Once a Cat Lady always a Cat Lady

Cat Print Shirt: Monki at ASOS | Skirt: ASOS | Boots: New Look

Oh how I love this shirt, the cats make me smile every time and it’s a good alternative to dresses when worn with a skirt for work. I have a tote bag in the matching print which probably makes me bordering on obsessed but I don’t really care!

The skirt was a purchase in the ASOS sale, I wasn’t sure about it as I have a love/hate relationship with pencil skirts but when it arrived and I tried it on I realised it wasn’t bodycon tight, just tailored to skim. I love the green and black tweed style material and the asymmetry of the skirt.

I wore this last Thursday after a mad morning clinic followed by some time in the office followed by a girly lunch with Mum- I eat out so much these days, admittedly it’s mainly wetherspoons but hey, they do food well (and cheap!)
We spent the afternoon catching up with my cousin Soph, her partner Chris and their gorgeous son Noah who’s a real cutie. I last saw him when he was only 12 or so weeks old. He’s 9 months now and just adorable. I’m in no way ready for kids myself but I do love spoiling other people’s!
that’s it from me today. My mind is drawing blanks and I need to be thinking about breakfast and getting ready for work…

Cutting Edge

Top: C&A
Dress: Primark at ASOS
Boots: New Look (Similar Here)
I bought this dress way back in June when the weather was finally starting to show signs of being decent. When it arrived I fell in love with the pattern and so, in typical Laura fashion I refused to send it back despite it being too big and the cut-outs gaping.
Finally, three months later and I’m wearing it. A combination of weight gain and layering has actually turned a Summer dress in to something quite trans-seasonal. Time to get my moneys worth at last!
I’ve pretty much lived in my New Look cut out boots this month. They don’t seem to have the same ones online any more but there are so many other gorgeous pairs I’m sure you’ll be tempted to have a look anyway! When it comes to Boots this season New Look pretty much have the best selection I’ve seen for those of us shopping on a budget. Oh New Look how I love thee!
Well, weekend time eh? Anyone got exciting plans? I’m working a flu clinic this morning- hundreds of folk lining up to be jabbed, it’s going to be carnage!
Still, I can relax after and I have the Boy coming over to chill out with me. A low-key weekend is exactly what I need after a manic week,
there’s plenty more weekends for adventures!

Magpie Eye- Dogeared at ASOS

My magpie like tendency to home in on anything shiny has led me to lusting after this gorgeous little bracelet from the new and exclusive to ASOS Dogeared collection. 
I’ve always loved Dogeared’s delicate and meaningful designs so to hear they had come up with an exclusive collection for one of my all time favourite retailers was pretty damn exciting.
The collection compromises of 9 pieces- four necklaces, two bracelets and three sets of earrings with prices starting at £32
The collection is available now on ASOS. If you were planning on getting me a Christmas present then this would be a good start 😉
Which is your favourite piece?

Feeling lucky?

Have you discovered Shopcade yet?
It’s your one stop shopping app for finding all the latest deals and steals. Not only that but you can discover new trends, channel celebrity styles and see what’s hot each day.
Even better; when a product you’re interested in goes on offer you get a handy alert so you don’t miss out!
Handily you can keep lists of all the things you’ve seen in one place online. Create a Birthday wish list, one for your pets or one for your home. Got a wedding to go to? Save all your favourites. Brilliant. You can add products from all over the web, whether it’s on Shopcade or not.
Shopcade are running an exclusive sweepstakes with e-tail PR and ASOS where you can win £150/$150 to spend at ASOS…uh-mazing!
To find out how to enter and to rack up your entry points (you can tweet, create lists, and use points) then visit the sweepstakes page ending 30th September.
Have fun, and good luck!

jeans for genes

Jumper- Monki at ASOS
Jeans- Next
Doc Martens via Sarenza
So, Friday was Jeans for Genes day and my workplace registered to take part so it was on with the denims…after wearing smart clothes to work, or uniform for the last couple of years it was quite surreal to be surrounded by a sea of denim! I was delighted to be able to wear my bubblegum pink DMs having not worn them at all last winter due to a swollen, broken foot. I had forgotten how comfortable they are, and how much attention they attract, my patients in my clinic said they were a great distraction from the needle.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a very low key one with the boy having being struck down with a migraine on Friday evening. I’ve never really had one before and I hope to goodness I never get one again. Still, it was a good excuse to be totally lazy, eat ready meals and chocolate and curl up to watch a film on the sofa (after earth with Will Smith, pretty good!)
Onwards and onwards to another mad week. It’s flu jab season in my workplace which means the phones are five times as busy as usual…at least the time flies. I also have a couple of appointments and some nice family and friend time planned. Not bad at all.
What’s on your agenda this week?
I’m hoping to catch up with everyone’s blogs this week, sorry I have been so absent!