The best things come in BIG packages.

Every so often an e-mail comes through from DHL, informing me that another Aussie treat is en route…and each time I sigh a little because no matter how hard I try, I always miss the delivery.

This time I arranged for the parcel to go to my grandparent’s house (handy that they live so close to me) but being me, I totally forgot to inform them…

One very puzzled Nan on the phone later and I popped round to pick up the parcel; to be greeted by a very bemused BALD Grandad standing next to a giant inflatable Aussie shampoo bottle…

You can just about see my Nan’s walking frame in the background; it was as tall as that!

I love Aussie products, and love my role as an Angel; however this latest task has left me a little defeated from the start,
you see, we’re meant to be keeping a diary of how long the new, bigger sized shampoo and conditioners last, and how we do our hair after using them…

(my reindeer could do with some frizz miracle I fear)

Now, I’m not dirty, but I only wash my hair once a week as it really doesn’t need anything more than that. I laughed out loud when Aussie suggested the bottles should last until Christmas…Christmas 2012 maybe!

I am also hair hopeless and rarely, if ever do much more with my hair than blow dry it and tie it up.

But, we’ll see, with a few parties looming and the Christmas break, perhaps I’ll surprise myself and make the best of this challenge!

To find out how we’re getting on, follow Aussie on Twitter or search for the #AussieMore tag!


Aussie Summer Soiree

As a fairly new recruit to the Aussie Angels this was the first event of theirs I’ve been too, and also the first time I’ve had a chance to meet other bloggers. I had NO idea what to expect and nervous is probably not a strong enough word.

Fear not. Bloggers are lovely. Lovely lovely lovely. I would however like to formally apologise for talking rubbish pretty much the entire day (who didn’t envy Hayley having to travel back with me?). Check out the epic venue, gorgeous girls and Amy’s AMAZING candyfloss hair!

I barely took any photos (what kind of blogger am I?), so the ones here come courtesy of Hayley and the lovely Emma at Aussie…

Huge thank you to Aussie, again for such an amazing time! I can’t wait for the next one!


P.S. if anyone has any good luck vibes going spare, my Nan is having a hip replacement today.


I promise, a full post on the Aussie event to come…(when I have err, borrowed some photos as I fail as a blogger and barely took any!)

For now I just want to say a massive thank you to Hayley for pretty much being my parent for the day and giving me geography lessons, making sure I didn’t get lost or maimed and putting up with my inane chatter…

Of course a massive shout-out to Aussie for the awesome Summer Soiree,
and to all the gorgeous bloggers I finally got to meet! Err, apologies again for being so socially awkward. You are all AWESOME.


London Calling

FINALLY today has arrived and I am off to London for the day to at last meet some of my favourite bloggers; and some new to me ones too. I’m a bag of nerves, but exciteeed! I’m always gutted to turn down event invites due to having to work and living so far from London that travel is often expensive and impractical. The Aussie gods worked their magic to pull this one off!

I spent Friday afternoon in a mad panic, and the perfect “so much to do but no idea where to start” outfit is clearly wide legged jeans, a floaty top and super high clogs for stamping feet in frustration.

The day was sweetened by my latest Sarenza Ambassador perk (they have an amazing sale right now..go check it out!)





And a new challenge. Sometimes at work we get sent really awesome things for health promotion. I was all over this one, designed by Innocent (of smoothie fame). Getting my 5 a day is one thing I excell at!


best be heading off…

To anyone I might be meeting later…apologies in advance for my tendency to talk. A lot. It’s a nervous habit.



This dress, despite being one of the oldest I own and costing the princely sum of £3 in New Look a few years ago appears to have become a work staple. Comfortable, not low cut (vital when working on front desk) and a decent length with potential for a few different pairs of tights (although my tights obsession seems to be waning somewhat lately/I’ve been more boring with my choices).




It was somewhat depressing to be putting on ankle boots for JUNE! It was seriously raining when I left for work yesterday; but in the end it turned out to be a gorgeous day…judging by the fact the sun woke me up around 5am today, I think things might be on the up! I’m thankful I have the morning at home to make the most of it, being part-time does have advantages!

My free time will mostly be used for panicking over outfit choice for the Yummy Hair event in London on Saturday. It’s the first one I’ve been invited to and goddam I am nervous and somewhat overwhelmed at the idea of being surrounded by so many stylish people!

Thank you for all of the incredibly sweet comments on yesterday’s post. They each meant a lot to me.

Allow me to show it off one more time…


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