Around a year ago now I introduced you lot to Boomf and their awesome idea of making personalised marshmallows. I’m delighted to see the brand go from strength to strength over the last twelve months whilst sticking to their unique selling point, and when they re-contacted me and asked if I’d like to feature another box I had no reservations about saying yes!
Last time I let the folk at Boomf pick the designs, this time I chose myself- and obviously went for a Mae theme.
The Marshmallows are expensive, I’m not gonna lie, at £15.50 for 9 (this includes speedy delivery) they are a luxury gift but in their defence they are something unique, pretty large and very, very tasty and I wouldn’t hesitate in purchasing these as a special gift for someone, nor be upset if someone purchased these as a gift for me! I’d rather get a box of Boomf than a block of posh but stinky cheese…
With Christmas not far away and the hunt for the perfect presents getting up to full speed I think you could do far worse than heading over to Boomf and getting creative…likewise, if you know someone with a special Birthday looming why not purchase a pack, pop some cocktail sticks in the bottom and turn them in to edible cake toppers?
This is one of those ideas that still gets my mind boggling- I want the kind of brain that comes up with such an invention. It’s also one of those ideas that I will forever love and be drawn to…now, who to put on a marshmallow next?


P.S. The only downside to putting your pet on a sugary confection is it makes them almost too cute to eat…almost!

3 comments for “Boomf!

  1. I love this idea! They would make great cake toppers

  2. This is such a cute idea! I’d love some Freddydog marshmallows haha x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. These look amazing, Mae is just so cute!

    Maria xxx