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I’ve been back from my trip to Scotland for just over a week now, and whilst it’s nice to be back in the world of wifi, phone signal and being within walking distance of a local shop I am seriously missing the isolation, quietness and natural beauty of the North West highlands.

We spent most of our trip in a static caravan on a site in Gairloch but made a trip over to the town of Ullapool where Bob lived and worked in a hotel for some time a few years ago. We booked a room in the hotel, caught up with some of his friends and family and found it to be the perfect environment to photograph my new watch by Bering at*.

The Bering Ladies’ Classic watch is hands down the classiest watch I own. The strap is a gorgeous khaki green and the dial is rose gold simplicity- perfect for wearing day and night. Since I’ve been home I’ve been wearing it daily for work, but whilst I was away I used it as a glam accessory for our night out in the hotel.

I wish I’d taken more photos at The Ceilidh Place as it’s hands down the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in to date. There are no televisions to be found, instead the rooms have a selection of books (and there’s a book shop attached to the hotel too) and a digital radio should you need more than the silence and enjoyment of a classic novel.
The rooms are cosy, clean and the bathroom was gorgeous. We ate at the hotel restaurant and I can happily confirm the food is delicious- I highly recommend the dressed crab. We stayed on for drinks too (a great array of gin!) and of course breakfast the next day…the perfect remedy for a sore head from the night before.
There’s a lovely vibe about the place and should you find yourself in Ullapool then I do recommend a stay here, or even just booking a table for dinner in the evening. I’ll do a photo re-cap post of my Scotland trip soon, life’s been absolute chaos since I’ve been back and I’m working pretty much full time again for the first time in ages but blog posts are brewing.

In the mean time, sit back, enjoy the pictures and let me know how you’d style this watch.


3 comments for “Bering at

  1. What a beautiful watch! It is, as you say, very classy. I think this would work well with most outfits, but it would be worth ‘keeping it nice’ for special occasions :)
    I like the sound of a hotel with a bookshop attached, and no TVs? That sounds like a little bit of heaven, but I do know a few people that wouldn’t enjoy that at all – they don’t do silence (or peace and quiet as I call it).
    Glad you had a lovely break

  2. I remember you saying that i would love this hotel and from reading this, I can see why you said that! It is RIGHT up my street!!! I would love to visit Scotland properly so thanks for the recommendation! The watch is really nice, very sleek!x

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