December’s Snapshots

Never want to take this Asda George dressing gown off. Snuggly AND Disney? I’m in heaven.

Mum crammed one of these in my stocking, far too excited!

Mae joined in on the advent calendar action.

Best cushion in the world, fact.

Sally arranged a get well campaign for my poorly back, this was just one of the amazing parcels sent by a blogger.

More sweets! My body is on a constant sugar high.

December is always glitter eyeliner month. My collection…I swear I used to have more.

A gorgeous gift from my Grandad. It reminds me of my Nan so much.

More jewellery, this time from Guess. I love this!

Another sugary parcel with added CATS!

Owl print duvet from Primark. As you can see, I’m a little owl mad.

Our postman was kept very busy during December.

Mae’s standard look of contempt.

Blogging fuel.

My little Christmas crew.

No such thing as too much sparkle in December.

Our modest little tree.

Mae was terrified of this toy. I don’t know why I waste my money.

These two are total frenemies. Usually Mae is found running away from Ben as fast as she can.

Safe to say I did!

Good hair day.

Hates toys yet spends an hour in a carrier bag. 

Mum made me snap a picture of these which I bought her as she is obsesed with the damn game!

I was too excited to find these in Asda!

We got Tobias in to the Christmas spirit.

He broke in to a bag of treats then collapsed in to a cat-food coma.

Random selfie.

Never too old!

Festive treat from a Canadian pal.

Daisy necklace from my Brother, he has good taste!

Loved this from Monster Sweets.


FINALLY back to work!

Another epic stocking filler from Mum.

As you can see, I didn’t get out much in December. Here’s to a more sociable new year!

Glam Looks Inspired by the Best Bond Girls

In 1962, United Artists distributed the movie Dr No, the first film featuring Ian Fleming’s stylish secret agent, James Bond. However, it was not so much the performance of Sean Connery as 007 in the movie that gave birth to an iconic image, but instead the scene where Swiss beauty Ursula Andress rose out of the Caribbean Sea wearing a stunning white bikini. Andress unintentionally sowed the first seed for two recurring Bond themes: The influence Bond films would now have over the latest fashions, and the secret agent’s unparalleled success with some of the world’s most beautiful women.
Over the course of the next fifty years, each successive Bond girl has raised the bar when it came to sexiness. Using the looks inspired by such memorable Bond girls as Pussy Galore, Holly Goodhead and Xenia Onatopp (innuendo-laden names aside), we’ve come up with some items and suggestions that’ll see your own wardrobe transformed into one that’s sure to get 007’s eyebrow twitching.
Bright colours are the tone to go for during the day, such as sumptuous reds, lighter blues, greens and cream. For accessory items, such as a coat, choose black. To become your own Bond temptress, wear form-fitting dresses or A-line shapes that flare out. Frocks combined with a wrap are an excellent choice as they compliment almost all body shapes. If you’d prefer to stay away from dresses or skirts, try a light-grey or off-white sleek pant suit.
Night time is the right time for a Bond girl to really impress. James of course likes to spend his evenings in casinos (if you feel like some card-table action, head over to Full Tilt Poker’s site for details of some forthcoming live events), which are places associated with looking good. For your evening wear, try a simple yet stylish black gown. If you’ve the confidence to pull such a look off, you’ll spend all night both looking and feeling on top of the world.

As any fashion-lover knows, it’s the shoes that really make any ensemble. Most Bond girls double as deadly assassins, so you’ll want to show you’re quite capable of holding your own if the going takes a turn for the worse (although in truth, that’s not very likely to happen). You can settle for the easy pick of a pair of Stilettos, or decide upon a more exciting heel. Hidden knives in the toes should be avoided though.

To complete your look, you’re going to need to accessorize. The rule to bringing your Bond look together is to keep things simple. Select one piece that fits in well yet doesn’t detract from the rest of your look, be it a pair of tear-drop earrings, a necklace or a small clutch bag.

Finally, hair and make up. Just follow the latest Bond-based trends. Choose a subtle smokey or bronze eye-shadow and red or neutral lipstick. Arrange your hair in either a French twist or just soft curls.

As you can see, becoming a Bond girl takes just a little effort. Follow these tips and people will think you’ve stepped straight out of the latest Bond movie!
*collaborative post, images via pintrest*

Wearing Tartan (again)

Skirt and Hat: c/o F&F | Jumper: Primark | Boots: c/o Sarenza
Recently the lovely people at F&F asked if I’d like to pick something from their website and style it up in my own way as part of their “How You’re Wearing It” feature. I’ve had my eye on this mini kilt for ages so it was the perfect chance to finally own it, as well as this rather snazzy Fedora hat which I snapped up from the sale section.
This outfit is so me right now, black ankle boots, a quirky necklace and a ridiculous pout and I’m good to go. A cheap and cheerful Primark jumper finished the look and stopped me being arrested for public indecency.
 I’ve been enjoying a fairly leisurely end to the year- work hasn’t been too busy (I say this now as I am about to head off for another full day) and the weekend was wonderfully chilled. I’m looking forward to a quiet NYE and New Years Day and then getting some normality back to the days. My body is crying out for a break from chocolate, biscuits and leftover Turkey and my body clock is all over the place.
How would you have worn this skirt?
What are your NYE plans?

Sarenza Sunday- my sale top pick!

Christmas is over for another year and that can only mean one thing- SALES!
I’m not one to go rushing out to the shops in the cold to battle the crowds, I prefer a leisurely browse of my favourite websites seeking out something I actually want and will get use from.
Of course, no browse would be complete without checking out Sarenza, they have masses of shoes available in their up to half price sale and so many that I found myself coveting. I decided to challenge myself though and just pick one pair that I’d purchase if I wasn’t so skint from present buying and sick leave. Quality over quantity, or something like that. An hour of browsing later and I kept coming back to the Grace by Kat Maconie ankle boot (yep, still got that ankle boot obsession). At £92.50 these are still beyond most budgets I suppose but they ARE half price. A timeless classic with their black leather animal print body and chunky heel, buy these now and wear for years to come.
Time to go raiding my piggy banks and hoping there are enough bits of shrapnel to make a purchase I think.
Have you hit the sales yet? Let me know about your bargains.

The Christmas Day Dress

Dress c/o Goddiva
Boots: New Look (ancient)
It was only recently I featured a Goddiva dress on the blog, and when they then offered to send this little beauty I just couldn’t refuse. The second it arrived I knew I wanted to wear it for Christmas Day- never mind there was only going to be three of us for most of it…if you can overdress for Christmas when CAN you overdress?
As before, I sized up as I find the brand does come up a little small, although looking back I could have gone for my usual size in this one. I’ve gone from avoiding bodycon like the plague to kind of embracing it a bit. I’m enjoying having a healthier looking body and with half a stone to go I can’t wait for the final weigh in and getting on with getting back to exercise, letting go of numbers and living life as it’s meant to be lived.
It was a quiet Christmas for us, the majority of the day was just Mum, Dad and Myself. We did our usual present opening whilst drinking tea and watching TV; this was after I battled my way through my Mum’s wrapping skills and my Christmas stocking. I was spoilt rotten with a new coat and perfume from my parents as well as jewellery, stationary and gorgeous trinkets galore from people I know and love. Ben bought my a tripod for my camera so I can embark on my 2014 mission to improve this blog and my photography as well as a hair curling wand to tame and enhance my locks.
We had the company of my Grandad and Uncle for the afternoon and my best friend, Trudi as no Christmas Day is complete without a visit from her. Time was spent talking, face-timing my brother and playing scrabble on my iPad before yet another round of food and an early night.
Boxing day is always a chilled one here, no sales shopping or rushing to do anything. A game of Catopoly at my Grandad’s was about all we could manage. Spending so much time with those I love is one of the best things about this time of year. My brother and his girlfriend were missed, as was my Ben but thanks to technology we caught up with them and my cousins celebrating baby Noah’s first Christmas.
And today it is back to work, no long and lazy break for Mum and I myself and I can’t say I mind too much. It’ll be calmer than the weeks leading up to the big day and there are plenty of chocolates and biscuits to feast on thanks to overly generous patients. I quite like the routine of going back to work, more so this year after so long off…
and of course, being Friday I have two luxuriously lazy days ahead. Bring on the Turkey leftovers.
How was your Christmas?
Tell me all about it below.