Cold Snap

Last week, whilst people up North were frolicking in snow and ice we down near Bristol were left with a mere sprinkle of the white stuff, frolicking in sleet and freezing winds instead. In our wisdom Mum and I decided to pop down to a lake near where we live, mostly so that I could practice some driving manoeuvres in the car park but also as a change of location for blog pictures. I used to spend a lot of time down at the lake, Dad and my Granddad were big fans of taking my brother and I down to let off steam on a Sunday. These days I tend to (shamefully) forget about it, but I have a return trip planned- this time armed with bread to feed the hoards of hungry ducks!

Coat: Zara (last year) | Jumper: H&M | Jeans: Bershka | Boots: Zara

Such chilly weather calls for layers of basics to keep in some heat. I had tried in vain not to give in and to carry on wearing my skirts, dresses and tights but in the end jeans and this cosy new jumper from H&M won. I had it in my head that I hated roll neck jumpers, something about feeling constricted but this one doesn’t make me feel like that at all and is super cosy to boot! At £5 in the H&M sale I wish there had been more colours available. Once I’ve recovered from the shock of spending my savings on a MacBook air (very much needed as my old laptop was taking twenty minutes to load a page) I might seek out a few more bargain knits just in case more freezing conditions threaten.
Do you have any local beauty spots like this? I think I’m going to try and get more photos amongst the ducks and geese as the weather improves- wading through mud isn’t very glamorous but it does make a change from the back garden!



It’s been a while since I roped Ben in to taking photos for the blog, mostly because I am too lazy to drag my camera in to Bristol when I go to spend the weekends with him. Feeling a little more motivated the weekend before last (spurred on by my rambling post the other day) we had a mini photo-shoot by the studio he rents to teach guitar and do web design work from.

Top: Primark | Skirt c/o Clothing at Tesco (last year) | Boots c/o Daniel Footwear (last year but available still) | Necklace c/o Jon Richard

I picked up this top in Primark a few weeks ago and this was the first time I had even tried it on. It wasn’t until I uploaded these photos that I realised quite how sheer it was, perhaps it’s less so in real life as nobody reacted like I was exposing myself but either way I think it looks kind of cool (and to be honest, you can’t expect too much from a top that cost a fiver!). I’m still not over my love of tartan and I’m really enjoying this outfit as a whole- the gold details make me look quite put together for once in my life!
I’m not usually one for wearing big, chunky necklaces but this one calls out to me from my collection every so often. It’s made me realise I should probably make an effort more often when it comes to accessorising an outfit- I am forever fawning over jewellery, scarves and bags that other bloggers are wearing without ever thinking to capture my own…oops! Perhaps I can add that to my “non-resolution” list. I’m loving all things tartan at the moment (as ever) and I think this wrap would make the perfect accessory for the colder days we’ve had lately.
After my fit of insecurity about my blog the other day I’ve realised the only way I can feel better about it is to make some changes. I’m feeling quite motivated at the moment so hopefully I can get things to a stage where I feel more content with my content…who knows, whatever will be will be and as long as I’m having fun I’m trying not to care!
What did you get up to this weekend? My beloved Grandad turned 80 on Saturday and we had a family tea-party at my parents’ (he flat out refused a big celebration!). Sunday Ben and I had a little dinner date after I’d taken my camera for a stroll around Bristol in hopes of getting some inspiration for a future blog post…


Forget about Roses, I want Rose Gold!

I was very late to the game when it comes to the obsession with Rose Gold. Whilst everyone around me was going potty with it, I was still stuck on my love of Silver and believed I would never stray. As each season passes by in the world of fashion there seems to be more and more collections featuring this favoured metal, and having seen some stunning new arrivals from lolaandgrace I will throw my hands up in the air and freely call myself a convert (or cliche).
Particular favourites from this selection include the slim line mini bar necklace and the square solitaire ring but if Cupid is taking notes then I wouldn’t object to any of this landing on my doorstep come February 14th…
How about you? Do you get the Rose Gold hype? To be fair, lolaandgrace can do no wrong in my eyes but I just adore everything they make in this metal…which piece(s) do you love best?


Pouncing Kitty

If winning a giveaway with Stylistpick wasn’t enough, finding something cat related to purchase with my voucher was the icing on the cake. I know, how many feline themed items of clothing can one girl own? Crazy cat lady and proud!

Jumper: Stylistpick (here) | Jeans: Primark | Converse: via Sarenza

I almost didn’t post these photos, there is something about them that I’m just not happy with. Perhaps it was the bad body image day I was having at the time, or perhaps it was more to do with the standard of my photos & location compared to every other blogger out there, but yeah…I’m just not that cool with them.

Comparison to others has been a real enemy of mine lately, especially when it comes to blogging. Whilst others seem to have developed and flourished as a blogger I barely see any change in mine from when I started six years ago. It’s lack of time mostly, working two jobs as well as running this site I find it hard to grab even an afternoon to go somewhere nice and shoot a few outfits. I also seem to lack the creative brain that others have, when it comes to posing and setting up a photo I just fall short…

But enough, enough of that because at the root of it all I’m happy with what I do and with my blog. It’s not my full time job, or even a job at all and I get some amazing benefits from it. Perhaps as the weather improves I will get out there and work on my outfit photos and branch out a bit more, but then again, maybe I won’t. The same goes for the other content I put up. I only post about what I want to post about and I don’t have hours to spare putting together the perfect set up that isn’t a reflection of who I am as a person.

I’ve had a bad day or six lately and that has impacted on how I view anything that I put together but I won’t let it stop me. I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep, but hopefully feeling like this will spur me on in to making the most of days where I do have more time to do something a little bit creative. And if it doesn’t? I won’t stop blogging, not whilst I still enjoy it and have loyal readers who return to read post after post. Thank you to everyone who does take the time to read, comment on and follow my blog- it’s appreciated more than you know. If you do happen to have any suggestions for jazzing things up then leave them below…

If you don’t, then just bask in the glory of this amazing jumper and ignore all the drivel I’ve written above.


Shades of Grey

Before anyone goes getting excited, this post isn’t about a certain film (or indeed book, which I admit to never reading). It just so happened that my post title fitted perfectly with the colours of the outfit & the weather at the time of taking the photos- grumpy face excused pleased, it started chucking it down with rain in the process of trying to get pictures…oh how I love January!

Fluffy Cardigan: Next (old) | Dress: Stylistpick | Shoes c/o Clarks

Clarks recently got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to pick a pair of shoes to review. Sick of wearing nothing but ankle boots for work (and play) I decided to branch out a little and went for these leather peep toes as an alternative. What really drew me to this pair, above all of the other gorgeous new arrivals (seriously Clarks have upped their game once again!) was the heel- the sculpted detail makes a serious impact on an otherwise simple shoe, but remains chunky enough to be comfortable and practical enough to run up and down stairs in. That’s how I can tell I’m growing up, when I think of shoes in terms of practicality over anything else, oh heck!
I recently picked up the dress in my Stylistpick winnings haul, it was in their sale for a meagre £10 and I just couldn’t resist the monochrome daisy print even if it was out of stock in my size. Still, a size up from usual and it makes for a pretty perfect smock dress and the perfect partner for my new shoes- I think I might have just found a staple work outfit for the months ahead! The cardigan I’m wearing doesn’t get nearly enough love, it looks amazing and is oh so super soft, but damn does it shed! I made the mistake of pairing it with a solid black dress once and still keep finding bits of fluff stuck to it…
Have you taken a look at Clarks lately? If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes (that are comfortable as well as stylish) you can’t go wrong.