Wish list- Swatch at House of Watches

How many watches does a girl need? This is a question I have to ask myself every time I catch myself browsing one of the several sites I frequent to get my fix of wrist wear. I already have a rather large collection but upon a recent peruse of House of Watches I’ve found myself coveting a whole new aesthetic in the form of some new designs from Swatch.

Swatch is probably the first watch brand I remember showing an interest in (even pre-dating the “had to have it” Baby G). I’ve always loved their fun and funky designs and cool plastic straps. I recall being very envious when Mum was given a lovely pink Swatch watch for Christmas one year, one that has since come in to my posession- which reminds me I really need to get a new battery for it…

I love a brand that keeps consistent with their designs- they are instantly recognisable yet manage to evolve to fit in with current trends. I’m really taken with the hot pink glitter watch with sparkly dial for a fun and sporty vibe whereas the printed floral ones are great for jazzing up an otherwise dull outfit. It also looks like Swatch are going down a slightly sleeker line with their metallic pink and rose gold offerings- a grown up twist for those who can’t wear, or don’t like to wear a metal watch I suppose.

The watches are also affordable which is good news for me- I’m thinking perhaps my back to work treat to myself will be one of the designs I’ve featured above…I mean, I already own more than a dozen watches but who’s keeping count?


Gift Inspiration: Stylish Watches from Accurist

If I’m looking to give a really special gift to someone then one of the first things I look at is watches. I don’t know why but I find them easier to match to personality than say jewellery- perhaps because it’s easier to go for something classic that anyone will love whilst still retaining that special touch. Today’s gift inspiration comes from Accurist watches who have almost 70 years experience of creating watches that excel in style, reliability and quality. I’ve split this in to two parts with inspiration for both the men and the ladies in our lives- if you are looking to treat your other half or spoil mum and dad this Christmas then do read on…

one | two | three

I think the first watch would be perfect for the dads and grandads whilst the rose gold one would be brilliant for a fashion savvy other half or perhaps even brother if you’re feeling generous. The middle watch is just an excellent all rounder and a real classic piece.

one | two | three

I’d be utterly made up to receive any of the three watches in my ladies selection especially the middle one. Again I’ve gone with fairly classic designs which will suit any style personality, of course all with a rose gold edge which I’m still not over!

Have you ever been given a watch as a gift? What do you think of the idea? They also make a great little hint to someone who is always late…


Summer Heatwave from Guess Watches

It’s been a while (and by a while I mean over a month) since I last featured Guess on the blog and I knew that in the absence of e-mails and new collections they must be working on something good. I wasn’t wrong; last week their new watch collection, Summer Heatwave hit my inbox and as is always the case with their collections I couldn’t resist sharing.
Perfect with a tan and equally as good for brightening up a less than sunny day (this is Britain after all!) the collection features warm gold faces with colour-pop silicone straps. Available in Hot Pink, Sea Green and Dazzling White these are just gorgeous. After purchasing my Mulberry bag I’m not in a position to buy anything right now, but if I was then the hot pink would be winging it’s way to my wrist as I type.
The RRP of these watches is £159.00 and you can buy online at Goldsmiths. Which one do you fancy?


daisy chain dreaming: colour pop watches

Despite rarely remembering to put one on I have a bit of a watch obsession and can’t resist a cheeky browse every now and again. Looking for one to wear the other day I realised my collection was a little lacking in the colour department- mostly black and metals with a little bit of neutral c/o my Olivia Burton beauty. On a rare afternoon off of work I sat down and had a flick through The Branded Watch Shop website and came across a huge selection of colour pop watches for all budgets. The above collage only really skims the surface of my findings, it was hard to narrow anything down enough to share on the blog, I could have quite easily just posted the website link and had done with it!
The thing I really loved about the website was that you could search by brand. I’m not a brand snob at all but I am a little bit OCD and like to keep things neatly separate when I’m shopping especially when it’s an area I’m not entirely familiar with. The first watch I fell for was the raspberry pink DKNY number at the top left hand side of this post; I already own one DKNY watch and can confirm happily that you get what you pay for (which is often the case with branded watches I’ve found). Next up on the list are a few brands I’ve not bought from watch-wise before- Juicy Couture (top right), Toy Watch (middle left) and Paul’s Boutique (middle right). I’d be really interested in hearing from anyone who has owned wrist-wear by these brands before as I may be tempted to buy one of these…
Last but not least is the yellow number from Firetrap, at only £17.50 (and also available in hot pink and a bright orange) this is the budget option and potentially a sneaky pay day treat to myself. I have one Firetrap watch, a silver studded number and it’s put up with a lot of not so tender loving care and is still going strong.
Do you have an obsession with time pieces? I have to say my mobile has made me lazy when it comes to wearing one but I am determined to change that. Tell me about your favourite watch or which one/s you are currently coveting.

Zadig & Voltaire at WatchShop.Com

My obsession with watches is well documented on this blog – I might only be able to wear one at a time, but I can never resist adding a new time piece to my collection, and this is further fuelled by a great working relationship with a leading watch retailer. I was recently sent a stunning new piece by Zadig & Voltaire, they have long been a brand I have admired so the news they are now stocked at WatchShop.com was both welcome and dangerous.

Watch c/o Zadig & Voltaire at WatchShop.com | Ring c/o Karl Lagerfeld at WatchShop.com

WatchShop.com also very kindly sent me the Karl Lagerfeld watch of my dreams, which I recently featured in a wish list post so right now I feel like the luckiest, and best accessorised girl around. The ring is everything I hoped it would be, and more…and the watch, well despite owning countless styles at this point, all of which I love, this one has 100% reached it’s way to the top spot and hasn’t left my wrist since it’s arrival. The attention to detail in this watch is incredible and it just looks so classy, and yet a little bit badass too.

I’ve got an outfit post coming later this week showing just one of the ways in which I’ve been wearing these pieces, and also gives a glimpse of what I wear during my 9-5 life.

In the meantime, let me know which watches you are most coveting right now, and which designers just seem to get it right every damn time.