AM to PM

Working just the afternoon on a Thursday gives me the best of both worlds…

slouchy comfort for the morning

smarten up for the afternoon

why is it the older the dress, the more compliments I get? clearly my taste has got worse as I’ve aged!
New favourite ring!

Don’t forget to vote for me here; Matalan Style Project

I’ve also been featured on the Jon Richard jewellery blog!

Sincere apologies if the post title has left you with this song stuck in your head.

gotta love a blast from the past!


17 comments for “AM to PM

  1. What. A. Chhooon!! hahaa, takes me back a few years 😛
    Love the ring missy x

  2. Love both outfits! The afternoon dress is gorgeous. Absolutely love your ring as well.

  3. I really love that dress you look fab in it!
    Kandi x

  4. LOVE your new fave ring, it’s super pretty.

    Loving the dress for afternoon, and wish my slouchy comfy stuff was bloggable. Hell scruffy track pants with a bleach stain over the knee…

  5. Cute dress! And I love the ring too:)
    Always fun to listen to old songs like that when you haven’t heard them in a while. Instantly brings you back to “the olden days” 😉

  6. Love that ring! x

  7. I love the style of the dress you’re wearing in the second photo ( I like puffy short sleeves) and I think your taste has stayed consistently good. Cute song in that YouTube video.

  8. You look fantastic in both photos but I do love you in a maxi skirt and that is a cracker

  9. ohhhh!! i love your ring! and you gray and black dress! so smart!

  10. Gorgeous ring!


  11. I get a phishing warning everytime I click off Reader to get to your blog. What the eff?

    Anyway, I proceeded because i Bl-ove ya and I would love to be your roommate so I could raid your closet.

  12. “clearly my taste has got worse as I’ve aged!” made me LOL.

  13. I absolutely love your style of clothing!!

  14. lol, that song sure takes me back!

  15. D.

    I used to love that song!

  16. love the little dress!