Autumnal Embroidery

Allow me to join the bazillion people pondering out loud how on earth we find ourselves in September again- it wouldn’t feel so much of a shock, or shame if we’d had a noteworthy summer, but the fact the nights are drawing in and it’s looking decidedly grey and dull outside makes it feel more like a punishment. Still, it’s an excuse to change up one’s wardrobe I suppose and embrace a whole new colour palette- gone are the sugary sweet pastels, replaced instead with rich and earthy tones such as the beautiful berry shade that features in the second of my outfit posts in collaboration with Wearall.

Jeans c/o Wearall (get them here) | Tee: Primark | Sandals: Asda

Embroidery is the one trend I’m not ready to let die and I love everything about these jeans. From their perfectly relaxed fit through to the colour way of the details they tick all of my denim boxes and I’ve been wearing them to death. I’ve talked about autumn at the start of this post but actually these photos were taken over the August bank holiday (which granted us with some much needed sunshine!) after finally roping my boyfriend on board with the photography side of things. I think my blogging still bemuses him somewhat, but he’s a good egg and didn’t take much persuading.

The third and final instalment of my Wearall collaboration will be up on Friday, shortly before I clock out and head off on a week long break up in the Scottish Highlands. To say I need this is a massive understatement- just don’t mention the weather!


5 comments for “Autumnal Embroidery

  1. I really like embroidery too! These are lovely as is the warm coloured t-shirt!

  2. Looking gorgeous, Laura! I’ve succumbed to the embroidery, too – the vintage stuff sells for ££££s so I snapped up some embroidered jeans from Zara for £6 instead! xxx

  3. You are looking wonderful! I love embroidery but I am doing well on a spending ban! xx

  4. The embroidered jeans look lovely and that burgundy colour really suits you. Feeling inspired to dig out some autumn colours this weekend!

  5. I like embroidery, on jeans and boots especially. I have a hankering to learn how to do it too, perhaps these darker nights are a good time to learn?