Brand Love: Yoshi

I feel like this post is LONG overdue as I’ve been admiring Yoshi and their amazing array of accessories for a very long time now. I believe it was the queen of quirky, Char who first put me on their scent and ever since then I’ve obsessively stalked their instagram and website seeking out the latest arrivals.
But what makes this brand stand out within such a saturated market? I’ll start off with a visual example of why I love them so much…
Cats, biscuits, books, flowers and dogs are just a few of the cute characters you’ll find splashed across Yoshi pieces. With everything from handbags to glasses cases and key rings to coin purses this is one of the first sites I hit up when I’m looking for a gift with the personal touch for someone I care about, or to create massive wish lists of pieces I want for myself.

Yoshi is a small family business that has over 50 years experience in working with leather. With their timeless values of quality, craft and workmanship it’s clear that they truly care about what they do and this shines through in the accessories they produce.

It was an absolute privilege when Yoshi got in touch with me on instagram asking if they could pop a couple of cat themed pieces in the post to me. Just because, no obligations. The pieces came beautifully packaged in gorgeous printed dust bags and the attention to detail is just spot on. This is exactly why I love to support small businesses- you get that extra something that you just can’t replicate with mass produced goods.

There is definitely something for everyone in Yoshi’s work and I can hands down say you can buy from them with confidence. The key rings are a personal favourite of mine for gift giving purposes, and once I know I can trust him not to lose it I might well treat my boyfriend to one of their men’s wallets.

What’s your favourite piece on the Yoshi Website? I’m kinda feeling that owning a Jammy Biscuit bag is bordering on essential right now!


7 comments for “Brand Love: Yoshi

  1. The book handbags are STUNNING! (But way out of my price range). I kind of want a dog purse though.

  2. Wow I love their designs they’re super cute xoxo


  3. I LOVE the Yoshi bags! I keep eyeing them up but I know it wouldnt go down too well at home if I bought one!
    One day though – it;s just a matter of which one?! :D

  4. Well, that is very kind of them- they must have checked out your stats and readership and know you are a very good collaborator to give them lots of exposure and love! Their bags are gorgeous!

  5. Rose

    Amazing bags, top class quality and unique designs. Great sale items and often offer up to 25% off discounts and free P&P making them very reasonably priced. Have my eyes on at least six items currently!

  6. I love the party ring keyring :) the stripes collection is lovely too!

  7. I’ve just made a purchase! #oops