The LookFantastic Beauty Box

Somehow, despite their ever growing popularity on the blogging scene I have somehow never tried out a beauty subscription box. Not through lack of interest though, it’s something I just never got round to sorting out despite the rave reviews and exciting contents. This all changed recently when lookfantastic sent me their March 2015 offering, read on for my thoughts…
Each box costs £15, with discounts available for buying a block of boxes at once. The value of the products inside (based on full size) is over triple that so it’s a budget friendly way to try out new products, assuming you get a box full of things you love. The box itself looks and feels very luxurious with it’s sleek black packaging and minimalistic design. The contents come well wrapped and protected from the postal service’s worst efforts and there is a high quality printed guide to what is inside. So far, so good…
I think with beauty boxes they are a bit of a love/hate thing as it’s always going to be hard to put something together that is to everyone’s taste, and you do take a bit of a gamble each month parting with your hard earned cash for something you might not like at all. For me it’s a risk I’d be willing to take in the future as based on this month’s box and the chance to try so many new things I wouldn’t otherwise buy I’m pretty happy. If I do continue to subscribe I’m sure I can always find a recipient to pass along any products that don’t appeal and the small sizes make it perfect for putting together a luxe travel kit.
Product wise I was loving everything that came in the March box. The Balance Me revitalising hand and body wash was a gentle and fresh way to cleanse my sensitive skin and left me feeling really, well, revitalised in the mornings. I’ve been a fan of the brand for a long time so it was great to try something new.

The multivitamin for dieters did cause me to raise my eyebrows at first, but upon further investigation I realised this would actually be perfect for me right now- I’m not dieting, not by any means but I am struggling to give my body everything it needs at the moment and I am hoping that this 30 day course will help me feel a bit brighter again.

Mouth wash wasn’t what I expected to find in a beauty box but this cute little pot by CB12 has become a bit of a handbag hero for days where I’m having lunch at work. I wish they sold it in this dinky size as it’s perfectly portable and does exactly what it says on the tin. I loved the mild mint flavour too, I can’t stand strong toothpaste and mouth washes.

I also loved the dinky size of this Tigi Bed Head manipulator as it’s perfect for packing on a weekend away when I know I’m going to have to wash and style my hair. I can’t say enough good things about Tigi products, they just suit my hair type so well.

Probably the product I’ll use least from the box is the INIKA eye pencil as I just don’t get on with eye pencils in general. That said, this is a very good eye pencil that doesn’t drag when you apply it so I could yet be converted. Watch this space…

Last but not least is a wonderful shampoo by Korres. I haven’t actually used this yet as I am saving it for when I next go away, but previous experience with Korres products tell me I’m going to love it! Let me know if you have tried this and what you think…

So there we have it, my first experience with a beauty box. I’m glad it was such a positive one as I’d really like to try out some more of these as and when money allows. Let me know if you’ve tried the lookfantastic box before, or what other boxes you suggest I start checking out!


Stepping in to Spring

Finally, it feels like Spring might be on it’s way- by the dates on the calendar at least, the temperatures and weather don’t seem to have caught up yet. This outfit is the second part of my TTYA x Long Tall Sally post and the one where I get to show you the awesome piece from the brand new collection that they sent over for me to style.

Culottes c/o Long Tall Sally | Cropped tee: Primark | Boots: Miista

These photos really, really do not do these culottes justice. It was freezing cold when Mum and I took them and I wish now that I had spent that little bit longer turning a lovely shade of blue to capture them. I’m pretty obsessed with culottes right now though so you can expect to see a lot more of these featuring on the blog in the weeks to come, I just love the powder blue colour and the potential to style them in so many ways.

I kept it pretty simple with this outfit, the cropped tee cost all of £3 in a recent Primark spree (where more culottes were purchased) and the boots just seemed to fit the bill for the weather. Sandals would have been the shoe of choice but it still feels a little too early in the year to part with my beloved boots.

I’d love to know what ideas you guys have for styling these culottes, I plan to wear the heck out of them through Spring and Summer and I don’t want my lack of imagination to slow me down!


(Insta)life recap: 3

Yep, it’s that time again where I share some of the highlights of my month from my Instagram. Want to see even more? Give me a cheeky follow & make sure you leave your links below- I’m a nosy beggar who can’t resist checking out other people’s lives!
Click on the images to enlarge and hover over them for a caption. Enjoy!


Hop to it

Fashion and chocolate are two of my favourite things in life so when the two collide it’s a sure fire winner as far as I’m concerned. This Easter Lindt have released a limited edition fashion gold bunny weighing in at an impressive 500g to inject some style in to the long weekend. One managed to hop in my direction and I thought it only right and fair that it made it’s blog appearance in the form of an outfit post accessory.

Top & Culottes: New Look | Boots: Jonak at Sarenza | Bunny c/o Lindt

I’ve photographed the fashion bunny next to a standard sized (and rather plain) lindt bunny for comparison- this is quite the beast and the entire household are itching to break in to it although I’m determined it will last at least until Good Friday before being devoured. The gold bunny is an Easter staple in this house and I always end up with several between the best friend and my boyfriend and they are always enjoyed.
You might notice over the coming weeks that I’ve developed a bit of a thing for culottes lately, especially for wearing to work. I think they are just so practical and look pretty awesome even if they would be better with bare legs and sandals- come on Spring/Summer, we’re almost there! This pair were reduced to a fiver in the New Look sale last year and I don’ give them nearly enough love, I think I need to pick up some electric blue tops to compliment the print though and move away from black.
What’s your favourite treat at Easter? This year (other than the gold bunny of course) all I want is an M&Ms easter egg from the 99p shop. I’ve been obsessed with M&Ms for way too long now, I eat a pack a day and I am forever jealous of those in the USA with all their crazy flavours.

What do you think of the fashion bunny? It’s going to break my heart to rip in to that pretty foil!


Mineral Makeup with Pur Minerals

I’ve dabbled with mineral makeup in the past but have found it pretty hit and miss to be honest. From foundations that have turned orange the second they hit my skin to poor lasting power in products such as eye shadows I found myself sticking more to conventional products and brands I knew. I was recently introduced to Pur Minerals who are launching on Look Fantastic this month. It’s a brand I’d read a lot about via various beauty blogs that I read regularly and was pretty excited to see what they could offer where other brands had fallen short.
I was sent enough products to makeup a pretty complete natural face of makeup which tends to be what I favour these days (gone are the days of rainbow eye makeup looks and mad glitter everywhere). The eyeshadow palette was a real winner for me, made up of pinky, plummy matte nude tones that applied beautifully and lasted all day. The mascara was another star product, one coat gave me longer, natural looking lashes; it’s become my go-to mascara for work days, although I do tend to go a bit lash mad at the weekends.

Face product wise I was similarly impressed. I was sent a spray on foundation which I have never tried before- I’ve seen similar products on the market but failed to see how they could possibly work, all I could think of was potential mess! Despite being a touch too dark for my skin tone this applied beautifully, a fine mist was all I needed for a light coverage that blended well and lasted all day long. The compact can also double up as a foundation, worn on it’s own for a light coverage or as a setting powder which is how I used it here, buffed in with a big fluffy brush.

The stand out product from the range I was sent however was the concealer. I’ve had more than my fair share of sleepless nights recently and my under-eye dark circles were out of control. My trusty Collection concealer had run out and I was just contemplating what to replace it with when this Pur Minerals one arrived. It looks a little dark in the tube but goes on beautifully and blends well. This hands down beats any concealer I’ve ever used to cover up dark circles and it also hides blemishes and redness perfectly. This has instantly made it’s way on to my top products list and will be a re-purchase time and time again!

I’m so happy to have finally found a range of mineral makeup that can compete with more traditional products. I feel happier knowing what I’m using is being kinder to my skin and I’m pretty sure my complexion is in pretty good knick thanks to daily usage of these products.

Have you used Pur Minerals before? I can’t recommend them enough but I would love to know what other products of theirs I need in my life!