Lasting Memories

It’s kind of obvious that as a blogger you’re going to take a lot of photos and have a lot sitting on your computer doing not much. I’m lucky as I have two willing blog photographers; Mum and Ben. It was Ben behind the camera for this post and upon seeing the photos we both agreed that we really loved a certain one. Mum went one step further though, by demanding a print of it, which was swiftly arranged. I was then able to go one better thanks to the offer of a photo canvas (gifted for review) from The Canvas Prints
I’ve purchased photo canvas blocks as gifts before, but never from The Canvas Prints and they’ve all been around the same price point (around £20). I think I’ve ordered from three different online stores before and the quality has varied quite a lot. I’m pleased to repot that Canvas Prints lands itself at the top of the quality pile- the colours in the print were rich, and thanks to a laminate finish the picture is glossy and bright instead of slightly faded with a dull finish.
Value wise, a single canvas print up to 60″ will cost you £18.95 which is excellent especially given the quality. The website is really user friendly with all the options clearly laid out and delivery is both reasonable and speedy. I have photo canvas plans for a special gift for someone and I was wondering where would be best to have it made up and I know now exactly where I’m heading…
Mum’s delighted with her canvas and I’m basking in the “good daughter” glow. Who would you have a Canvas Print made up for? What would it be? I think they make for the perfect gift with a personal touch.


Nine UK fashion blogs you need to be reading

I’m really pleased with my latest piece for Riddle. It’s great to be able to get bloggers involved and it was a pleasure to work with some of my favourite ladies to bring you this list…at Riddle we are always looking to get bloggers involved and there are exciting things ahead, if you’d like to be a part of it you can contact me on [email protected] or keep an eye out here or on my twitter.

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As you can see we left the last spot blank, we want to know who YOU would pop in the top spot- why not share this post on your blog or social media and let them know?


Totally Tropical

I might have discovered a new favourite print for the season- forget florals, right now I’m all about tropical. From palm trees to flamingoes I’m loving anything that reminds me of a desert island and so when Missguided sent me this dress I was all over it, they have some really stunning tropical print pieces right now and remain one of my favourite online clothes shops to browse.

Dress c/o Missguided | Shoes: New Look

I love everything about this dress- from the pom-pom hem to the double strap details. It’s a wrap front dress and being rather flat chested I did have to pin it to make it decent (I might even get round to stitching it one day!) but other than that it’s perfect and so light and cool for during the heatwave we had.
I’m not sure why I look so tired in these photos, it’s something I’ve noticed in a lot of my photos actually- how do other bloggers managed such healthy, fresh looking skin? I’m majorly missing a trick here so if you have any tips and advice then feel free to leave it in the comments!


Top Festival Essentials

Heading off to a festival at this time of year can be great, especially if the sun’s shining. Before you embark on these outdoor adventures, it’s worthwhile creating a packing checklist so that you don’t forget the most important items.

To help you along the way, take a look at this rundown of festival essentials.

(tent from here)

Something to sleep in
OK, so forgetting your tent would be a pretty big oversight, but it’s worth sticking this on the list just in case. You’ll also need to remember any pegs and poles, as well as a mallet or hammer in case you pitch up on hard ground.

Trying to get some shuteye with a 24-hour party going on around you might not be easy, but as long as you have a decent sleeping bag and mat with you, you at least stand a chance. It’s worth taking some ear plugs along too.

A charged mobile
Before you set off, make sure you fully charge your mobile phone so that you can get in touch with people if you need to. In case you don’t have signal or your battery dies, it’s helpful to have written note of your most important contacts so that you can call them from a payphone or a borrowed mobile.
Changes of clothes
Plenty of clothes is a must at festivals. Don’t just pack enough for each day, make sure you have extras as well. After all, you might get covered in rain, mud, drinks and worse.

Also, bear in mind that the British weather’s notoriously changeable, so even if the forecast is great, take some waterproofs and sturdy boots just in case. You don’t want to be wallowing around a mud bath wearing flip flops.

Plastic ponchos can come in really handy if the heavens open, and make sure you have a jumper or fleece in case it gets chilly at night.

Cooking equipment
There’s only so many crisps and snacks you can eat before you crave some proper food. So that you can fill up in fine style during the festival, take a portable barbeque or stove. Also, make sure you have the right fuel to operate the appliance. It’s now easy to buy products like this from firms such as Calor Gas. For example, the Grill2Go portable gas BBQ is ideal for festivals. It can be assembled in moments and it’s easy to clean too.

You’ll obviously need some food to cook as well, and don’t forget plates, pans, cutlery and crockery.

Sun protection
If you’re going to be out in the sun for any length of time, make sure you have plenty of protection. As well as sun cream, it’s a good idea to take sun glasses and a hat. Plenty of water is essential too. It’s easy to get dehydrated on hot days, especially if you’re drinking alcohol.

On a related note, some insect repellent can prove useful if you think you’re likely to be attacked by mosquitoes or midges.

Toiletries and medicines
Let’s face it, festivals aren’t generally the cleanest of events. To help you keep the filth at bay, a bottle of hand sanitiser will make a wise addition to your luggage. These products are especially useful if you have limited access to running water – and the chances are you will. Don’t forget your toothbrush either, and plenty of deodorant is a must.

If you take any medications, be sure to pack these and you might also want to include some headache tablets just in case you’re feeling a little delicate in the mornings.

Last but by no means least; remember to pack your tickets. Forgetting these items is a sure fire way to spoil your fun!


Run and Jump for Joy

Another post where I extol the virtues of Joy The Store and their amazing new season stock. I’ve never really gone for the whole “sports luxe” vibe before with how I dress, it’s one trend that has seemed distinctly not me, but the latest drop at Joy is making me reconsider.
These are four of my favourite pieces from the new arrivals, from Left to Right we have: Louche Lamour Sweat | Louche Garret Check Skirt | Louche Hart Dress (my favourite) | Louche Quentin Jacket
These pieces are seriously making me rethink my status on the sporty vibe and I’m making it my mission to work it in to my wardrobe. I’ve heard on the grapevine that there are some more pieces coming very soon to Joy so I’ll be keeping a close eye out both for inspiration and perhaps a cheeky purchase.
Are there any trends you’ve not really tried and would like to? I challenge us all to give something new a go…