Cool Cards with Choosey

I have a love/hate relationship with shopping for greetings cards. I love to send them and spend a lot of time trying to pick out something quirky and perfectly suited to the intended recipient. That’s where the hate part comes in, as time passes it becomes harder and harder to find cards that reach my criteria as I start to feel like I’ve seen everything the shops have to offer and start to crave something new.

Enter Choosey who are bringing something new to the market by offering greeting cards with video.

How exactly does that work? I hear you ask, well, you still get to pick out a physical greetings card from their selection online (which is vast and pretty cool as it is). Once you’ve chosen your card you can use the App or your webcam to upload a personal video message which is then included in the card via the medium of QR code- your recipient simply has to scan the code to reveal your secret message!

Of course it’s impossible to talk about such a novel concept without actually trying it out so as well as introducing themselves to me Choosey allowed me to create a couple of cards so I could see for myself how it all works.

With Father’s Day coming up fast (18th June) I thought I’d take the opportunity to create a really cool card for my Dad this year. Choosey has a great selection of Father’s Day cards on their site, there will be something to suit everyone I’m sure! I also chose to make a congratulations type card for my best friend who just aced her recent Judo grading.

Creating the videos is dead easy, and quick which is a real bonus. There are step by step instructions to follow and really it couldn’t be simpler to do. I used the App for one card and my webcam for the other and both are equally efficient. I’m not going to break the habit of a lifetime and post a video of myself on the blog but I did snap a picture of the inside of one of the cards so you can see what the final product looks like.

Price wise the cards are reasonable at £2.99 (plus 99p delivery for up to three cards) for an A5 card. At the moment you can also save 25% on all Father’s Day cards. I’ll definitely be using Choosey for future card purchases- if you’ve ever had a card from me in the past, be prepared as they next one might be a live action version!
What do you think of the idea of adding this extra personal touch to your greetings cards?


Complimentary cards provided for the purpose of this post.

Beauty- Introducing Avril

I’m always up for trying out new skincare and makeup products especially when they’re from brands that are completely new to me. Recently I was contacted by Avril, a young French brand specialising in certified organic and natural cosmetics. All of their products are cruelty free, always a complete winner in my eyes (well, essential actually) so I was on board entirely when they offered to send out a selection of products for me to try.

Lipstick | Micellar Water | Mascara | Day Cream | Highlighter


I like the simple, no nonsense packaging from the brand. It’s clean and concise and fits well with the ethos of the brand. Price wise I think the entire range is reasonable, the most expensive product here is the highlighter which comes in at 8 euros (just under £7) and the products are a very decent size for that. The main question though is how do they perform? Well, read on…
Skincare wise both of these products impressed me. The micellar water in particular- it’s packed full of aloe vera which I’m a big fan of and means it feels incredibly refreshing when you use it. It feels a lot more soothing than my usual micellar water and price wise it’s certainly comparable enough for me to order this instead when I’m next in need.

The day cream contains both organic macadamia and organic sweet almond oil meaning it feels incredibly rich when you put it on. I did find this a little odd at first as I generally want a day cream to feel lighter but after getting used to how much I needed to use I started to really enjoy this product and it’s become a daily part of my routine. It has subtle and refreshing scent which I really enjoy and my skin is certainly incredibly soft right now.

Makeup wise Avril continued to make a good impression. The highlighter is incredibly subtle- exactly what I want for a fresh, day time look. A light application of this as an addition to my standard week day makeup brightens up my complexion nicely without leaving me feeling like a disco ball. This is probably one of the best highlighters I’ve tried for daily wear, although if you’re a big glow fan you might find it a bit subtle for your tastes.

The lipstick is a product I fully intended to swatch and it’s only as I write this post that I realise I didn’t- nice one Laura! This shade is called Framboise and is a gorgeous berry colour. It applies nicely and lasts a long time- not as long as some of the more premium brands out there, but at 6 euros I was impressed at it’s longevity and the pigmentation as well as the quality.

Finally we have the mascara. I went for the volume variety and whilst it’s probably not going to find itself in my top three mascaras of all time it’s still decent, again especially when you consider the price. The mascara contains organic beeswax and extract of acai berry to strengthen and nourish the lashes which is a nice touch and whilst the effect isn’t the most dramatic volume you’ve ever seen it’s a perfectly good mascara and great for a more subtle work makeup look. I’ll happily continue to use this.

This is only a small selection of what Avril has to offer and I’d be keen to try out more from the brand, in particular more of the makeup range- eyeshadow and foundations are definitely on my list. I’m also interested in seeing what their nail products and makeup brushes are like, if I place an order would you like to see further reviews?


Products sent c/o Avril

Trends to look out for this autumn*

It might seem a little early to be discussing autumn when summer has barely arrived, but in the fashion world trends are forecast well in advance and the A/W show season has been and gone. As, we all know once the summer has passed and the weather takes a turn dressing can become that little bit more difficult- or at least less exciting.

I have teamed up with Trilogy Stores to provide you with the hottest trends that will help you prepare and transition in to the autumn months (depressing as that may seem). By following this guide you’ll be able to make the most of autumnal-chic and glide effortlessly into the winter months without any fashion faux pas.

The female suit
The power dressing look is forecast to be global by early September. The female suit is a look that keeps you warm when the colder months arrive, whilst oozing independence and power.
You can create an elegant look with a few little extras. Pressed double-breasted jackets are all the rage this autumn; together with statement shoulders and shoulder-width trousers the suit helps to create a masculine look for the female fashion-forward. Don’t panic though, this isn’t a return of the eighties; it’s power-dressing in 2017.
The new ‘it’ colour
When you say goodbye to summer weather you also say goodbye to your summer colour palette. However for autumn 2017 the trend for all things pink can simply be swapped with dusky modest blues. Labelled as the new ‘it’ colour the moody notes incorporated by dark blues within an outfit can really make an impact.
Keep it subtle with a pale blue shirt with slim-fitting trousers, or why not try a brighter coloured blue mac to create a contrast between your outfit and the autumnal environment around you? Anything to liven up the duller days!
Show off your waist
A belted coat is perfect for keeping you warm whilst expressing effortless sophistication. The belt adds an extra layer of depth to your coat and helps to define your waistline in a way that is super flattering.
There are several styles of coats to choose from when it comes to a belted waistline- whether you decide to wear a statement fur jacket or opt for a for a leather trench coat the belt is the key piece within this ensemble, wear it either knotted or fastened depending on the look you’re channeling.
In line with the belted coats, wide waisted belts in general are making a comeback as a statement fashion accessory. This autumn they are versatile – they can be worn over your coat or they can be added to an evening dress to help define your curves. Look for browns, blacks and reds to channel the natural colours of the season.
Nylon jackets
No matter what the occasion a nylon coat is a transitional and versatile piece of clothing. Without the risk of wrinkles, this type of coat is similar to a mac but can easily be stashed away for weekends away or days when the weather looks like it could turn in the blink of an eye.
Look no further than Jumper 1234 for a sure fire way to keep you warm with fashionable designs that encompass the colours of the season.
If you’re going for a casual look pair the jacket with ballet flats or cool sneakers. Alternatively opt for a pair of heels or boots if you are going out and want to dress it up a bit. Blacks, browns and greens are all going to be key colours next season so keep your eyes peeled for pieces various co-ordinating shades for an instantly updated look.
What autumn trends are you most looking forward to?


Summer Nails with Essence and Rimmel

There’s something about the warmer weather that makes me want to have bold, bright and beautiful nails- in the winter I’m not so fussed, perhaps because my hands are mostly hidden by gloves. That being said, I talk an awful lot about painting my nails in the spring and summer months but I still seem to rarely get round to it. I blame work a lot, but at the moment as I’m not doing my usual role I don’t even have that excuse. Thankfully I have some gorgeous new nail polishes to bring on the motivation.
First up I have this selection of colour boost high pigment nail paints c/o my friends at essence. These cost a bargainous £1.80 each (available at Wilko stores and online) and promise high coverage and shiny finish in just one coat.

The swatches are indeed just one coat and they really do deliver on that promise, I’m especially fond of the duck egg blue colour- shade 06: instant happiness for a pretty pastel touch. I highly recommend these nail polishes as an affordable and efficient way to bring your manicure up to date.

Next up is the beach ready 2 step super gel nail collection c/o Rimmel (at Boots and Superdrug). I’ve had a couple of gel manicures lately but can’t afford to keep that habit up so the fact that these polishes claim to last up to 14 days with no UV lamp needed appeals greatly.

All you need to do is apply your chosen colour- no base coat needed, just 1-2 thin coats of your preferred shade. Once it’s dry you add a coat of the self curing gel top coat and there you go.

I absolutely love the colours in this collection, they are all so bright and fun! They cost a reasonable £5.99 each (plus the top coat) and can usually be found on a multi-buy offer too. I’ll have to report back on the longevity of these but from what I’ve heard from other people they live up to the hype. Shade wise my top picks have to be the super bright blue shade named Dive Right In or the pretty pastel Purple Splash for a more subtle, girly approach.

What’s your favourite colour to paint your nails in the summer months? I tend to try and avoid pinks because that’s what I always go for- I’m contemplating trying the orange Rimmel polish first just because I don’t think I’ve ever had orange nails.

Pending me ever getting round to a DIY manicure that is! Someone give me a nudge?


Products in this post were sent to me for blog consideration.

Father’s Day Inspiration with Red Candy

You may recall it was only a few weeks ago that I featured Red Candy on the blog, raving about my long term love for the online retailer. It’s with great pleasure that I have collaborated with them once again, this time on a Father’s Day themed post…looking for the perfect quirky gift? Allow me to direct you to the Red Candy Gifts for Him department.

I was once again very kindly allowed to pick out some products from the huge selection that Red Candy has to offer so I thought I’d make this post a place where I talk about these great pieces as well as sharing some other favourites that would be perfect for Father’s Day.

So, firstly I picked out this fixie pizza cutter which I just thought was brilliant to be honest. Great for both the kitchen gadget geek or the lover of the great outdoors, it also looks fantastic on display.

I’m a sucker for novelty lighting and I think it makes a great gift so I was immediately drawn to this Triceratops mini LED lamp. You can either run this via USB or batteries so it’s a good all round novelty gift that looks cool rather than gimmicky. To be honest this one is being kept entirely to myself- I’ve amassed a small collection of random lighting and it’s a collection I’m keen to grow.

Finally I picked out this rather sleek looking alarm clock. How gorgeous is this? I know most people rely on their phones as alarms these days but my Dad doesn’t and I am sure there are others out there who are the same- and even if it never gets used for it’s intended purpose it’s still a pretty snazzy looking addition to any bedroom!

On to my other favourites from Red Candy…let me know if this post has helped you out with your Father’s Day shopping, or what the best present you’ve ever bought someone is.

Light | Clock | Globe | Picture | Planters