sometimes it’s ok to have things that fit as they should…am I the only one with this kind of phobia?

Moving on, for those not aware, shelikes is a gem of a website with on trend pieces at brilliant prices. There is quite a lot I have my eye on (including disco pants!) so watch this space for them featuring more on the blog.

What do you think of this outfit? Should I banish these jeans or keep on embracing my new found figure?