A Touch of Luxury- Nail Art Inspiration for 2017*

You wouldn’t know it from looking at my poor, neglected hands but once upon a time I was big on making sure my nails were always painted and experimented often with nail art. Getting a job in healthcare put paid to that though and despite having not worked for (what is somehow) almost a year I just haven’t got back in to the habit apart from the odd shellac manicure when I was first signed off.

I was recently sent over a copy of a great eBook put together by Ellisons which provides some interesting facts and tips when it comes to your nails- from what your favourite nail polish colour says about you to the biggest nail trends for 2017 (using essie gel from Ellisons).

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ebook redo 2017
The eBook made for a great little read and reference point- apparently my most often chosen pink nails (when I do bother) means I’m a romantic person which I kind of beg to differ on but you know…others may disagree! In terms of the nail trends for 2017 I’m relieved to see they are all wearable and achievable and are certainly inspiring me to dig out my nail polishes. With spring around the corner I can see myself attempting a pastel rainbow vibe (although perhaps not as advanced as the one I’ve pictured further up in the post), colour blocking I can totally see myself doing and once I’m back at work in an admin capacity will probably become a default whilst I make the most of being able to have painted nails at work- I’m loving the idea of a combination of nude tones complimented by navy and perhaps an off white shade.

Where do you head when you’re looking for nail inspiration and what do you think of the predicted trends in this eBook? As I said before I think it makes for a lovely little read and it’s certainly motivated me to give my hands some love.


3 comments for “A Touch of Luxury- Nail Art Inspiration for 2017*

  1. I’m such a succer for nude nails! Wish my nails looked good all the time!

    Tatyana x

  2. I’m pretty terrible when it comes to my nails, they’re thin and like to split if left unattended. Normally I just opt for a clear nail hardener / repair, possibly with a very pale nude colour on top. I cook a lot, which leads to lots of washing up… which isn’t great for nail varnish and the darker the colour of varnish, the more obvious it is when it chips. I can’t quite cope with that!

  3. I’ve been much the same recently until yesterday I forced myself to paint my nails as I have a terrible habit of biting them, so I’m glad I did! I’m trying to grow them out again, os this post is good inspiration for that! I love that first nail look, with that iridescent sheen, so pretty. Though I’ve never attempted any nail art before so maybe I should use this post as inspiration and have a go! Lovely ideas here Laura. Hope you’re doing well lovely. <3 – Tasha