Baking- Mini Egg Cookie Bars

I have fond childhood memories of eating mini-eggs around Easter time, they were definitely a favourite and whilst these days I’m not such a fan [the recipe changed last year and I don’t care what anyone says, I can tell the difference!] my best friend still loves them, and I love my best friend so when I saw a recipe for Mini Egg cookie bars I decided to treat her.

I’m not going to post the actual recipe for it is not mine to post, instead I’ll direct you to it’s creator- the frankly genius Jane of Jane’s Patisserie [recipe link]. This woman’s blog has some of the best recipes I’ve seen and it’s an endless source of baking inspiration for me. I’ve made a few of her recipes now including the chocolate orange cookies and each and every thing turns out perfectly each time.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some pictures of the Mini Egg cookie bars as when I posted them on social media people went crazy for them- my best friend went on to declare them the “best cookies ever” which is high praise indeed and they really are so simple to make, perfect for any Easter themed gatherings you might be going to [even if that gathering just happens to be you and a pot of tea].
The basic recipe would lend itself beautifully to pretty much any chocolate addition and I’m tempted to give it a go with Rolos sometime for a soft and gooey caramel experience. I’ll definitely be making the Mini Egg version at least once more in the run up to Easter though and will be keeping a close eye on Jane’s blog for any other Easter themed bakes she comes up with- these Creme Egg cupcakes look amazing!
Have you got any Easter baking planned? Which are your favourite baking blogs to visit?


7 comments for “Baking- Mini Egg Cookie Bars

  1. These look and sound divine! x

    They look so.freaking.good.
    I want them for my breakfast.
    Jane’s Pattiserie blog is the best :)
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

  3. They do look sososo very nice. Thanks for the recipe link too!

    I don’t have a favourite baking blog – I tend to end up searching more for ‘proper food’, things I can have as main meals. That’s mostly because I have to eat a real meal most days and being a bit isolated out here in Germany, there’s no one to ship my extra baked goods off to!

  4. These look amazing! I never bake at Easter (or ever, actually) but may have to give these a go… x

    Sick Chick Chic

  5. Ooh these look so good! I’m like your friend, I still love the mini eggs, and I hadn’t even realised they’d changed the recipe, I do hate it when they do that, sometimes it can be great, other times, not so much! Love how these turned out though, they look so yummy. Will have to check out the original recipe and try and make some of these too! Hope you’re well lovely! – Tasha

  6. This looks amazing. I would love to try it especially because of the mini eggs.