Be My (early) Valentine with AskHerFriends

Every month I have the not too difficult task of picking 5 gifts from the AskHerFriends website to enter in to their monthly Blogger Panel.
This month the theme was Valentines, early I suppose, but in good time to get those hints in, eh?
My choices are those seen above and linked to below
If you haven’t visited AskHerFriends for a while you’ll see it’s now turned in to a wonderful market place championing independent sellers. It makes compiling the wish list even more of a joy really…picking unique and hand crafted pieces that one day I may own.
If you like what you see you can vote for my selection on the AskHerFriends Blogger Panel Page
which will also enter you in a draw to win a £50 voucher!
What are you waiting for? Vote for Laura of adaisychaindream (or not, the other ladies have picked some stunners too!)

Ask Laura (and win)

For the second month running I’m taking part in AskHerFriends blogger panel.
Myself and five other gorgeous girls basically put together a wishlist of gift ideas each month to be featured on the AskHerFriends blog. That’s the simple part. Next we have to compete against each other to win votes and see who’s choices have been crowned the best.
Should you decide you want to vote for me (you do, of course) then hop on over and get clicking. In the process you can win yourself £50 to spend on any of the AskHerFriends partners. You can submit your vote ‘s by hopping on over to this month’s post.
This month I went for a girly yet quirky selection of gifts, the details of which are right below should you wish to send a hint to someone or treat yourself:

What do you think of my selection? Or any of the other girl’s for that matter….
being a part of this panel is both heaven (window shopping) and hell (not having enough money to buy it all!)