The Scotland Photo Post

I’ve been home for almost two weeks now and I’m only just finding the time to put up some of the photos from my holiday to Scotland with Bob. I haven’t got as far as getting any words to go with the post, life has been going 100mph since my return, but take a moment to sit back and take in the beautiful scenery of the North West Highlands alongside a few gratuitous selfies of the boy and I.
In a way this is a bit of a filler post, as mentioned up-post there just hasn’t been much time for anything but work and living my life in a way it hasn’t been lived in many a year. Fingers crossed I’m getting myself more organised from now and there will be some more quality and consistent content coming your way- bet you’re all on the edge of your seats with excitement!


How much would James Bond pay for his car?*

007 has had a very impressive vehicular history – some might also say successful; however, he has gone through more high-end performance car than glamorous supermodels! As each film concludes Bond’s car often looks a little more worse for wear than it did when the film began- and whilst we know he won’t have to fit the bill for these top cars it’s an interesting thought to think what would Bond’s car expense invoice actually look like?

For most of us owning a car like James Bond is nothing more than a dream. However leasing could make your dream car a possibility. Leasing options provide an affordable way for us to get the car we dream of. Car leasing experts Rosedale Leasing look back over the rich Bond car history and investigate how much some of the Bond cars are worth in reality and suggest what it would realistically cost to lease a James Bond car.

Photo by Cam Bowers on Unsplash

Sunbeam Alpine
Driven by Sean Connery, the Sunbeam Alpine featured in ‘Dr.No’ in 1962. It was far more affordable than the cars used in the later Bond films – however, similar to many Bond cars that followed, the Sunbeam was British made just outside of Coventry. The car costs £7,000 – whilst this might now seem relatively cheap for a car, in 1962 this would be expensive, however, not out of reach for many of the cinema patrons at the time as the car cost only £1,110 back then.

Bentley 3.5 litre
In ‘From Russia With Love’ Sean Connery played the role of James Bond again. The 1963 movie featured the Bentley 3.5 litre in the opening scene. It was considered as the first Bond car gadget, when Bond used it to answer a phone call. Already 30 years old at the time of filming the Bentley was already considered as somewhat of a classic. The car is currently valued at £1,000,000.
If James Bond was to lease a Bentley today it would cost him approximately £3,605.59 a month for a Bentley Continental GT Coupe on a personal leasing plan.

Aston Martin DB5
Featuring in two Bond films, the Aston Martin DB5 was driven by Connery in 1964 in ‘Goldfinger’ and in 1965 in ‘Thunderball’. It is one of the most recognisable cars ever to be driven by 007 and was only released three months before original filming began. Whilst it was used throughout both ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Thunderball’ it was also featured in ‘Golden Eye’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Skyfall’. The car is valued at £1,000,000.

Toyota 2000GT
‘You Only Live Twice’ was released in 1967 and featured Japan’s first supercar, the Toyota 2000GT – again driven by Sean Connery. The car was a limited edition with only 351 models produced – making this Bond car rarer than the DB5. Toyota made modifications to the design specifically for the film to produce an open top version. The car is valued at £300,000.

Aston Martin DBS
‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ introduced a new Bond in 1969 – George Lazenby. With expectations high following the Aston Martin DB5, the DBS appeared to be gadget free but with room in the glove compartment for a sniper rifle. The car is estimated to cost around £120,000.

AMC Hornet
In 1974 Roger Moore featured in ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’. Bond steals the AMC Horne in the film, driving it through the showroom window of a dealership. The two-door vehicle is an unlikely hero for a Bond film, but proves itself during handbrake turns and the infamous bridge jump. The car costs around £2,000.

Lotus Esprit
The tenth instalment of Bond films was released in 1977 – played by Roger Moore, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ featured the Lotus Esprit. The car is known for its participation in a chase sequence that covered air, land and water. The Lotus transforms from car to mini submarine as it hits the water and then transforms back to car as Bond drives the vehicle out of the sea and onto the beach. The car is valued at £15,000.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage
In 1987 Timothy Dalton was introduced as the new Bond in ‘The Living Daylights’. The Aston Martin was brought back by producers after an 18 year absence in the James Bond franchise. The car was kitted out with all the gadgets that mirrored those in Goldfinger’s DB5. There were two V8’s used during the film, the first with a droptop was actually donated for use in the film by the chairman of Aston Martin – the second had an adapted roof for the winter driving scenes. The Aston martin V8 car is currently valued at around £150,000.
If James Bond was to lease an Aston Martin V8 Vantage today, it would cost him approximately £2,550.93 a month on a personal leasing plan.

In 1995 Pierce Brosnan is first introduced as the new James Bond in ‘Golden Eye’. This 007 instalment features the BMW Z3 alongside the return of the Aston Martin DB5. The Z3 didn’t come without it’s gadgets, with Q demonstrating its parachute braking system in laboratory and briefing 007 on the ejector seat. The Z3 is valued at around £1,500.

BMW 750iL
In 1997 the BMW 750iL was introduced in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ – again, alongside the Aston Martin DB5. The BMW featured bullet proof windows and bodywork that could withstand the impact of a sledgehammer – Bond was also able to drive the car via a remote control. Again, the 750iL doesn’t make it to the end of the film in one piece as Bond drives it off a rooftop car park and into an Avid rental shop. The car currently costs around £5,000.
If James Bond was to lease a BMW 7 Series today, it would cost him approximately £1,032.01 a month, on a personal leasing plan.

Pierce Brosnan continued to reign as Bond in 1999 in ‘The World Is Not Enough’ when the BMW Z8 made its appearance – a car that isn’t known for its gadgets unlike previous Bond cars. However, the Z8 doesn’t make it to the end of the film as a helicopter cuts the BMW in half. The car is valued at £200,000.

Ford Fairline/Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
2002 saw the release of ‘Die Another Day’, the final instalment of Brosnan’s reign as James Bond. The 2002 movie featured both the Ford Fairline and Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. The Fairline was used in one scene during the film – however, the Vanquish, or as Q calls it The Vanish, is complete with an invisible cloak, as well as all the usual gadgets such as ejector seat and target seeking shotguns. The Fairline costs around £15,000 whilst the V12 Vanquish comes in around £80,000.
If James Bond was to lease an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish today, it would cost him approximately £4,994.49 a month on a personal leasing plan.

Aston Martin DBS V12
When Daniel Craig was introduced as the new James Bond in ‘Casino Royal’ in 2006, so was the Aston Martin DBS V12 – which was also featured in 2008’s ‘Quantum of Solace’. In both films, the car featured minimal but realistic gadgets. In Casino Royale, Bond tries to use a defibrillator from the car on himself. The car is also part of stunt involved 7 flips in an intense crash. This car is valued at around £90,000.

Aston Martin DB5
The iconic Bond car returns in ‘Casino Royal’ in 2006 and in ‘Skyfall’ in 2012. In ‘Skyfall’ the DB5 becomes the hero once again as James Bond uses it to rescue M from an attack by Raoul Silva before taking her to Scotland as bait to avoid the loss of more lives in London. The Aston Martin DB5 is currently valued at £1,000,000.

Aston Martin DB10
In the latest instalment of 007, the Aston Martin DB10 is introduced in 2015 in ‘Spectre’. The current value of the DB10 is £1,000,000.
If James Bond was to lease an Aston Martin DB9, it would cost him approximately £4,182.21 a month on a personal leasing plan. Similarly, if Bond were to lease an Aston Martin DB11, it would cost him approximately £3,364.10 a month.


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Bering at

I’ve been back from my trip to Scotland for just over a week now, and whilst it’s nice to be back in the world of wifi, phone signal and being within walking distance of a local shop I am seriously missing the isolation, quietness and natural beauty of the North West highlands.

We spent most of our trip in a static caravan on a site in Gairloch but made a trip over to the town of Ullapool where Bob lived and worked in a hotel for some time a few years ago. We booked a room in the hotel, caught up with some of his friends and family and found it to be the perfect environment to photograph my new watch by Bering at*.

The Bering Ladies’ Classic watch is hands down the classiest watch I own. The strap is a gorgeous khaki green and the dial is rose gold simplicity- perfect for wearing day and night. Since I’ve been home I’ve been wearing it daily for work, but whilst I was away I used it as a glam accessory for our night out in the hotel.

I wish I’d taken more photos at The Ceilidh Place as it’s hands down the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in to date. There are no televisions to be found, instead the rooms have a selection of books (and there’s a book shop attached to the hotel too) and a digital radio should you need more than the silence and enjoyment of a classic novel.
The rooms are cosy, clean and the bathroom was gorgeous. We ate at the hotel restaurant and I can happily confirm the food is delicious- I highly recommend the dressed crab. We stayed on for drinks too (a great array of gin!) and of course breakfast the next day…the perfect remedy for a sore head from the night before.
There’s a lovely vibe about the place and should you find yourself in Ullapool then I do recommend a stay here, or even just booking a table for dinner in the evening. I’ll do a photo re-cap post of my Scotland trip soon, life’s been absolute chaos since I’ve been back and I’m working pretty much full time again for the first time in ages but blog posts are brewing.

In the mean time, sit back, enjoy the pictures and let me know how you’d style this watch.


Matt vs Shine with Essence

My lipstick obsession has got out of hand since last Summer. My collection seems to grow each week and I have every colour and texture imaginable at this point. The one thing I just can’t make my mind up on is which finish I prefer though- one day I’ll be sporting a vampy matt lip and the next I’ll be wearing something sugary sweet and glossy.

One of my favourite brands for lip products is of course Essence, the super affordable brand stocked exclusively at and in selected Wilko stores. With a huge array of lipsticks and glosses coming in at under £3 per piece I find it super hard to resist temptation- and really, what’s the need when you can get several new looks for under a tenner?

I was recently sent a selection of lip products as part of their Matt vs Shine campaign. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post I really can’t decide which team I’m on but I’ve popped up some little reviews of each shade and how I’ve been wearing them (minus the evidence because once again, I fail at taking photos of myself!)

In the first picture we have a trio of lip glosses. The pale pink at the top is hands down my favourite Essence lip product to date- it’s the shine shine shine wet look lip gloss in shade 02 (smile, sparkle, shine) and features an awesome prismatic glow whilst remaining subtle enough for daily wear. It’s probably my most worn lip product at the moment and I have a back up ready for when it runs out! The middle shade is another shine shine shine gloss in shade 07 (happiness in a bottle). This is a bold pinky neutral shade with a lovely shine, it gives the coverage of a lipstick whilst remaining light with a lovely shine to it, as the name would suggest. This is such a great colour for this time of year and I’m loving it teamed with a berry toned outfit and my copper hair. The third product in this photo is a matt matt matt long-lasting lipgloss in shade 05 (simply be an icon). I found myself reaching for this on a night out in Scotland- it’s light to wear and not at all drying whilst giving a super bold punch of colour that didn’t budge all night, even several vodkas in. This matt shade costs £2.30 whilst the shine glosses are £2 each.

The second picture plays host to two lipsticks that couldn’t be more different if they tried. First up is the sheer and shine lipstick in the shade candy love (12). For anyone who loves a “your lips but better” look this is the lipstick for you. It’s so sheer in colour and so light to wear you wouldn’t really know you’ve got anything on. I’ve been popping this on when I’m running late and want to look a bit more polished in a hurry. This has become the ultimate handbag staple for me! Secondly we have the matt matt matt lipstick in shade 08 which is a deep, dark burgundy colour perfect for wearing with this season’s Victoriana trend. This isn’t a lipstick for the faint hearted as it really doesn’t budge once it is on, but it has a super light texture and non-drying formula that I love. Both of these products cost £2.30 each.

Are you team matt or team shine when it comes to lipsticks? Let me know in the comments.


Products sent to me by Essence for blog post consideration.

Xtava Twist Curling Wand review and giveaway

Over the last twelve months I’ve really got in to styling my hair, ever since I took the plunge and went for a new style and bold colour I’ve been determined to make more of an effort with it, both in taking care of it and in how I wear it. My army of tools is basic- a dryer, straightener and a curling wand. My current wand has definitely seen better days so I welcomed the chance to try out a new one as well as give one away to one of my readers.
This is the xtava twist curling wand* which costs a very reasonable £20 from Amazon. Call me a snob if you must but I do seem to have fallen in to the habit of spending a fortune on hair tools with the belief that they’ll somehow be better for my hair, or give greater effect so I was interested to see how a budget curling wand would perform.

This is the 1-1.5 inch conical wand, it’s thicker than the one I currently own and for me that’s a good thing. I prefer a looser curl over tight spirals and this gives me exactly that. In true Laura style I haven’t yet managed to photograph the results (watch this space!) but it gives a wave type curl (technical term) which I’m really enjoying for an every day laid back vibe.

In terms of quality I’m really happy. It uses ionic technology to keep frizz at bay and the barrel is coated in tourmaline and ceramic to help minimise heat damage to the hair. There are many temperature settings on this wand with a guide of what heat will suit your hair type best- the LCD display is a helpful feature too as you can keep track of how hot you’ve got it.

The look and feel of this curling wand would have you think it costs far more than it does- from the luxe packaging to the weight and feel of the tool itself- I’d definitely recommend this for anyone looking out for a new curler whether you are on a budget or not.

I also have one xtava curling wand to give away to one of my readers so you may get to try it out for yourself! Just follow the simple instructions below.

Win the xtava Twist Curling Wand #11

Let me know in the comments what your favourite hair styling tools are and if there are any you’d especially recommend.