27.11 favourite recipes

Yesterday I recieved a request to share some of my favourite baking recipes on the blog,
I’m on a real baking kick at the moment, and I’m more than happy to oblidge! Most of the recipes I use, are ones found online, so I’ve created a list of links so you can browse at your leisure. Enjoy!

Flapjacks are so simple to make, and always a crowd pleasure. The thing I love most about making these is you can swap the dried fruit and nuts for anything your heart desires.

I made these lemon fairy cakes for my end of college picnic, instead of the suggested garnish, I used a daisy cutter to make shapes from fondant, and piped pink icing to make a summery decoration.


These oat biscuits could not be easier. I added in a 45g bag of M&Ms for a colourful treat


Rice Krispy treats are super more-ish and sticky, good fun to make.


What are your favourite recipes?
These are only a teeeeeeny selection of what I love to make, and I have stacks more recipes to try out soon…but a few more won’t hurt 😉

I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post!

Happy Friday xxx

44 comments for “27.11 favourite recipes

  1. Oh your lemon fairy cakes look absolutely delicious!! You must be really good at baking:)

  2. What a yummy post! The fairy cakes look sooooo pretty!!

  3. Thank you for the sweet comments!

    I am having a Black Friday special at my shop:


    Happy shopping!

  4. Oh my goodness, heavenly recipes and yoummy photographs. I feel an afternoon of baking may be on the cards for tomorrow, just need to find my pinny.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. Everything looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing your favorite recipes. I’m definitely going to have to try out those lemon fairy cakes! 🙂

  6. those cupcakes are gorgeous

  7. yum! :))
    I love brownies and cupcakes and…
    have a lovely weekend, darling Laura.

  8. THe cookies look yummy 😀

  9. Please send some of those little fairy cakes my way – they are adorable! My favorite recipes include any type of batter…cake, cupcake, pancake! 🙂

  10. I love the sweet treats!

  11. yummy oat cookies

  12. Scrumptious post, darling! Thanks for sharing your recipes 🙂

    Will have to try those lemon yummies!


  13. The cupcakes look beyond yummy. I love to bake, but I mostly stick to bread and brownies. Heehee.

  14. The fairy cakes look amazing!!! I love baking too, my favourites are: Rosewater madeline biscuits, scones, Jamie Oliver’s king of puddings and any sort of cupcake!

  15. Oh I liked this post 🙂 We like making brownies here… but I also make a mean scone every now and then… and recently made my first ever crumble! (I was very impressed with myself!)

  16. Your cakes might to be very very good but i like a simple apple pie

  17. Oh Im getting peckish now, I love fairy cakes, yours look so cute!
    Have a great weekend, xoxo

  18. loving the fairycakes, inspired to do some baking now 🙂 have a lovely weekend xx

  19. Jen

    Drool! They all look so deliciously tasty. I might give the oak cakes a whirl… they look easy! And easy is good when it comes to me and baking!

  20. OHMIGOD, your food looks so good, come and cook for us, they look amazingly tasty!
    Love, The Poor Little Rich Girl’s.x

  21. Yum yum yum!
    The fairy cakes look soooo good.
    I love making cupcakes, they’re so cute ;).

  22. mmmmm, it all looks so yummy! 🙂

    thank you sooo much for your lovely comment…I seriously adore you and your blog, and I will still be reading and commenting! thank you sooo much! your so lovely 🙂


  23. Mmm.. yum yum, every one of those look delicious! Aah, I’m craving for some rice krispy treats now.
    I got into baking brownies a couple of months ago, and lately I learnt how to make mini croissants. Might make some later, actually!

  24. M & M cookies!! Hands down! I love cookies in general!! I’m ashamed to admit I’m too lazy to cook anything though 😛 xxoxoxo

  25. those fairy cakes are so cute!!

  26. yummy yummy yum yum! i love those cookies. they look like monsters, but really cute.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  27. Uuu yummy ! Looks good 😉

  28. why are your rice krispies so perfect… mine are sucky and overwhemlingy sticky lol

    Vi from Cali

  29. I love adding lemon to fairy cakes! you’re a very meticulous decorator! my fave is monte carlo bisuits with honey and jam filling 🙂

  30. AHHHH 🙂 My stomach is rumbling. Those Krispy Kakes look sooooo good….

    I am a total sugar addict, oh my lord! My favorite recipe is Red Velvet cupcakes. They are gorgeous, and pretty simple to make – you should look up the recipie!

    Great blog,

    Panda xx

  31. such a delicious post!…thanks for all the great pics!


  32. Kb

    Yum, yum, yum I love flapjacks too, but my next aim is to make some cupcakes to save money (as I’m addicted to buying them in London). I definitely need to get back into baking, I remember one day where I randomly made three different cakes!

  33. my favs is rice krispy, yummmmmy 🙂


  34. That’s funny I thought the rice krispies recipe was just an American thing! fond childhood memories:my dad (& sibs) were/are the ones into baking, not our mom, but she did make a mean rice krispie treat! (with our help).

    LOVE the fairy cakes, they’re beautiful and that’s a great tip with the cookie cutter.

    Hope you’re feeling better: I bet that’s why you’re feeling chilled, I really hope you don’t have a fever. I hate that chilled to the bone feeling.


  35. I looooove making flapjack! I want to make a pumpkin pie. Wish me luck.

  36. darling its an hour to midnight but ive a sudden hankering for a baked goodie! this looks so good honey

  37. looks so tasty! what you did to the fairy cakes was so creative. and i lovvvvve rice krispie treats (especially with peanut butter). Believe it or not i’m yet to try flapjacks, must put it on my mental to do list!

  38. J.

    wow, those all look delicious!

  39. I love it! Very creative!That’s actually really cool

  40. They all look lovely!!! I’m having a tea party again today. This week its a Vietnamese theme. Pop in for some green tea and rambutan cake 🙂

  41. look at you being all pro with the fondant – those little cakes look lovely! 🙂

    I have to say that I love making chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting, although I don’t do it a whole lot.

    My other favourite recipes are Lazy Daisy Cake and Seven Layer Squares. Yum!