looking glass girl

Dress c/o Warehouse
Shoes: Poetic License via TK Maxx
Just a short outfit post from me today, as you can probably tell from recent content, I’m running out of words and inspiration for the blog (and have a backlog of promised posts to get up before I go)
I hope that by the time I get back I’ll be refreshed and will have some new things to share with you guys,
thanks for being so patient and sticking by me.
I think life is going to get even more exciting over the coming months, just a hunch. Things have picked up pace so damn fast lately I can barely believe it.
Happy Mid-week!

Last Minute Swimwear Wish-list

For someone who up until last year only ever owned one bikini I’ve really got in to swimwear. Last year I think I took three sets away with me…this year I’m using the excuse of being away for twice as long for taking seven (maybe eight)
You’d think I’d be sick of browsing, but no. I’ve compiled a little wish-list from Camille Lingerie (because my blog isn’t just one giant wish-list right now)
Although I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the models poses on the website I’m really taken with all the above pieces especially because a lot of the briefs are higher cut. As a tall girl I find it near impossible to find a bikini bottom that leaves my modesty intact; I know low rise is a trend of sorts but there is such a thing as TOO LOW!
I’m really crushing on the floral bikini in the bottom right of the collage. Costing £9.99 for the top and £7.99 for the bottoms it has competitive prices as well as covering up my bits and pieces. If only I had found it with longer than six days to go!
Where have you bought your swimwear this year?
Do you have any tips for choosing the right type for your height and build? I guess tankinis are a tall girl’s best friend and some of the fabulous 50’s style high waisted sets that are fairly prominent on the market this year.

sailing on by

Dress: Jolie Moi
Wedges c/o Sarenza
This would have been a very apt outfit for the weekend at the Harbour Festival had the weather been better. It was a bit of a washout (understatement) on the Saturday, from the second we got off the bus at 3pm right through until we finally admitted defeat around 9pm it poured. It was a shame, really as a lot of the stages and displays were closed due to the weather but we found shelter in a coffee shop and later a bar where we watched some live music so all was not lost. By Sunday the sun was pretty much out again so we ventured back (we being the boy and I) and met up with some of my friends for a better taster of what was on offer. It’s years since I had been and next year fingers crossed there will be yet more to see. God bless Bristol, they do like a good event.
I wore this outfit during the heatwave and pretty much melted. The shoes are by Clarks and came via Sarenza. I’ve said it before but I am so impressed by Clarks right now and these are comfortable as well as stylish.
There may be an influx of blog posts this week as I try and clear a little backlog before I head to Spain (7 days!) as I plan to take a little break whilst on holiday, including scheduled posts. A two week break should hopefully do wonders for my mind and body- and blogging inspiration.
Any other Bristol bloggers brave the elements at the weekend? What did you think?

Festival Fashion

Ok, so I’m not actually going to any festivals this year but that doesn’t stop me being interested and when Joules e-mailed with their festival fashion picks I decided to put together a little outfit of things I would most likely wear should I be off somewhere loud and muddy.
So here we go- Joules Festival Fashion:
I’ve gone for the Danika Sweat (£54.95) for warmth. Obviously I’d be wearing a plain tee or vest under it but from previous festival experience it gets chilly and a hoodie or sweatshirt is beyond essential.
On my bottom half I’d be sporting these Bickford  Skinny Fit Jeans (£59.95). I’m not sure they are the most practical choice being white based in colour but I love all things floral and these jumped off of the web page at me.
Footwear wise I’d be wearing wellies no matter what the weather purely because they are so comfortable. I’m loving the Evedon  Premium Welly (£63.96) with it’s pretty bow design on the back.
I’d probably chuck in a fringed bag and some beaded jewellery for good measure but I’m not very good at imagining accessories so I’ve left that part for now.
What are your festival essentials? Feel free to link me to any festival posts you’ve done so I can live vicariously.
(Tell a lie, I went to the Bristol Harbour Festival at the weekend and got soaked. I love Summer in England)

Shopping away the Monday Blues

Ok, so I’m not actually buying any of these items (yet) but it’s nice to have dreams and I do regularly buy myself a small treat on a Monday just to start the week on the right note (generally something random and under a fiver, for recovery related reasons).
I’ve created this little wishlist for Cavells, who are yet another recent discovery in the wide world of online shopping. They have a real life store too who stock Mulberry bags (with a current offer of 30% off, it’s just as well that’s not online!)
First up on my list are these studded blue sandals by Paco Herrero who I admit I’ve never heard of before today. At £52.50 in the sale you could do worse than to buy these but I must be good and resist…my shoe collection is far vaster than my current bank balance.
Next up is the classic monochrome Michael Kors bag which isn’t in the sale and costs an eye-watering £315. If I did have that kind of money this would be a sound investment as the colours and shape mean it would never date….clearly I’m trying to make excuses for my feelings towards this bag and craving to own it.
Last but not least is this delicate wishbone pendant by Katie Mullally, £69 is more than I usually spend on jewellery but I am oh so tempted to save for this as I’ve been looking for the perfect wishbone necklace for so long it’s unreal. 
It’s going to be a love/hate thing between Cavells and I for a while I think…I love what they stock but hate that I can’t afford it. Oh life. One day eh?
What are you currently craving? Do you have a little tradition to get the week off on the right foot?
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