A Winter Escape #EscapeForWinter*

Imagine you could pick anywhere in the world to spend the Winter months, well, anywhere cold and snowy that is. That was exactly the task assigned to me by Julian Charles the other day and Bob and I spent a great deal of time talking about what we would do and where we would go.

In the end we decided that we’d hop on over to Iceland to spend some time in a glass igloo- something that might sound like a punishingly cold way to spend the Winter, but upon further research sounds more and more appealing.

Photo by Rucksack Magazine on Unsplash

Made from thermal glass, the igloos actually provide a snug and warm environment which allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of Iceland- and if you’re really lucky, catch sight of the elusive Northern Lights.

Kitted out with a bed, toilet facilities, log fires and more, I can think of nothing better than cozying down in bed or on a beanbag with the thickest of duvets and faux fur throws known to man kind whilst enjoying the spectacular surroundings. From my brief bit of research I’m also 100% down with the daytime activities on offer- one supposes you can’t spend all of your time there in a cosy little nest at least!
From husky sledging to snowmobile hire I actually really want to book this escape right now despite really not being a big fan of cold weather and potential frostbite.

If we were going to be there for any length of time I’d be sure to pack some extra bits and pieces to make our dwelling extra warm and cosy- some giant scented candles to provide a warm glow, some super warm blankets and several hot water bottles for starters.

Wardrobe wise a new winter coat would most certainly be in order, as would some super warm footwear and a trapper hat for day time attire and the thickest dressing gown, fleecy pyjamas and sheepskin lined slippers for night.

I’m imagining plenty of comfort food being on offer- from traditional Icelandic dishes (plenty of fresh fish) to simple soups and bread for warming lunches. I’ll probably be rolling home several kilos heavier but will definitely be avoiding local delicacies such as dried fish or sheep’s head.

Julian Charles have also put together a great e-book to serve as inspiration for anyone looking to escape the ordinary this winter. Reading this gave me a serious case of wanderlust and I’m pretty sure that it will do the same to you, too.

What would be your dream winter escape, and how would you keep cosy and warm whilst there?


Collaborative post with Julian Charles.

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  1. Wow that would be amazing. I’m not sure exactly where I’d go but definitely somewhere snowy. I have only seen snow once in my whole life and that was 17 years ago.