Fashion Conscious with COSSAC

I love it when a new brand gets in touch to introduce themselves, even more so when they are a brand with good ethics, just like COSSAC who are not only brand new and exciting but also dedicated to being eco-friendly.
When I say brand new, I mean it. The online shop only launched a week ago and it contains two exciting collections- “For the Eyes” which gives the latest trends an ethical twist and “For the Soul” for something a little more timeless and simple. They were lovely enough to want to send me a little something to celebrate the launch, and I thought what better way to introduce the brand than wear one of their pieces in a blog post?

Tee c/o COSSAC | Jeans c/o Long Tall Sally | Boots: Jonak at Sarenza

Excuse the quality of the photos, I know I’m not the only blogger struggling with the darker days and less than desirable weather. Getting snaps outside is better, but on this particular day we were battling the remnants of a hurricane and well, it just seemed far more sane to stay indoors.
I really, really love this tee. I’ve had a thing for cropped pieces all Summer and that looks set to continue despite the dropping temperatures. COSSAC isn’t all about the crop though, check out the website for plenty of edgy pieces with cool slogans (I love the “never sorry” one) and some rather more sexy and grown up styles. A cropped tee will cost you £25 and I have my beady eye on this beauty from the “for the eye” collection.
This brand is one to keep an eye on for sure, they’ve made a huge statement with their first collection and designer (and founder) Agata Natalia Kozak clearly has a huge talent not only for design, but also for making an impact, both on the environment and society. All orders will come packaged in 100% recyclable boxes and Kozak’s attitude is refreshing “It’s not about making money It’s about starting a positive change, a little fashion revolution.”
Go take a peek at the collection if you haven’t already and let me know what you think- and watch this space for more features on this awesome brand soon- I predict wish lists, lots of wish lists!
Check COSSAC out on twitter and facebook for more updates and exciting news- I’m not too proud to admit I’m kind of stalking them right now!



A new month can mean only one thing…it’s time for the latest dump of instagram photos and it seems lately I’ve been snapping more bits of my life than ever…October was the month where I finally joined the real world and got myself an iPhone, which means I’ve been taking full advantage of having a decent camera on my phone and an internet connection that works!
As ever Mae features rather heavily, she’s such a character and keeps us all entertained.

Link me to your latest round-ups, I love being nosey at other people’s lives, especially when they are 100% more exciting than mine!


Cut the Mustard

With next payday still a few days away (sob!) I’m looking back at last pay day and wondering why on earth I indulged in quite so many treats. The high street is a death trap for my bank account at the moment, awash with amazing pieces that I simply need to own. One such piece that I couldn’t leave Cabot Circus without was this Mustard one from Joy that I tried one when I went for a little playdate there back in September and hadn’t stopped thinking about since.

Dress: Joy | Gilet and Tights: New Look | Boots: Zara

This dress makes for a surprising addition to my wardrobe for two reasons; firstly swing dresses aren’t the most flattering of shapes and I don’t own many of them and secondly the colour- mustard isn’t a colour I ever saw myself wearing but after trying the dress on and seeing that it did actually suit me (and the shape of the dress was actually quite flattering after all) I was sold…bordering on obsessed.

I wore the dress for a rare girls day with my Mum, cousin and Auntie. It wasn’t too chilly considering we’re in October so I opted for this ancient (faux) fur gilet from New Look- this has to have been in Mum and I’s joint wardrobe for at least six years now in place of a coat. I added in these berry coloured tights and my taupe Zara boots for the perfect autumnal palette and called myself good to go. It’s quite a simple outfit but I loved the combined effect. This is a really versatile dress and you can expect to see quite a lot of it styled in various ways over the coming months!

In writing this post I of course visited the Joy website which was possibly a huge mistake. I’m now seriously coveting this dress for over the festive season and this jumper which is probably next on my clothing purchase list- come on pay day, hurry up!
Have you ever been surprised by what colours suit you? How are you keeping warm this Autumn? I’m impatiently waiting for it to get cold enough to pop on my coat that I also picked up in Joy after not being able to leave it behind on the day of my play date.
I feel I should add the disclaimer that this post is not compensated by Joy and I paid for all items myself…I’m just ever so slightly more than obsessed with their range of clothes, and the lovely ladies that work in the Bristol store (could I sound like any more of a creep?!)
Given that I’ve done a lot of showing off recent purchases lately I feel like I should highlight the fact that you can find fabulous discounts online- check out these codes for ASOS for example…you can thank me later!


The Stoptober Post

Ok, I’ll put my hands up right now and admit that I tried and failed (once again) to give up smoking for Stoptober. That now makes three failed attempts this year and I’m feeling pretty fed up with myself at the moment. Still, I thought I’d share some information gathered by My Voucher Codes (that was featured here on TNT magazine) hoping that a) it’s of interest to some of you and b) it provides a point of reference for me ready for my next attempt- “Stopnover” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but hey there’s no time like the present!
To coincide with Stoptober, surveyed over 1,000 adults, male and female, over the age of 18. They asked: “What is the driving factor now for giving up smoking?”

· Over half of the respondents (52%) feel that improving health is a driving factor for giving up smoking
· Thirty-two percent of respondents think that the high price of cigarettes which is pushed even higher up in the UK because of taxes is one of the main issues for people choosing to stop smoking
· Whilst 19% of those asked thought that a factor would be the negative effects smoking has on your family
· The smoking ban in the UK also has an effect with 12% of respondents stating that social implications of smoking is a reason in quitting
· How smoking effects your looks over time also resonated with respondents, 9% thought this could influence people to give up the habit
Seeing how much an average smoker spends on tobacco products in their lifetime might influence people who are considering quitting this Stoptober:

• The average smoker will smoke 13 cigarettes a day which equates to 4,745 each year
• Mayfair King Size cigarettes (one of the popular brands in the UK) cost £7.25 for a 19 pack, totalling an average spend of £1,810.40 a year
• The average UK wage is £26,500 (Net Pay after tax £20,974.72). A 13 cigarette a day habit equates to 8.63% of total income
Money saved from quitting smoking could buy:

• 202 trips to the cinema (average Vue peak time price £8.95)
• 2 Season tickets at Old Trafford (West stand upper £703 each)
• 5x Xbox Ones (£349 each)
• Prada Shoulder bag (£1,650)
• 3 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes (Mendez suede ankle boots £550 each)
Mark Pearson, founder of My Voucher Codes commented on the findings:

“We all know that smoking is bad for you, so it’s not surprising that improving health is one of the main reasons people want to quit. However the high prices of cigarettes and tobacco in the UK due to the taxes shows that the prohibitive cost also makes people want to quit for good.”

He added:

“When you break down and can see the figures, it might come as a shock to smokers how much they actually spend on smoking and if they quit how much they would save in a year. Being able to buy a designer handbag, football season tickets or even a holiday might persuade people to give up for good and not just for Stoptober.

Stoptober is a joint initiative created by Public Health England and the Department of Health to help people quit smoking for good.


Your Dreamcatcher

As I spend part of my working week at home with my laptop and the cat for company I like to keep my wardrobe stocked with some comfortable staples- as I don’t have to make an effort when nobody else is going to see me I love popping on some ripped jeans and a slouchy vest and huddling up with a steaming mug of tea as I attempt to be productive.

I’d seen Your Dreamcatcher pop up on a number of my favourite blogs and loved the laid back loungewear they produce. I was therefore over the moon when they contacted me and asked if I’d like to pick a piece- I wasted no time in selecting the white fitted vest to add to my collection.

Top c/o Your Dreamcatcher | Jeans: Bershka | Boots: New Look

This is oh so typical of what I wear on my afternoons at home, I tend to get hot when in the house, largely due to the vast quantity of tea and coffee I consume in effort to stop myself from taking a three hour power nap. I went for a size up from usual on the vest, on advice of the brand for a slightly less fitted look as I’m not a fan of feeling restricted and this is probably one of the nicest fitting vests I have come across.

Next on my wish list from Your Dreamcatcher is a pair of their jogging bottoms to complete the relaxed effect, and at £27.99 they are pretty affordable. The vest is available for £12.99 which I think is excellent value for something that is such a nice fit and is also brilliant quality. There’s some really pretty jewellery available on the website as well, featuring what else but dreamcatchers; they would make for the perfect little Christmas present, for a friend or (more likely) for yourself!

What do you wear when you’re chilling out?