(Insta)Life Recap: 2

How is it the end of the February already? Time certainly flies when you’re having fun. It’s been a whirlwind of a month and here are some of the moments I captured on my trusty iPhone…
I swear I got up to more than this, I’m just not very good at remembering to take a photo! As ever you can hover over the photo to see the caption or click to see it full sized. Link me to your monthly round-up posts below, I love being nosy and living vicariously through lives more interesting than my own…


That Floral Thing

Another week has zoomed past and somehow we’re already at the end of the second month too! I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting old (I’ll be 28 this year, eek!) but time seems to pass by quicker and quicker each year…on a plus side it’ll be Spring before I know it! Just a quick outfit post from me today, featuring my favourite floral dress from Joy. This cost me far more than I usually spend on a dress but the amount of wear I have had from it over the last few months has made it worth every penny.

Dress: Louche at Joy | Boots: Miista

I have a bit of an obsession with Miista shoes, specifically their ankle boots. This is the third pair I have purchased and as with the other two I just love them so much. I don’t wear these ones nearly as often as I should given how versatile they are. At first I wasn’t sure about the clash of the black and the brown but there was something about them that I just couldn’t resist and I’m really pleased I took the plunge and ordered them during my last month of being an ambassador for Sarenza.

Right now I am 100% crushing on this pair of boots on the Miista website. I love a simple shoe with a statement heel and these are just gorgeous. Still, I am on a strict budget at the moment and it doesn’t stretch to new boots (or indeed much at all) so it’ll have to be an online love affair for the time being!

Are there any shoe brands you’re loving right now, or indeed brands in general? There is so much amazing-ness hitting the shelves, virtual and otherwise in preparation for the new season I’m finding it increasingly hard to not buy anything!


P.S. I’m not sure why I look quite so perplexed in these photos…must work on that!

Cat out of Hell

It’s been at least a couple of weeks since I last featured cat themed clothing on the blog- I can’t have my reputation as a cat lady slip so I thought I’d better rectify things sooner rather than later with today’s post…

Dress: River Island via ASOS | Blouse: Monki via ASOS | Boots: Miista

I can’t even remember the last time I wore this blouse, I was drawn in by the cat print (of course!) forgetting that I really am not a shirt or blouse kind of girl! Still, I can’t bring myself to get rid of it so decided that I’d best make an effort to get a few wears out if it at least- I’m having a major declutter of my life at the moment and anything un-worn for more than 3 months is heading to e-bay or the charity shops/clothes bank. Half of my battle with blouses is knowing HOW to wear them, they remind me so much of school uniform that I have some kind of mental block. I think I did ok with this leather look pinafore though, and my beloved (bargain) Miista boots that are quite possibly my favourite shoes ever.

My hairs looking a bit out of control in these photos, it’s got so long all of a sudden and I’m at a real loss as to what to do with it. I can’t afford to go and get it cut and coloured at the moment, and even if I could I don’t want to just go for the same old thing. Leave me some suggestions below, perhaps I’ll sell enough of my unworn items to splash out and go wild on a brand new ‘do!


Prints & Piercings

I’ve always been the impulsive kind of girl and most of my numerous piercings (well, perhaps not so numerous compared to some) have been a spur of the moment decision that I’m yet to regret. I’m trying to hold back on getting any more, but do find I easily tire of what I already have, so I was incredibly grateful when Body Jewellery Shop popped some new pieces of ear piercing jewellery through my door to save me the pain and indecision for a little while longer.

Dress and Top: Primark | Boots: H&M | Necklace c/o Henryka | Bangle c/o Guess Jewellery | Ring: Pandora

Ear piercings are undoubtedly my favourite kind of piercing to get (aside from my ears I only have my nose and navel done). Of all of these piercings I think my Rook is my most loved (not to mention the most painful) followed by my Tragus, which is now adorned with this sweet little heart labret bar. I love labrets that are internally threaded as it makes changing them so simple- I’m lazy and just exchange one screw with another rather than replace the entire bar. I’ve bought most of my collection from Body Jewellery Shop as they have the best selection of sizes, the prices are also really good and I’ve never had an issue with quality of the metal not being as expected.

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to unusual stud earrings and the second I saw these pink glitter studs I wanted them in my collection. I tend to stick to stud earrings for every day wear as they keep things more subtle for work, these are a super fun way to add in some sparkle without going OTT.

This outfit is what I wore on Valentines Day. Gone are the days where I’d stick on something heart shaped and spend hours wondering where Prince Charming was. Now Ben and I are together I’m far more low key about February 14th and we essentially spent the day chilling out together. This dress is such a fun way to brighten up darker days, I wear it more in Winter than I do in Summer actually as the cut out sides leave me feeling a bit exposed. Paired with a £5 high neck top and you have the kind of layering that I love the most.
Now I’ve written this post I’m feeling the need for a new piercing more than ever! Where should I get poked and prodded next? Fellow piercing addicts, where do you pick up your favourite studs and hoops? (Aside from Body Jewellery Shop of course!)


Monochrome Midi

I do love a good midi skirt and the second I saw the perfect one appear in the new arrivals at New Look I wasted no time in making it mine (shopping ban, what shopping ban?). I’ve been wearing it non-stop for work as I do find the midi length better for the office- no knicker flashing for me thanks very much! It’s not as structured as some of the midi skirts on the market which makes it perfect for twirling in…I do hope New Look release more colours in this style!

Skirt: New Look (here) | Ribbed Top: New Look (here) | Shoes: Stylist Pick

Just as I thought it had been a while since Mae invaded my outfit photos along she trotted, 100% unwilling as ever to pose with me preferring to do entirely her own thing.

My wardrobe has been lacking in staples and basics for quite some time so when I spied this ribbed top for a mere £8.99 it was another no-brainer purchase (again, what spending ban?) and I hope that as budget allows I can pick up some more in other colours as they are the perfect length and fit for wearing to work.

This year I’m definitely determined to embrace a more minimal approach to clothes shopping, attempts at saving aside I really could do with less fancy patterned pieces and more of the staples that can be worn with a variety of separates. Where do you shop when it comes to getting basics? It’s been so long since I properly browsed for them I have no idea where to begin. I’ve had a mass wardrobe cull and I’m listing bits and pieces on it’d be good to spend some of the proceeds on stocking up on the essentials.