Daisy Rock

Anyone who has been following my blog for any length of time will know how much I love a Chi Chi dress, it’s been a while since I last featured one on the blog- I think the last time was this divine maxi dress back in July and the one I’m featuring today couldn’t be more of a contrast!
This is the “Daisy” dress from the Chi Chi website (gifted item) and apart from the instant attraction due to the name it’s quite easy to see how I fell head over heels for this beauty isn’t it?

I love the contrast of the black bodice and the nude skirt, perfect for toughening up with my holographic h&m boots on a not so sandal friendly day! The Daisy detailing is so stunning, the photos honestly do not do how striking it is justice. I already have this dress lined up as a potential for our work Christmas Party, eek!

How would you style this dress? Obviously for a party I’d swap the black tights for nude and the boots for some kind of black party shoe- fingers crossed this will be the year where I haven’t had any pre-festive season A&E trips and will be back dancing in high heels!


Fit for a Princess

It’s been a while since I last got all dressed up for a blog post (well, a few weeks) and I had forgotten how much fun it is. Apologies for the odd lighting issues in the photos, Ben has been busy all week and with work I don’t get much chance to make the best of the good lighting each day. Still, hopefully the prettiness of the dress means I’ll be forgiven!
Dress c/o Chi Chi | Shoes: Topshop | Necklace: Daisy London
You can rely on Chi Chi to provide a stunner of a dress, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve featured on the blog over the last year or so but not one of them has let me down or left me feeling anything other than fabulous. This dress is a beauty, so foofy (yes, that is a word) and twirly, a bit like those princess costumes you get in a kid’s playing up box. I’m shortlisting this to wear to a wedding this summer, although perhaps it is more bridesmaid that guest attire, what do you think?
These topshop shoes get yet another airing, they are £12 well spent I can tell you! Normally shoes like this kill my feet for the first few wears but these are just comfort from the word go and I can walk in the heel for hours. The necklace I’m wearing here was a gift for my birthday last year and one of my favourite pieces of jewellery…I’m a sucker for anything with a Daisy on it!
Fellow Chi Chi fans, what are you loving right now? What are your go-to feel good outfits? For me it has to be a stunning dress.


All Dressed Up

Dress c/o Chi Chi
Shoes- Matalan
Oh I do love this dress, another absolute beauty from Chi Chi, my go to place for party dresses. It’s a shame I won’t actually get to wear it to any parties this year, but I am letting Mum borrow it for the work party so it’ll get the showing off it deserves. I’ve amassed quite a collection of party dresses now and I have nowhere to wear them, a bit of a shame but there is always next festive season (last year it was crutches, this year my back…I must have a less painful year next year, right?). It’s the work Christmas party tonight actually and instead of sitting down to a three course festive feast and dancing the night away I’ll be sat at home watching rubbish TV, eating a far less festive dinner and thinking of the boy who has his Nana’s funeral today. I was lucky enough to meet her in the Summer and I’m so thankful I had that chance, she was a wonderful woman who’s spirit will live on through her amazing family.
I’m still getting used to wearing more fitted dresses. With gentle nagging from those I see on a regular basis I’m trying it more often and slowly getting used to a fuller figure and making the best of it. One of these days I won’t care and will go for it anyway! This particular dress fits like a dream and I can’t get enough of the burgundy and gold colour combination…so festive and so opulent. Perfect.
How many parties are you off to this month? Where did you find your perfect dress? Still hunting? Why not give Chi Chi a try. I’m yet to be dissapointed with anything from there.

second skin

Dress c/o Chi Chi
Shoes: Bertie
Bracelet c/o Lulu Pearls
I appear to now have quite a collection of Chi Chi dresses and with each new arrival in my wardrobe my love for the brand grows a little bit more.
This particular dress is one of those “I’ll chance it” type things, I had no idea what to expect it to look like on and to be honest, I didn’t expect to like how it looked on me.
Time to eat my words I guess; not only can I see myself wearing this out in public, I also enjoy how it fits and how it will fit when I have a few more curves.
I even managed to stick on some heels for a few minutes before admitting defeat. Shallow, but I don’t feel like me when I have to live in trainers and flats. Roll on my foot being fixed!
The bracelet came courtesy of a lovely lady named Lulu who contacted me whilst I was away in Spain. I’d never heard of Lulu Pearls  but a bit of poolside browsing told me that I liked what I saw and indeed she sold the kind of things I had spent much of my holiday searching for.
I love wrap bracelets and had been on the hunt for the perfect one and I believe it’s now mission accomplished. It’s not just wrap styles she sells- the whole range is available on the website and will soon be sold on ASOS too.
Monday again and work calls. I’ve just been awarded a proper phlebotomist role at work so I now do a 50/50 split of reception and blood taking. It’s an odd combination, I agree, but I love my job and never really dread or suffer from that Monday morning feeling.
For those of you who do, here’s a token gesture of a kitty sleeping…it’s about time Mae showed her face again.
(And why not cheer yourself up with a spot of shopping at Lulu’s site or Chi Chi?)