So this post concludes my trio of outfit posts in collaboration with the fabulous Wearall and it just so happens that I was given another opportunity, this time to create a personalised top from YourDesign (who have a whole selection of personalised t-shirts to choose from) which when added together made for the perfect casual outfit. It’s also a debut post for my spur of the moment hair colour change- booked in to go for my usual pinky/red shade I made the snap decision to go, well, orange! I’m not 100% sure how much I love it at the moment, I think I’ll probably go back to red after this but it’s fun to have something to bright- especially given how bleached out my hair was looking prior to my trip to the hairdresser- it’s not usually this floofy but humid weather conditions and a disposition to frizz were against me.

Skirt c/o Wearall (get it here) | Baseball tee c/o YourDesign | Trainers: Puma

I love a good slogan tee so being presented with the opportunity to create my own was fantastic. Out of the range that YourDesign offers I decided to go for a classic baseball tee, which costs a very reasonable £15 and emblazoned it with two of my favourite things in life- cats and coffee. You can select from a range of images and fonts from those on the YourDesign website or you can upload your own photos which also makes it a great gifting option. The whole process was really simple to do and delivery was quick so if you can’t find the slogan you’re looking for on the high street, or are looking for an extra special gift then I can’t recommend the service from YourDesign enough.

I have praise for Wearall as well, each and every item I’ve been sent by the brand has been great. Sizes do tend to be a bit on the small size so do bear that in mind, but again with swift delivery and plenty of special offers and discounts I strongly suggest heading over there for a new-season spend up.

This is me signing off for a week or so now- I’m off on holiday tomorrow- a week in The Highlands with my boyfriend and I couldn’t be more ready for the break!
Blogging will resume once I’m home and recovered and hopefully I’ll be feeling refreshed and full of new ideas for the blog as well as a whole host of new content from my trip away.

If you were designing your own slogan t-shirt, what would it say?


Autumnal Embroidery

Allow me to join the bazillion people pondering out loud how on earth we find ourselves in September again- it wouldn’t feel so much of a shock, or shame if we’d had a noteworthy summer, but the fact the nights are drawing in and it’s looking decidedly grey and dull outside makes it feel more like a punishment. Still, it’s an excuse to change up one’s wardrobe I suppose and embrace a whole new colour palette- gone are the sugary sweet pastels, replaced instead with rich and earthy tones such as the beautiful berry shade that features in the second of my outfit posts in collaboration with Wearall.

Jeans c/o Wearall (get them here) | Tee: Primark | Sandals: Asda

Embroidery is the one trend I’m not ready to let die and I love everything about these jeans. From their perfectly relaxed fit through to the colour way of the details they tick all of my denim boxes and I’ve been wearing them to death. I’ve talked about autumn at the start of this post but actually these photos were taken over the August bank holiday (which granted us with some much needed sunshine!) after finally roping my boyfriend on board with the photography side of things. I think my blogging still bemuses him somewhat, but he’s a good egg and didn’t take much persuading.

The third and final instalment of my Wearall collaboration will be up on Friday, shortly before I clock out and head off on a week long break up in the Scottish Highlands. To say I need this is a massive understatement- just don’t mention the weather!


Late to the Game

It’s probably not escaped anyone’s notice that off the shoulder has been a big trend over the last few months. As is standard with me it’s a fashion that I’m very slow on the uptake with, and it’s only now, thanks to a collaboration with online fashion retailer WearAll that I’m trying it out.

This post is the first of three in partnership with WearAll, a brand I also teamed up with last year. They’ve got some great on trend pieces in stock at the moment and everything is super affordable too.

Dress c/o WearAll (get it here) | Shoes c/o Lotus

This isn’t my usual style of dress at all, I’ve always dismissed it as being too young for me, or too dressy for the kind of life I lead. That and I assumed that the off the shoulder design would be irritating- it’s not in this case thanks to the addition of thin straps too. This is exactly why I love collaborating with brands though- a chance to try things I’d otherwise never get around to and discovering that actually, I can pull it off.

Teamed with these vibrant blue court shoes from Lotus this is the kind of outfit I’d wear for a date night with Bob. I can equally see myself dressing it down a bit with a pair of Converse or my pink puma trainers to make it more suitable for day wear. Either way I do really like this dress and it’s a welcome addition to my wardrobe. Long term readers will know I’m partial to a spot of floral and the colours in this dress make it ideal for the upcoming Autumn months.

Are there any styles you tend to avoid? If so, do you think you could be persuaded to give them a go? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for the next of my WearAll outfit posts.


Simple Stripes

Along with the dungarees from Monday’s post I was also sent a dress by Wearall that I’ve practically lived in since it arrived. My wardrobe has lacked a simple striped jersey dress since the beginning of time so I was really excited to find one that not only did I like the look of online but that lived up to expectations in real life too.

Dress c/o Wearall (get it here) | Boots: Banana Republic

Honestly this is probably the most comfortable item of clothing that I currently own and for £20.00 you really can’t go wrong with this dress. It comes in a couple of other colour combinations which I am putting serious thought in to, perfect for chilling out in especially when the weather is so bloomin’ temperamental!

Given that the weather has been dodgy at best I paired the dress with my new ankle boots that I picked up in the Banana Republic sale on my birthday. Reduced from £129.99 to just £34.99 I couldn’t leave these in the store, I was planning to put them away for the autumn but just couldn’t bear to. Banana Republic isn’t a shop I’ve ever been overly familiar with but as I was lucky enough to win a gift card I had a good nosy around their store in Bath and was smitten with the quality and quantity of fantastic pieces they do. A bit out of my price range, but the sale was excellent so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for further bargains!

For a more summery look the dress would look equally good with a pair of chunky heels like this pair from Jones Bootmaker. I really don’t need any more shoes (how often do I say this?) but I do feel my collection is lacking on the simple sandals front…

What do you think of these simple stripes? I love how the zipper detail on the front stops a classic edging in to the boring territory.


Dungarees Revisited

If there’s one item of clothing I never thought I’d become a big fan of then it’s dungarees. Up until a couple of years ago I thought I’d left them firmly in my childhood days but as they began to reappear on the catwalks and the high street I found myself oddly enchanted by them and have added a few pairs to my wardrobe, including these new additions that came to me via fashion e-tailer Wearall.

Dungarees c/o Wearall (get them here) | Holographic Converse: Schuh | White Tee: Primark

I haven’t owned any black denim for a very long time and it wasn’t until these arrived that I realised how much I had missed it. I really like these skinny fit dungarees, they have a slightly cropped length so they show off my new holographic pale pink Converse (a birthday present) to perfection and wearing this I felt a little less dressed down than I do in blue denim. A casual take on monochrome makes for my ultimate chill out outfit, and I have an awful lot of chilling out time on my hands at the moment.
I’ve had previous experience with Wearall and was impressed then and I’m even more impressed now. It took a bit of sifting to find things that fitted in with my personal style but bother the dungarees and another item I have sent are of excellent quality and the fits are perfect.
Are there any trends that you never thought you’d revisit? I’m just hoping shell suits don’t make a comeback as knowing me, I could be tempted…