TOMS+ for AW

This season TOMS are introducing “feel good luxury” with their premium TOMS+ collection. Designed by Tracey Feith this collection sees a luxe take on the classic styles whilst still carrying the One for One promise that makes the brand such a winner in my eyes.
 It was that ethos that drew me to TOMS in the first place, despite them being quite the step away from my usual style. For me they are the jogging bottoms of the shoe world, something you put on when you want utter comfort, but it doesn’t mean they can’t look good…Just take a look at what’s on offer right now.
Women’s Foil Alpargata

Women’s Grey brushed metal Alpargata

Grey Serpentine Desert Wedges
I am really loving those wedges, they may cost £130 but you just know they’ll be a joy to wear. I’m enjoying the collection as a whole though. The metallic finishes to these designs, good ethics and positive vibes the brand sends out mean I can’t help but love whatever they do.
Available now at

Lured by Laired

Meet my new favourite hat. Up until last year I really overlooked the humble hat, I wasn’t sure they suited me, or where I would wear them. In the last twelve months I’ve amassed quite a collection and this wonder from Laird London has captured my heart.

(Matalan dress and shoes)
If, like myself you aren’t yet familiar with Laird then here’s a bit about them in their own words;
Alex and Zofia Torun-Shaw are the founding team behind Laird London. We are proud of our products and our company and endeavour to offer friendly, prompt, great service and wonderful products. We hope you’ll feel the same about us too. If you want to send us any comments, we welcome them.
Our hat and cap shop sells gentleman’s style headwear – that is to say all it is unisex, and it’s just the shapes and styles we refer to in general. (Clearly our headwear looks fabulous on women; we do also stock a selection just for ladies.) Traditional English caps and hats but with a more approachable, modern twist, are sold alongside accessories such as cufflinks, vintage silk scarves, umbrellas and watches.
We are an unstuffy, friendly place to buy quality and affordable headwear, particularly tweed caps. These were once the domain of the older gentleman, the country set and the upper classes – but they have become fashionable once more due to actors like Brad Pitt wearing them, and certain Hollywood films, eg, Gangs of New York. Make your individual statement also with a stylish hat or cap.
Although originally aimed at men, Laird is looking to spread the word that ladies can wear their hats too (and they have a ladies section too)
The hats come in a wide range of styles, anything from a Fedora to a Panama hat. They are also available in a range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit- the website has a handy measuring guide.
I’m so in love with this hat. The quality and craftsmanship that has gone in to it is clear and it fits like a dream. I can’t wait for the weather to cool off a little so I can wear it,
for now I’m sticking it on whenever I can and pottering around the house like an idiot.
You wouldn’t expect anything less, right?
If you are in London why not pop along to a Laird store? For those not so lucky then at least you can order online!

fading florals

Boots: Shoe Zone
Here we go, back in an outfit that is far more me; a floral dress. Not just any old floral dress though, this beauty from Lashes includes metallic pink trim- me encanta.
This is one of those dresses that defines day to night dressing. I can imagine this with some converse or flats for a day shopping with friends, then making a quick change to heels and statement jewels for a night on the town. I do love a versatile piece, especially as I am determined to get my social life off the ground at last!
I can’t believe we’re almost in September. Some mornings lately have had that Autumnal scent to them and I’m not ready to give up on Summer yet….so explain to me why tights and boots seemed like such a good idea?
This year is going far too fast. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Fashion Focused

I’ve decided that half my wardrobe woes come from the fact I’m too all over the place with my style. Therefore for A/W I’m going to focus on one trend and make that the majority of my purchases (as few or as many as they may be) Going against my usual floral, bright, patterned randomness I’ve actually decided to focus on the dark side and toughen up. Black, white, textures and chunky boots are what I’ve craving- with the odd random piece of girliness thrown in for good measure as we all know I get distracted. I’ve been browsing online for inspiration and have stumbled across Javelin Online. I’ve put together a teensy wishlist showcasing some of my current cravings from two of my most lusted after brands. 
Vero Moda are channeling biker chic all the way- it seems to be a common theme for them and I have no complaints. Somehow a pair of leggings has made it on to my lust list, as well as this fantastic jacket and classic knit (which should toughen up nicely).
No wish list of mine would be complete without a dress or two and Javelin have a gorgeous range of Ted Baker Dresses online.
I love the bottle green one simply because it’s an alternative to black. That and the amount of potential it has to be dressed up and accessorised for many a night out.
If I was a rich girl I’d be splashing out on this floral number to be worn with chunky boots and a tough jacket for a casual day at work or a day out with friends/family. I love me some florals and I love the flattering shape of this dress.

What trends to you plan to wear next season? I’ve never actually picked anything before, but I’m hoping a more focused approach to my wardrobe will help me feel more put together and less like a child playing dress up.


get up, stand up

Having a musician boyfriend has reignited my love of music. My ipod has been wiped clean and filled with his music collection and I find myself humming songs and dancing on buses in a way that I’ve not done for years.
The only thing lacking was a pair of decent headphones, so when Surfdome got in touch and offered me a product of my choice to review I sought the boy’s advice and opted for these headphones from the Marley range.

The headphones themselves are a joy to look at with their traditional Jamaican colours and funky wooden ear buds.
They come with three sizes of ear tips to ensure the perfect fit for noise isolation as well as a little pouch to store them in. The sound quality is the best I’ve had from a pair of headphones and the way they come packaged in environmentally friendly recycled plastics and paper is another selling point.
The wood is FSC certified and I love the funky pink trim. Overall these are a real winner to me, providing high quality sound AND some style all at the same time.
The headphones cost £29.99 (other styles available at varying prices) and you get pick up a pair here.
What songs have shaped your Summer? I’ve had Bob Marley on constantly, the chilled out vibe is perfect for lazing in the sunshine.