Beating the January Blues with Essence

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, it’s almost inevitable that at some point in January you will find yourself feeling a little blue. For me the first couple of weeks were great, then illness hit and despite us being well past the middle of the month payday is STILL over a week away…try as I might I just can’t help but feel a little bit down in the dumps.

I’m much better at pulling myself out of these moments of self pity and wallowing these days though- following a few simple self care steps like early nights, decent nutrition, plenty of time outside when the weather allows and, on a more superficial note wearing bright makeup wherever possible…there’s nothing like a slick of red lipstick or a rosy pink glow on one’s cheeks to blast those blues away.

Products c/o Essence

Lucky for me my friends at Essence were waiting in the wings with a helping hand- they kindly sent me a selection of products to help banish those January blues.

The parcel included three nail polishes which I’ve swatched on my trusty nail wheel- I’m no longer sporting a shellac manicure but my nails are in no fit state to be seen! I’ve always been a massive fan of Essence nail products especially the gel range which costs just £1.60 per colour! This midnight blue is a stunning shade and makes a real statement! I’ve only recently reviewed the holographic and out of space polishes so I won’t go in to detail but most days have seen my sporting some sparkle on my now short and sad looking nails.

The highlighter is another product I reviewed not all that long ago and I’m very pleased to have a back up of this in my collection. The glow this gives is incredible- even more impressive that it only costs £3.50.

And finally we have the lipstick. A long-lasting stand out red shade that boasts incredible brightness and longevity without drying out my lips. It took me years to feel brave enough to rock red lipstick but it’s now my go to colour when I’m in need of a confidence boost.

So if you too are struggling to beat those winter woes and fancy a little pick me up by way of cosmetics and, like me are impatiently awaiting payday then head on down to your local Wilko store or buy online for a boost that really won’t break the bank.

How are you beating the January blues? Leave your best tips in the comments.


4 comments for “Beating the January Blues with Essence

  1. That red lipstick looks absolutely stunning on you Laura xx

  2. I clicked through to the highlighter post but it wouldn’t let me comment, anyway the highlighter looks very intriguing, but yes, as you say, a bit scary in the pan!

  3. I like that red lippy on you! Looks great! I just rarely wear make up now-I’m always so busy and tired that I only manage to leave the house after a shower, dressing and moisturising my face, let alone anything else!

  4. Aww that prismatic rainbow highlighter is totally out of this world, loving it so very much! The nail polishes also look heavenly; that sparkly pink! Rocking the red lipstick like the true bombshell you are gorgeous Laura, it suits you so perfectly <3

    At the moment I'm finding a hot bath with a face mask and a good book helps lift my spirits a little, and I'm also keen to try one of those LED light boxes to help with SAD. I've heard good things :D

    Sophie | soinspo xo

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