Breaking Free

I’ve finally decided it’s time to break free of my monochrome habits in favour of the Spring pastels I’ve been sporting lately. I’m easing myself away gently though, I’m not quite ready to give it up and with this outfit I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution- bright tights!
Dress: THE WHITEPEPPER | Tights: Gift | Boots: ASOS | Bangle: Gift
I will never not love this THE WHITEPEPPER dress, I can’t even explain exactly what it is I love so much about it…anyway, I’m glad the weather still warrants wearing it and it doesn’t count as a monochrome outfit any more with the addition of these hot pink tights does it? THE WHITEPEPPER have the most amazing Spring collection out right now so if you aren’t familiar with them yet I highly suggest checking them out.
I think I’ve only worn these boots once, an impulse sale purchase that really wasn’t practical considering I had a broken foot at the time. I think they might be destined to be handed over to the charity shop though as they are that bit too high and not very stable. I daren’t risk any more accidents having spent so long off work…live and learn!
I love the bangle I’m wearing, it was a gift from a friend (hi Vicki!) and reads “always believe in yourself”. It’s a lovely sentiment that I need to read from time to time, and it’s something we should all always remember to do.
Well, I’m back to work today, FINALLY! I’m far more excited than I should be I’m sure.



This might be the shortest Instagram post I’ve done yet- or maybe not. Despite best intentions March was perhaps even more boring that the previous month, I had thought I’d be up and about more, back at work and socialising but it wasn’t to be and therefore most of my pictures are of food or Mae…come on April, please be more exciting!
Seriously, I think the most exciting things to happen this month were new Ben & Jerrys and switching my hair colour from Red to Purple. I have higher hopes for April, not least because I go back to work and therefore gain social interaction…I’m so ready. Link me to your insta-posts so I can live vicariously through others please.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums that read my blog. You are all awesome!


Spring Wish List (John Lewis Edit)

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to shopping and I tend to stick to a favoured few shops and forget to browse elsewhere. I’m trying to break that habit now as I want to experiment more with what I wear and stop limiting myself to the same shops and same styles (I am very guilty of buying the same items in several colours if I like it).
With that in mind I’ve been browsing different stores online compiling wish list upon wish list for when I am back on full pay and able to stock up on some Spring/Summer essentials. Today I’m sharing the items I’m coveting from John Lewis, who I always forget stock an amazing array of women’s clothing. I do love John Lewis .
I tried to pick pieces I could create entire outfits with but as you can see I kind of failed, getting too distracted by seperates instead. Hover over the images to get the details and prices. I think the Daisy Print Skirt and the Sugarhill Boutique blouse with it’s adorable donkey print are the pieces I will aim to own by the end of the summer, with the Somerset by Alice Temperley and Ted Baker items being strictly wish list only for the time being. I’m not really a shirt person but I had to include the fabulous Mango denim shirt because I can see this being a brilliant cover up for cooler days and I am loving bleached denim right now!
Which items are your favourites? Any one else trying to expand their shopping horizons?


HealGel Face Review

So, finally at the grand old age of almost 27 I have developed a skin care regime that I can
stick to. I honestly don’t know how, or why it took me so long to want to take care of my skin but right now I am having a lot of fun discovering new products and really feeling the benefit on my skin.
One of the products I am really enjoying at the moment is HealGel Face, kindly sent to me by the lovely folks at find me a gift I started using this immediately and it was love at first use.
First up, I LOVE the packaging for this. So minimalistic and yet really eye-catching at the same time, this looks really chic sitting among my other products. The label is brilliant- telling you what the product is, what it contains and how to use it. I’m always wary of trying new products as my skin is so sensitive so it was really handy to see exactly what ingredients I was going to be putting on my face before I actually used it.
The gel is very lightly scented, which I love in a product. Designed to rescue unhappy skin with it’s anti-ageing formula which smooths, brightens, firms and replenishes the skin it’s hard to imagine only needing the smallest amount for it to work. I literally use a pea sized blob of this after I’ve removed my makeup at night and massage it in gently. After a few days useage my skin is noticeably brighter (I’ve struggled with dull skin lately) and far less dehydrated which were the two things I was especially looking for in a skincare product.
A 50ml tube of this will set you back £48 which does make it rather pricey but I can see this lasting me ages with the small amount I use each day. I think over time I’ll notice the firming and anti-aging effects a bit more- a week is a bit early to see those and this is going to be on my re-purchase list in the future as it’s hands down the best skin product I’ve used to date.
I think anyone with dull or really dry skin will really benefit from this and I quite fancy trying some more products from the range such as the HealGel intensive that also gets rave reviews. If you’ve tried any of the HealGel range I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Home&Beauty- Luxury Bathroom Wish List

Well look at me on a roll with the beauty posts, although this one also includes a little bit of my other current non-fashion obsession- interiors. I’m spending an unhealthy amount of time browsing online for both homewares/furniture as well as beauty products, both of which are so far outside of my current budget I don’t know why I do it to myself.
I’ve always wanted an illuminated bathroom mirror, I’ve used them in hotels and they are brilliant for makeup application and general beautification. Right now I’m loving the idea of having a bathroom cabinet that doubles up as an illuminated mirror, such as this HIB Tissano Silver Illuminated Bathroom Cabinet which would look pretty snazzy in any bathroom worth bathing in and is space saving too as it’s both storage and functional
The Space.NK. website has become a bit of an unhealthy obsession of late. My recent foray in to some higher end beauty and skin products has left me wanting more and everything in the images above comes from here (hover over the images for details of each product). Haircare is usually an area I prefer to save in, having picked up some recent gems in 99p shops but my hair is feeling a bit battered lately and not looking it’s best since switching from red to purple so in an ideal world I’d be investing in something a bit more luxurious for it.
I’ve fallen out of the habit of long, luxurious soaks in the bath, having had a bad back for months and months they have become purely functional but I’m now finding myself craving an hour of peace and quiet with candles burning and a good book, leaving me feeling fragrant and refreshed. I’ve used Laura Mercier makeup in the past and loved it so I have pretty high hopes that gorgeous looking bath and shower products are to the same high standard.
Let me know if you’ve used any of the products I’ve featured, or what others I should be dreaming of owning, maybe later in the year I might be enjoying pampering myself with some of them- the cabinet however will have to wait for some time yet!