Sarenza Sunday- Janey

New brand on the Sarenza website alert!
L.A.M.B. have made their debut giving me fresh meat to covet. Straight on to my lust list is the Janey shoe costing an eye-watering £375. I’m trying to do some calculations on a cost per wear basis…I mean, they are monochrome and a classic shape…they must be a bargain somehow?!
I’m not familiar with L.A.M.B. as a brand but seeing the offerings on the website so far I think I might be a fan.
Are you a L.A.M.B. lover? What new shoe brands have you found lately?

dressing up Mae

After a year or so of trying to get Mae to wear (and keep on) a collar the boy succeeded where many before him had failed.
To celebrate the success I decided to treat my little feline friend to a new, super girly accessory and I found this little beauty on ebay for a bargain £3.67 (get one here)
I fully expected that once I had the old collar off of her she’d run away and not let me get this one on but she sat there purring then strutted around the conservatory showing it off.
That’s my girl!
She’s going to end up with a wardrobe of collars soon.

daisy chain dreaming: colour pop watches

Despite rarely remembering to put one on I have a bit of a watch obsession and can’t resist a cheeky browse every now and again. Looking for one to wear the other day I realised my collection was a little lacking in the colour department- mostly black and metals with a little bit of neutral c/o my Olivia Burton beauty. On a rare afternoon off of work I sat down and had a flick through The Branded Watch Shop website and came across a huge selection of colour pop watches for all budgets. The above collage only really skims the surface of my findings, it was hard to narrow anything down enough to share on the blog, I could have quite easily just posted the website link and had done with it!
The thing I really loved about the website was that you could search by brand. I’m not a brand snob at all but I am a little bit OCD and like to keep things neatly separate when I’m shopping especially when it’s an area I’m not entirely familiar with. The first watch I fell for was the raspberry pink DKNY number at the top left hand side of this post; I already own one DKNY watch and can confirm happily that you get what you pay for (which is often the case with branded watches I’ve found). Next up on the list are a few brands I’ve not bought from watch-wise before- Juicy Couture (top right), Toy Watch (middle left) and Paul’s Boutique (middle right). I’d be really interested in hearing from anyone who has owned wrist-wear by these brands before as I may be tempted to buy one of these…
Last but not least is the yellow number from Firetrap, at only £17.50 (and also available in hot pink and a bright orange) this is the budget option and potentially a sneaky pay day treat to myself. I have one Firetrap watch, a silver studded number and it’s put up with a lot of not so tender loving care and is still going strong.
Do you have an obsession with time pieces? I have to say my mobile has made me lazy when it comes to wearing one but I am determined to change that. Tell me about your favourite watch or which one/s you are currently coveting.


Dress c/o AX Paris
Converse via Sarenza
Another one of those outfits that has been lurking on my computer for a few weeks now and yet again worn for an afternoon off of work- quite probably on a week where I worked nothing but clinics in the mornings so was changing out of uniform and craving something comfortable.
How gorgeous was the weather yesterday? Please may it last…pleaaaaaaase! I spent a bit of time out in the garden before chilling with the boy and falling asleep in front of the apprentice. It’s a wild life I live for sure. 
Off to work again in a moment, just a morning clinic again which I always enjoy…you can’t beat job satisfaction. This afternoon I FINALLY have a few free hours to catch up on blogs and e-mails so prepare for a commenting spree! I’ll then be AWOL until…well, after the weekend bar a few scheduled posts but I’d rather that than be glued to my laptop 24/7 like I once was…it’s been a week full of achievements and I’m feeling really quite positive about everything and anything (except for my “inspired” blog content, sigh)
Hope all those at glasto are having a grand old time; I won’t lie, I am a teensy bit jealous.

bright stuff

Dress: Missguided
Tights: Primark
Shoes: c/o SpyLoveBuy
This outfit is one of those I wore ages ago, photographed and never got round to sharing. This dress is my default for afternoons off/weekends and I’m forever trying to think up ways to change it up a bit. Bright tights seemed like an obvious solution- it’s what I am known for right?! I’m not sure what’s happened to my tights habit but it needs to be reinstated.
It’s been a mad week so far, full of highs…lots of highs and *touch wood* no lows. Life seriously couldn’t be any better at the moment and although I miss the contact I had with blogging-land I suppose it’s a sign of the positive changes that I have less time to spend keeping up with every little thing.
Yesterday I met my cousin’s 10 week old little boy for the first time, remember me announcing his birth? Where did that time go? I can’t believe how small he was and how small he must have been. Wow. He’s such a cutie!
Thanks for all the questions so far, if you have any more then feel free to add them here, I shall be answering them in a post next week.
How’s life for you right now?