How To Make Your Jewellery Choices More Meaningful*

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We all love wearing beautiful jewellery. But the feeling is so much more powerful when your purchases have a meaning behind them

There are many mistakes that could be made when buying jewellery. But ignoring the need for a meaningful connection is undoubtedly one of the worst. So, how can you be sure that your jewellery will provide the comfort you crave? Here’s all you need to know.

Look For Jewellery That Says Something About You

Millions of people wear jewellery that feels personal to them. There are several ways to achieve that personalised touch. Engravings are a great option when giving jewellery as a gift or buying an item to commemorate a special date in your life. It’s not the only choice, though.

An alternative solution is to buy jewellery that features your birthstone. It gives a subtle nod to who you are, even if you are not overly interested in zodiac signs. Lockets and jewellery pieces that feature a photo of a loved one will naturally give them more meaning too. Not least because the product will be tailored exclusively to you.

Have Jewellery Custom Made For You

Even when you find a beautiful ring or bracelet, it can lose a little meaning if it feels generic. The biggest jewellery brands do produce some truly wonderful designs. Still, their popularity can be their downfall. At least in terms of finding a favourite item that feels as though it was made just for you.

Designing a bespoke statement piece is more affordable and accessible than you might think. Experts like Jogia Diamonds will help you design a one-of-a-kind ring or pair of earrings. The knowledge that nobody has the same design adds to its meaning, the fact you played a part in the design process takes it even further still.

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Look In Different Outlets

Being open minded when buying jewellery can help you find unique styles and grab a bargain. It is especially noteworthy when looking at jewellery from charity stores or garage sales. The preowned aspect means that the necklace or watch has a history. And you will have the opportunity to write the next chapter.

In some cases, such as with luxury watches, there may even be documented proof of this history. When purchasing jewellery that is in need of a little TLC, your upcycling efforts can bring the product back to its former glory. Aside from being a cost-effective effort, it is sure to establish a stronger emotional bond with the item. 

Get Matching Jewellery

In many cases, you will want to choose jewellery that stands out from what the masses are wearing. However, it may be worth sharing your jewellery with a loved one. Specialists like MYKA can help you find matching friendship bracelets to share with a close pal or relative. It will make you think about them when you’re apart.

The emotional response that this brings is simply amazing. Everyone deserves to have at least one item that achieves this goal. When combined with some of the unique items like bespoke earrings, your relationship with jewellery will soar. And it will shine through when wearing those items in daily life.

Must-Know Jewellery Style Tips*

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Many of us think that simply popping on a piece of jewellery is all we need to do to look good in it, but jewellery, just like other clothing and accessories really does benefit from being styled.

So, if you want to ensure you look your best whether you’re wearing a beautiful one-off ring from the bespoke jewellers or a cheap piece of costume jewellery from the local high street, here are a few jewellery style tips that you need to know.

Lots of layers

One of the best ways to make your jewellery really stand out and make a statement is to layer them up. Instead of wearing one bracelet, wear three in contrasting colours, or instead of putting one ring on your finger, stack two in different textures.

Experiment with stacking different shapes, colours and textures and your jewellery will always look amazing, even if it costs you very little, oh and remember that things tend to look best when stacked in multiples of three!

But don’t go too far

Of course, too much can be…well too much. If you are wearing a statement piece that is big, bold and in your face, then stacking it with another big, bold piece is probably just going to look too try-hard. Statement pieces often work best when they are not competing with any other pieces of jewellery.

Mix metals

Mixing metals was once a big no-no, but these days, wearing a silver necklace, and with a rose gold pendant is very much the in thing and can help to add an extra layer of interest to your look, so do not be afraid to mix metals, providing that they look good together, and remembering that the bigger the contrast, the more attention your jewellery will draw.

Choose earrings that contrast with your hair

If you are someone who loves to show off your earrings, but you also have long hair, it is easy for your jewellery to get lost in your locks. Something that can help is choosing earrings in a colour that contrast with your hair, For example, if your hair is red, then choosing green earrings will ensure they stand out and look great, so that they do not get lost in everything else.

Complement the clothing

It’s an obvious point, but jewellery is there to enhance your outfits, so it is important that you choose pieces that complement your clothing- for example, if you are wearing a bright pink suit then going for subtler jewellery such as thin silver chain, for example, is likely to look better, whereas if you are wearing a simple back shift dress then going with a big statement jade necklace will add more interest to the outfit and ensure you stand out in the right way. Always consider what you are going to be wearing when you choose which pieces of jewellery to wear.

Now you know how to style your jewellery, you can always ensure that you go out looking your best!

What is the Best Jewellery for Men to Wear?

Historically, jewellery has been associated more with women, but when you think about it, men across ages and cultures have worn the same kinds of jewellery for many of the same reasons as women. If you’re a man and you want to update your style this year, you’re in the right place. 


Some men keep their jewellery to a minimum, they might only wear a wedding band and some cuff links from time to time, but nowadays, it has become more and more acceptable for men to wear more jewellery. Rings are a great example, but they have a tradition as jewellery for men. 

If you want to change your style this year, why not add a new ring to your collection? A ring can be meaningful, but it doesn’t have to be; you can use it purely for style. Designed rings like the ones from The Great Frog are trending at the moment, so take a browse and see what suits. 

Cuban Chain 

A Cuban chain is an excellent piece of jewellery for your life; not only does it give your style and new dimension, but it also complements most outfits. A Cuban chain is made from gold or silver; they are short neck chains that look excellent when worn prominently for any event or occasion. 

If you want to update your appearance this year, choose a cuban chain. There’s no harm in buying a Cuban chain to try it out, chances are you will love it and keep it for decades, but if you don’t, it has sell-on value; you can easily sell it for an equal value on an online marketplace. 


In the past, there were some jewellery pieces that men tended not to wear; these included bracelets. Times have changed, and it’s more acceptable for men to wear jewellery of all kinds nowadays. A bracelet for men is a nice way to accent an outfit for a special seasonal event. 

Bracelets for men are available in gold and silver; they are also available in many styles suitable for men, such as snake that eats its tail. Browse bracelets for men to get an idea of what is out there; remember, if you buy a bracelet for trial, you can always sell it again; they hold their value.   

Cuff Links 

If bracelets and rings were once viewed as inappropriate for men, cuff links were definitely not. Cuff links are typically for men and can be comfortably worn with fashionable suits to accent your outfit. Like earrings, cuff links come in different shapes and sizes, as well as metals. 

Cuff links are typically worn on formal outfits for special occasions and parties, but there’s no reason why you can’t wear cuff links to your work as well. Why not collect sets of cuff links for your life to give you plenty of choices when it comes to selecting an outfit for your occasion?  


If you want something more casual than a Cuban chain, then look into a necklace for men. Men’s necklaces are available in different styles and metals; they are also nice in leather and cord. There is a necklace or jewellery item for every style, so don’t limit yourself, be experimental. 

Golden Touch*

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Up until a year or two ago I was strictly silver/white gold jewellery only. Yellow gold seemed too grown up for me, and perhaps even a little boring.

Well, I am a grown up now (apparently) and I find myself more and more drawn to yellow gold pieces of jewellery. I’ve recently added some beautiful pieces to my collection, hence why I’ve once again bought myself out of blogging hibernation to show them off.

rings c/o Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke, a brand I have admired for years, recently let me pick from their collection of gold rings and it was like letting a kid loose in a candy shop! I literally spent hours browsing their collection (because I kept getting side tracked and looking at the rest of their stunning jewellery too) before settling on these two beauties. These are perfect for wearing as standalone pieces and for stacking and the Amazonite ring especially is perfect for brightening up any outfit; ideal given that very soon I will be back in work wear as my maternity leave draws to an end. I’ll share how I’m styling my rings over on Instagram once I’m back “in office”…where has the last ten months gone?

The other item I’ve recently acquired was a lucky giveaway win on Instagram. I started following Walking Primrose as soon as I caught a glimpse of their pieces. I’d actually already put this necklace on my Christmas list (yeah, already!) when I took a chance and entered a giveaway- something I never do these days! Anyway, I was gobsmacked to have won the necklace of my dreams, it’s even more stunning in real life, and the owner of the company really goes above and beyond when it comes to packaging and delivering her products- if you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen how it arrives.

I cannot stress enough how much I love Walking Primrose and the ethos behind the brand. Please do check out the website and read up on them.

So now my Christmas list is lacking in an item, but I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be another yellow gold piece…or two, or three!

The Case for Coloured Diamonds*

When thinking about diamonds it is natural that your mind would wander immediately to pure, crystal clear glittering beauty. The idea of coloured diamonds may seem quite alien; it certainly was to me, however there is a whole rainbow of naturally coloured diamonds out there- be it yellow, green, or even pink there is a coloured diamond out there for everyone and there are good reasons to move away from tradition and give them a go.

Images from Astteria, luxury jewellers and retails of coloured diamonds

Prestige: One reason to consider coloured diamonds is how prestigious they are; royalty has sported them for years, as well as top celebrities such as Beyonce and Victoria Beckham. Therefore, owning and wearing coloured diamond jewellery can bring with it a celebrity like image.

Impact: Of course a well cut, hefty carat traditional diamond will cause a stir when the wearer presents it, but with a coloured diamond you could command just as much attention whilst sporting a far more delicate piece of jewellery. A coloured diamond will cause intrigue and also serve as a conversation starter at social events.

Investment Opportunity: The purchase of coloured diamonds brings with it a sound investment. Because of their relative rarity and increasing demand the value of these gems is going up and up. Buy your beauty and wear it now, knowing you also have something to fall back on in the future should it be required.

Individuality: There is a coloured diamond out there to suit everyone’s taste and budget. With a dozen recognised colours, some being rarer than others it is easy to find something you will love and that will suit your personality. Prices will vary depending on the rarity of your chosen colour, but if you are in to unique jewellery and making a statement then this is definitely an avenue to explore.

For a trusted UK stockist of coloured diamonds, and to get a better idea of what is available visit Astteria and browse their extensive range.