In Bloom with iFlorist

I love fresh flowers and between my Mum and I we always have some in the house (provided Mae hasn’t destroyed them on sight). I was recently sent the most gorgeous bouquet via iFlorist, a flower site I hadn’t heard of prior to them working with e-tail PR and I just couldn’t resist snapping a picture or ten to share on the blog.

Safari Blush bouquet c/o iFlorist

100% gorgeous right? The Safari Blush features some of my favourite blooms with prices starting at £29.90 is excellent value (when compared with other flower sellers). This has really brightened up our conservatory and came securely packaged in perfect condition. At the time of writing this post the flowers have been on display for five days are show no signs of giving up any time soon- I reckon we’ll easily get another five out of them (providing we can dissuade Mae from stealing any more heads off of the roses).

I think flowers do make the most wonderful gift; for birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day or just to say “I’m thinking of you” and I wouldn’t hesitate to place an order with iFlorist when I’m next looking to put a smile on someone’s face. With free delivery and greetings cards available plus a whole host of optional extras this one of the prettiest, easiest to use sites I’ve come across with a stunning range and huge variety available.

What is your favourite flower? Mine is a toss up between the humble Daisy or it’s lookalike Gerbera…but Roses, Tulips and Lilies aren’t far behind. We’ve had to stop buying the latter due to our flower loving feline (and I’m not convinced the roses and tulips are good for her either but even when we don’t have flowers in the house she does a trawl of the garden/neighbour’s gardens with no ill effect).


(Insta)life recap: 4

Happy Birthday to me! 28 years young today…and to celebrate I’m inflicting my latest month of instagrams on you…enjoy!
As ever hover over the images for the caption and don’t forget to link me to a) your insta-posts and b) your instagrams below!


In the Pink

It’s my Birthday tomorrow! Woop, I’m pretty excited about it this year actually as I have plans that span over most of the weekend, having just come back from a weekend away with Ben staying with his family up North. I love getting away for a weekend, I don’t do it often enough- even if it’s not the most relaxing time ever I always end up feeling recharged and ready for action. I’ve booked tomorrow off of work and Mum and I are heading over to Cardiff for some retail therapy; another instant mood boost if ever there was one.

Dress: Topshop c/o Cabot Circus | Sandals: SpyLoveBuy (here)

I originally picked out this dress to take me in to Autumn but it’s pretty pink shade lends itself equally well to Spring, especially paired with some chunky nude sandals. This pair from SpyLoveBuy are just amazing- not my typical style, that’s for sure but so comfortable for something so vertiginous and really light to wear.
As you can tell, I also finally got around to dying my hair and getting rid of my three inch roots. I seem to be moving away from the vibrant reds I favoured for a few years, heading towards copper instead. I think I like it, it’s certainly brighter and lighter for the warmer months; which do you prefer? Something deeper or keep it orange-y?


Child’s Play

Is there anything more perfect for a Spring Sunday than a Disney print tee paired with denim? I think not, although it might be one of my more juvenile outfit combinations of late I am still quite smitten. Perhaps the fact I turn 28 on Tuesday is making me try to cling on to my youth that little bit longer- it amazes me just how young some of my favourite bloggers are. I was over 20 when I first started and still lack even an ounce of talent and creativity that is all around these days!

Dungarees c/o Long Tall Sally | Bambi Tee: Primark | Shoes: Hobbs c/o McArthur Glen

It’s so nice being able to break away from boots, as much as I am obsessed with ankle boots and all there is something so refreshing about being able to slip in to something lighter. I was sent these brogues as part of a style challenge last Spring and I’m still smitten with them now. They are the softest suede I own and can’t fail to put a spring in my step.

I used them in place of Converse to stop this outfit becoming a bit too childish and loved the way they worked with the denim. I don’t wear these dungarees nearly as often as I should as they are a bit of a faff when it comes to attending the call of nature (and I’m lazy) but I need to get over that, fast!

Again, with the eyes closed in photos- I’m either really really relaxed or my mum is having a laugh!


Experiments in baking: Protein Muffins

Not only have I not done a baking post in forever, it has been ages since I last did any baking in general let alone try anything new. My work/life balance hasn’t been in my favour when it comes to getting time in the kitchen, so when myprotein got in touch I was determined to take advantage of the chance to try out some new ingredients.
Protein has become a bit of a buzz word in the baking world with it cropping up in all manner of recipes. It’s perfect as high energy boost for those with an active lifestyle and surprisingly makes for a versatile ingredient. I was sent a package of goodies which included coconut oil, a muffin mix, a pancake mix, a bag of whey powder and a bag of buckwheat flour. I wasn’t quite sure where to start but in the end I stayed semi-close to what I knew and went for the protein muffin mix for my first foray.
The mix I had was the 200g unflavoured pouch which yields enough to make 8 muffins, although I made mine smaller and got 12 from the mixture. To the powder I added 200ml milk, 4 tbsp coconut oil (something I had read ALL about yet never used), 3 tbsp cocoa powder and a bag of white chocolate chunks- not brilliant for a health food and I could have gone all out with fruit and nuts but a girl needs her chocolate fix from time to time (or all the time!). If you didn’t want or need 8/12 muffins you could just use half of the mixture as the pouch seals up easily to keep the mix fresh.

After a quick mix up in a bowl the muffins took only 12 minutes in the oven at 190*c before they were ready to go. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, and mine were a little burnt on top thanks to our temperamental oven but these came out so soft and fluffy inside with a lovely texture. I won’t lie, you can taste that there is something “different” about these but if you are already used to protein enriched products you probably won’t notice it and I certainly had no issue with it- neither did the other people in and around the house who I asked to sample these, they aren’t an every day snack, but if you know you’ve got a jam packed few days coming up or have some lovely long hikes/cycles/runs coming up with Spring sunshine then these would make a perfect portable snack or recovery food once home.

For me they are a quick and easy way to get some calories and nutrition in, and whilst it’s an expensive way to bake I can see myself purchasing a mix or two every now and again just to keep in.

Stay tuned for the next instalment in my baking adventures; which ingredient would you like to see me use next and do you have any recipe suggestions?

Have you ever tried baking with protein powders and mixes? How did you find it?