animal magic

This blouse; it must be 5/6 years old now, an impulse buy from Dorothy Perkins, unworn and languishing in my wardrobe. I re-discovered it last week whilst doing my usual “so many clothes yet nothing to wear” act and admitted defeat and placed it on the charity shop pile. Firmly embedded in my mind, a few days later I grabbed it off the pile and decided to finally try it on and see what it went with. Turns out it’s a pretty versatile top and now part of my working wardrobe.
This skirt has more than paid for itself since I snagged it in the River Island sale just after Christmas! It’s probably one of my most worn pieces, and despite the animal print it is perfect for the office.

Flash says relax.
Sorry for all the kitty pics! As you can see, someone has been milking his ordeal as much as possible. How can you refuse something so pathetic looking?

Happy Friday folk,
here’s to a quiet (violence free) weekend

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  1. I’ll second that, let’s hope we’ve seen an end to to violence.
    Flash is adorable, so glad he’s on the mend πŸ™‚
    Glad you saved that top from the charity bag, it’s really cute.
    Have a smashing weekend x

  2. awww poor Flash

    Love that top x

  3. Great outfit – I love finding things that you haven’t worn for ages!! :p

    Oh and I hope flash gets better soon!


  4. love that skirt, it’s fab for work πŸ™‚ and i quite often decide to get rid of something, and then decide actually i’ll give it another try..

  5. Angela

    Glad to hear Flash is on the mend!
    That’s a nice re-discovered top.

  6. Awww what a sweetheart Flash is <3
    I love your outfit so pretty, that shirt really is great good job you kept it xoxo

  7. It’s fun rediscovering old clothes. πŸ™‚

    Really hoping for no more hoo ha this weekend.


  8. Every time I see you in this skirt I wish it was mine!

  9. Vix

    I’m glad you’re dressing to cat print in honour of poor Flash. Don’t cats milk the sympathy? They are worse than a man with a sniffle. x

  10. Fab outfit hun!!! And Flash is such a cutie :o)

  11. Love the outfit and the cutie at the bottom! He is lovely!! xx

  12. Poor Flash – he needs squillions of smushy hugs.

    I love that skirt. I have a disturbing obsession with animal print!

  13. i have this skirt and i wear it all the time. the shirt looks too sweet with it. love it xx

  14. Oh bless him! He is so gorgeous.

    X x

  15. I’m glad Flash is on the mend! I hope he’s a good kitty and takes his medicine, it’s a nightmare with cats! Slightest whiff of tablets and my cat turns her nose up!

  16. Great outfit, I particularly love the top!

  17. Flash seems to get more adorable by the day x

  18. That top looks so versatile, I’m sure it would work with loads of looks, maybe chinos?

  19. Don’t ever apologise for all the cat pics – I love them, i’m a big fan of Flash! More, please! πŸ™‚ xxx

  20. I never mind seeing Flash!

    And I totally understand too, I’ve been posting a lot of Misty pics ever since I found out she was sick. When something’s wrong you really remember how precious your time with them is and I’m really trying to make the most out of it. And I’m hoping that it’ll still last years and years:)

  21. Glad you liked the links post Laura and I’m glad Flash is feeling better too! I love the skirt, and the top’s very pretty too. xxx

  22. I love that skirt- it’s really fierce without looking trashy, which is great for animal print. Looks fab on you hun πŸ™‚

    Glad to see Flash is doing better, so cute!

    Nat x

  23. love the dress print looking superb

  24. I don’t care how old that blouse is, it looks great with the leopard print xxx

  25. Loving the skirt (and your red hair)! xx

  26. love your outfit!

  27. Cool combo with the white tee and the leopard print – love it!

  28. Gem

    Love that leopard skirt, wish I had snapped it up last year because I can’t find anything like it now πŸ™