Blink and You’ll Miss It: How to Film the Perfect Wedding Video*

Your big day is fast approaching and you and your partner can’t wait to tie the knot but truth be told you’re worried about all those small wedding details that could go wrong on the big day- things like the wedding video for example.
Following you and your partner throughout the day your wedding videographer captures those timeless moments that you can look back at fondly once your wedding day is over. There are however a few things that you can do to make sure your wedding video looks great for years to come… so that you’re not afraid to show the grandchildren (where they’re guaranteed to laugh at the by then outdated technology!)
Together with Get Film, specialists in wedding videos in Newcastle we provide you with a few helpful tips that ensure your videographer gets the best possible shots on the day.

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Always communicate
Once you’ve picked a wedding videographer it would be a good idea to have a conversation with him or her as soon as possible. This gives you time to elaborate on what kind of video you would like- for example, should they be filming the light-hearted moments or should your video express the traditional aspects of a wedding and express the emotions you feel on the day?
Make sure they know each individual detail in advance; if the bride is wearing her grandmother’s earrings or the groom is wearing his father’s cufflinks these are aspects of the wedding day that the videographer can shoot so that your wedding has an individual and personal touch from the start.

Act natural and be yourself
Never pay attention to the camera, or your wedding videographer when they are around you. The essence of a wedding video is that it captures the true emotions of the day: laughter, tears, smiles and all.
Don’t get camera shy and remember, the wedding videographer is there to film not just you – but the whole day. If you know that the camera is going to affect the way you behave on the day then why not ask them to have the camera set at an angle to the direction of guests with the focus and camera settings set? This way everyone is still captured in the shot but it is not obvious that there is a camera pointing in their face.

Don’t rush the perfect shots
Even though you might want to turn your wedding video into a cinematic masterpiece it’s still important that the wedding videographer is there for those all-important moments like your first dance, cutting the cake and the vows.
Although your attention will be elsewhere on the day make sure that your videographer is hanging around for those important moments; to ensure the film maker catches the perfect shots of all those important moments throughout the day don’t go full speed ahead! When it comes to things like cutting the cake, putting the ring on and giving that all-important speech don’t rush it – not only will it savour the moment for you to enjoy it also allows the videographer to make sure they are in the right space and in focus to film the shot perfectly.

Practice makes perfect
As well as the big day make sure your videographer is at all of your rehearsals. This will help them make sure that there will be no problems with lighting, microphone placement and where they should stand so that their view isn’t blocked. This may cost a little bit more but trust us it will be worth it to ensure your day runs smoothly and the best footage is caught on camera.
This is also your last chance to consult with your videographer on any other requirements you have; remember, they can’t read your mind so it’s best to discuss any last-minute changes you have with them so that they’re always kept in the loop. Rehearsals also help you to understand where you will be in the shot on the day; knowing which way to walk in the church and in any other venues will help you look natural in your video without making any errors that may spoil the flow of the video.
Your wedding is the happiest day of your lives together so above anything else remember to have fun on the day, and your videographer will take care of the rest so that you can look over all the memories with a smile on your face.


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