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Well, I’m kind of getting there with making these posts a regular thing again, not that I live an especially exciting life or anything that would explain my desire to share. I can only put it down to being a nosy person myself and some of my favourite posts to read are people’s instagram round-ups. For the full idea of what I get up to you can give me a follow and if you want to know more about any of these pictures just leave a comment below [click on the images to see full size and hover over them for a caption].
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Compact System Camera Wish List (and advice wanted!)*

With a big birthday approaching I’ve been given the task of coming up with what I would like as my “big” gift. I suppose it’s more traditional to ask for a keepsake gift such as a piece of jewellery or designer accessory but I’m not in need of either of these things, nor is there anything realistic that I have my eye on. So I’ve gone down the practical route and I’m putting serious consideration in to asking for a Compact System Camera as an upgrade and accompaniment to my current Canon DSLR- and this, dear readers is where you come in. I don’t have a particularly extensive camera knowledge so I’ve drawn up a short list and I’m hoping that from this I can get some advice on which one to pick…

(all images from John Lewis)

I’ve done a bit of reading around but to some extent the information goes over my head. What I really need is to know what cameras you guys are loving! Based on a bit of blog and social media stalking I know that the Olympus PEN is popular (and it certainly looks the prettiest) but am I better off sticking to Canon which is a brand I know and get on with? Or branch out in to new territory completely and try a brand I’ve never had a camera from such as the Lumix DMC-GX80 Best Compact Camera Panasonic? I’ve also thrown models from Fujifilm and Sony in to the mix which are both brands I have little experience with…I’m not especially loyal to any one brand (unless Apple bought out compact system cameras in which case I might be) but price is a consideration although if one of the pricier models gets the best votes I would be more than happy to add some of my own savings towards it.

Essentially this post is a plea for help! You have until April to help me make up my mind- and I will of course report back on the end result!


Life Lately (in Instagram form)

Once upon a time Instagram posts used to be a monthly thing on this blog. Then life happened, or I suppose didn’t happen and I felt there was nothing to share. I thought I’d kick off 2017 (Happy New Year by the way) by getting back in to the swing of these round-ups. I’m a nosey soul who loves to browse other blogger’s Insta-posts so why not get back in to sharing my own? Here’s a little selection of recent happenings…give me a follow to see the full story.
Just hover over the pictures to read my captioning skills or give them a click to view full size. Do I need to make this a monthly thing again? Let me know if you’ve done an Instagram post recently and I’ll check it out- and give you a follow on there if I don’t already!


The Red Velvet Boots

I bought my red velvet boots long before velvet became a big thing again. It was in fact three years ago when I saw this pair by Bertie in T.K.Maxx and decided they just had to be mine. This was despite the fact I could only try one shoe on thanks to a broken foot and the struggle to get them to the checkout whilst on crutches provided amusement for many a passer by.

Still, I’m glad I bought them because I loved them then and I love them now. It’s a happy bonus that they are suddenly “on trend” leaving me feel smug that for once I was ahead of the fashion game.

Dress: Urban Outfitters | Boots: Bertie (similar here) | Cat Beret: H&M

I have a bit of a thing for hats at the moment, I don’t seem to be able to stop buying them and although bobble hats are my main object of desire when I saw this cute cat beret on the h&m website I couldn’t resist. I think the look I was going for with this outfit was a kind of sophisticated one but I don’t think I pull it off well. Instead you have your usual mish-mash of items that I pile together until I am vaguely satisfied. I like it though- the dress which I picked up really cheaply in the UO sale in the Spring is a great piece for feeling more put together whilst staying comfortable and I love the charcoal grey with the deep red of my beloved boots.

We won’t talk (much) about how long it took me to take these photos. It’s been a while since I last dusted off my tripod and camera remote and it took me a shamefully long time to remember how to operate the remote. About half an hour. Then the same again to get some photos I was vaguely happy with. It’s all trial and error though and in the end it came good and it should be easier the next time. I don’t think I’ll be taking to a public place with my set up any time soon though…Oh to have an actual photographer in my life. Someone that can make me look kinda cool and kind of edgy just by knowing how to get the right light in the right location.

Anyway, are there any items that you bought ages ago only to find they come back in to fashion again? I’ll be holding on to these boots for the next time around too.


#ITBS Scavenger Hunt

I do like a good challenge, so when Into The Blue got in touch about a blogger scavenger hunt it was game on! Just now I received a clue via e-mail, along with the rest of my team (char, kel and Amie)…I thought I was good at this kind of thing but deciphering my clue proved tricky…
The aim is to be the first team to work out a word from our four clues and tweet Into the Blue with the answer…fingers crossed I don’t let the side down!
Which I translate to be this experience!

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