I couldn’t resist wearing my Monsoon Fusion apple print dress today after spritzing myself in DKNY Be Delicious perfume. Taking matching to an extreme, non?



Sorry for the horrendous photos, thats what you get when your up and dressed before daylight truly breaks through.

Apologies in advance if I am slow in commenting on blogs over the next couple of days, this week is turning out to be a busy one in the best possible way!
(Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels guilty for not commenting on blogs every day?!)

Have a fabulous Wednesday


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  1. Lovely outfit- those colours seem perfect for autumn… a nice change from the usual browns i tend to stick to!

    I’m yet to smell that perfume…and it’s been around years. Fail.


  2. The dress and the tights are both totally delicious !!
    and a buys week is definitely good!!:)
    i feel guilty that i read blog posts on reader on my phone, and can’t comment from that, so i never comment on all the posts i read but i think i have ;S xxx

  3. I think it’s cool you matched your perfume and clothing! Lovely dress btw.

    I feel the exact same way. Sometimes there’s just not enough time to both comment and blog. It makes me feel so guilty too haha.

  4. I absolutely LOVE that dress, it’s just so cute. Looks fab with the tights as well.

    Commenting takes soooo long, especially if you follow lots of blogs, and I don’t like to leave one liners, so yup, there’s definitely guilt going on sometimes!

  5. So funny! As soon as I saw the picture I thought of be delicious! Loving your extreme matching!

  6. ok, i might be fashion challenged but… i love matching. i mean, i personally try not to be too matchy, but there’s nothing wrong with matching in general, is there?

    i think this outfit is really cute! i love the colours 🙂

  7. Oh I love that dress. Nice to see that horrible weather hasn’t stopped people from wearing colourful prints!

    Bhav x

  8. NOA

    Lovely dress!!! The colour is beautiful! You are very fantastic and elegant! ;D


  9. This is definitely one of my favourites of your outfits. I love the coloiur and print and it looks fabulous with those tights.

  10. such a great colour for a gress:) you look stunning!
    I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it! You have great style and I love reading your posts:)
    So i’m going to follow you on bloglovin!
    Hope to see you visit me and, if you like, follow me back !

    Lots of love,

    have a great day!

  11. Awww that’s such a pretty dress, it looks gorgeous on you xoxo

  12. That´s a pretty dress. And it looks great on you. I feel a little quilty when I don´t resond to comments, because I always try to. But if I don´t I just don´t worry about it. It´s not that beig of a deal.So don´t feel guilty.


  13. D.

    I love the colors 😀

  14. Such a bonny dress 🙂

    Katie xox

  15. Wow, I love that dress, so pretty! Isn’t the DKNY apple purfume delicious in every sense of the word?!

  16. I can never keep up with commenting on blogs, or commenting back, I’m always catching up, so don’t feel too bad.

    Love your dress, you look lovely 🙂

  17. That’s clever matching! Don’t worry about commenting, I feel guilty when I miss a day, too. xxx

  18. You look lovely in green! I find that color hard to wear, but the outfit you put together is adorable.

  19. of course you are not the only one feeling guilty about that ^^
    Don’t worry 🙂
    love those tights so much**

  20. Love this dress, such a delicate print and a fabulous colour xx

  21. I love this outfit, it’s so cheery!

  22. I love love love this dress. You are perfect =]

  23. I understand you, because of uni I can comment only twice a week, I feel so guilty:(
    Love your dress!

  24. You’re definitely not the only one who feels bad for that one 🙂

    Love that dress!

    Enjoy your busy week =)

  25. not at all! i tend to dress according to whichever perfume i’m wearing for that day. well, most days i have on gucci envy (which was a gift as i would never buy it for myself being an absolute cheapskate) and find myself leaning towards blacks as well as grays. i dont know how all of that connects, though.

    anyway, you should read “the hours” and see the film afterwards. i have only recently watched the film and it is one of the most beautiful i have seen.

    love always!


  26. awwww… cute lil watermelon-touched dress!



  27. oh! love this aoutfit! so cute!!!

  28. So pretty!

    I love your poses too.

  29. i love the colour of that dress!

  30. That dress is beautiful!! I love it so much 🙂 x

  31. nothing wrong with a little matching. very cute look

    happy wednesday

    Vi from Cali

  32. What a cute outfit! I love the colors, you look super lovely!
    Boho Market Blog

  33. MJ

    Nice colour combo! I’m baaaaaack, hope you’re well!

  34. I just love colored tights, i really need to start getting some new tights myself for the holidays, this looks great. Very cute

  35. I am in love with your whole outfit! Those colors look amazing on you.

  36. I was so happy to see you pop in at Susu Paris Chic! You look very lovely in these minty, sugary tones. Your recovery is an inspiration to me. I’m on the same, good track. Not always easy but I will and can do it. Just like you. Isn’t life with due energy a lot sweeter? More stamina for fashion frenzies too;) Love ya, hugs!

  37. I love that dress! The colour is so pretty.

  38. I always feel guilty for not commenting back very quick too, but it’s not always possible! Love your outfit, colours work so well together.

  39. Such a pretty dress!

  40. that’s a cute and pretty outfit, you look lovely!

    xxx Charlie

  41. i just bumped into your blog! love it!


  42. Thanks for your comment, I’m such a fan of ruffles at the moment. They are top on my shopping list.

    I love your dress, it’s so sweet. Great buy!

    T-shirt and Tails

  43. i like how this matches but isn’t cliche, you look absolutel beautiful x

  44. i LOVE this colour combination so much! and yes, i always feel incredibly guilty for not replying to comments but unfortunately real life gets in the way sometimes 😉

  45. Love the colours! Those tights are fab with the dress!

  46. one of the cutest outfits that I have seen you in!!!!! So adorable, I love it!! And lady, you are looking GORGEOUS, HEALTHY AND WONDERFUL!

  47. Anonymous

    Oooo! Love this outfit! the shoes too. -Becky

  48. I really adore your shoe boots!

  49. you wear colours so well. love this outfit!


  50. This dress is absolutely adorable! i love the colour and the sweet print

  51. I LOVE this dress and the tights you matched it with. I would have never thought of that colour combo but it looks amazing.


  52. Love the print on that dress! I am feeling so bad at the moment for being sooooo behind on reading and commenting on blogs!!